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Somebody help me find some willpower :(

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Fimbles5 Mon 29-Jun-09 08:13:18

Please help!! I so want to lose about two stone. Last year at this time I was a stone lighter and I felt so happy. Now I have piled it back on and although in my head I so want to lose it I just cannot stop eating. Every day I start the day thinking diet today but by 3 o'clock its all gone downhill. Somebody help me find some willpower to do this...please!

zeke Mon 29-Jun-09 14:22:22

First of all don't put yourself under pressure to 'start it all perfectly from day one'.

If I go on a diet now I ease myself onto it. e.g. if I am doing ww and I am 'allowed' 22 pts normally, I will up that to 28 until I feel ready to lower it.

I always find any exercise helps with motivation too. Why not go for a brisk walk this evening and listen to some music at the same time - always boosts my motivation.

Makes some simple swaps to start with or make a real point to drink plenty of water and eat more fruit and veggies. Feeling better and taking some control usually boosts my motivation to 'start properly'.

newscot Mon 29-Jun-09 17:39:23

Gillian Riley has a great book called 'Willpower'. You can get it on Amazon. It is very helpful in helping you to understand how your mind is working and how to take back control of your thoughts.

Furball Mon 29-Jun-09 18:35:50

blooming heck - I could of written this! I've been 'on a diet' for 7 years hmm (at least)

Last year I joined slimming world (again) and lost 2 stone although I struggled with the last 1/2.

I then when into self distruct and have put a stone on since christmas.

I don't want to be like this and as from this morning have decided enough is enough, if I don't watch out summer will be over and I'll still be feeling frumpy.

I've decided, sensible eating with loads of fresh salads, veggies and fruits is the way to go as well as drinking loads and loads of water.

The thing is I know that a lovely healthy fruit salad is far tastier than half a pack of biscuits, so why do I reach for the junk?

Care to join me on my mission? Take the pressure off, make nice healthy tasty food and lets both cut the crap out of diets and lets look (my chosen word) 'slinky'.

Fimbles5 Mon 29-Jun-09 20:33:46

Thanks everyone for your advice. Hi Furball - I remember you from one of my other threads where I whinged and whined about why I couldn't stop bingeing. I believe you were my inspiration (along with Fedda?) I would love it if you could help me again. Tomorrow I am determined to go for it. I tried today but once again failed. I may even get off my butt and go for a run round the block. I must try to remain positive. Perhaps, we could do it together. Do you have a goal in mind?

Furball Mon 29-Jun-09 21:59:56

I've been on the Lardy ladies thread for 4 years at least blush

Right, we need motivation - join us on the lardy ladies thread if you want, we are really short of numbers there (only 3 or 4 of us!)

I suggest - only a few rules so not to complicate things.

Things like, know what you are going to the kitchen for, don't rummage, that can lead to disaster.

If you must have crisps and chocolate, make sure you buy really low fat ones such as weight watchers so any damage being done is minimilised (sp)

Have loads of variety of fresh fruit, eat that first with a huge glass of water.

Try and eat good old home cooked healthy foods, no fatty or fried stuff, lets take the healthy option (quite often it's nice,but for some reason my brain says lets go for the naughty which is not so nice - one of the nicest meal I've eaten out was a good ole plain steak and salad, now was it so nice cos it was also healthy? who cares, it was good)

I started running 18 months ago and did 5 km 3 x a week, which has now stopped. I must start again.

Good Luck and try not to think about it.

Furball Mon 29-Jun-09 22:07:00

sorry, forgot to say I need to lose a stone to get to look half decent but want to lose 1 1/2 stone. [yikes]

Fimbles5 Tue 30-Jun-09 07:59:52

Thanks Furball - Will jump across and look at the lardy ladies thread. Feeling a little better about myself today, and have removed the chocolate and crisps from my lunchbox Lets see if I can make it out of the house without putting them back in blush

nannyogg Tue 30-Jun-09 08:07:52

Fimbles I'm with you. I lost 2 stone last year and felt fab. I've put a stone back on and feel completely deflated and miserable. So I think feck it, and I eat, and I get miserable, and think feck it, and then I eat...

Room for one more? I want to lose the stone I put on, plus some more by Christmas. Slow and steady, with healthier eating and increased exercise.

I'm going over to have a look at lardy ladies too....

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