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I am stuck at this weight - need help!!!

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hereidrawtheline Sun 14-Jun-09 14:32:59

Bit of background, I was a size 12 (am 5'7") before having DS (almost 3) I went on olanzapine for migraine treatment and I literally ballooned in weight. I am not sure what I actually weighed when I was a 12 but I do know I got right up to 19 stone at my very heaviest. I finally decided that the very dubious benefits of being on olanzapine were minuscule compared with my agony of being so horrendously overweight so I came off of it about... nearly a year ago I think.

The weight came off of me very quickly and I am now 15 stone exactly and a size 18, sometimes 16. I do obviously look a lot better than I did a year ago but I still feel horrible and fat & my breasts are just so unevenly shaped and saggy and I want to lose more weight, but I am really well and truly stuck here. I havent lost anything in months.

I was compassionately put on a migraine medicine that had weight loss as a side affect but had to come off of it due to yet another side effect but I am going to attempt to go back on it I think. At any rate the point is I get a hell of a lot of terrible migraines. So physical exercise is nearly impossible for me to do. I walk a lot, to and from preschool twice a week and then into town maybe once a week etc. Each walk one way is 20 mins. I am very active in that I am always cleaning, playing etc.

I am veggie and eat pretty small portions really. DH easily eats twice what I do at each meal if not three times and he is very slim. My vice is that every night I have chocolate in bed before I go to sleep. I usually have an average of 5 squares of a coop fairtrade bar - the big ones & I just break off a strip a night.

What should I do? Someone take me in hand I am getting nowhere!

jenhden Sun 14-Jun-09 21:57:11

i went to slimming world and found that really good and easy particularly with being veggie too.
it is endorsed by every organisation from diabetes, obstetrics, thyroid places etc and quite a few people in the class i went to reduced medications over time.
i really can reccomend it.

hereidrawtheline Sun 14-Jun-09 22:33:56

I have tried it before and although I found it pretty easy to do I didnt find it that effective. I do think its very healthy though in general. But at any rate I cant afford club fees at all. Thanks for posting though.

Mistymoo Sun 14-Jun-09 22:39:54

Could you maybe have thyroid trouble? My mum was always on a diet and could never loose her weight despite sticking to the diet rigidly. She was then given treatment for an underactive thyroid and she was able to loose the weight and keep it off.

MumHadEnough Sun 14-Jun-09 22:49:08

Hi HereIdrawtheline, this isn't a bitchy question but a genuine one btw (through experience) but have you tried cutting out the chocolate at night to see if it helps with your migaines?

hereidrawtheline Sun 14-Jun-09 22:55:25

I dont mind that question - I have tried it in the past. My neurologist thinks my migraines are like epilepsy in that they are a bit like an electrical short circuit in my brain - I cant seem to find many triggers. I know extreme stress and extreme heat will do it but I usually have one every day, even a mild one, and a terrible one at least once a week. I do of course eat choc every day which I know is not good for my weight but I havent seen any improvement when I have cut it out in the past, migraine wise. In fact when I get a migraine I usually crave choc.

I have had thyroid problems in the past but the last time I had a blood test it turned out ok however that was about a year ago so thanks for reminding me I will request another.

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