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advice please, not noticing any loss.

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stitch Mon 09-May-05 20:48:56

im hoping someone can help me.
for just over two weeks now, i have been eating three sensible meals a day, with apples or bananas the only snacks allowed. ive had nothing to drink but water or coffee with semi skimmed milk. ive also been doing half an hour on the cross trainer everyday, except the days when i have gone to the gym and have used other equipment as well. had only two days of no excercise in fifteen. and i havent slipped once with the eating.
considering that i have gone from eating like a pig, constantly, surely by now i should see some weight loss? was wondering if anyone knows how weight loss works.

SenoraPostrophe Mon 09-May-05 20:58:27

keep going, stitch - you will see weightloss.

admittedly I don't know much about diets, but don't they say that often the first bit of weight lost is water? By eating and drinking sensibly you're just skipping that stage, I think. You'll probably lose weight more slowly than with a fancy diet, but you'll be able to keep this up much better.

Also scales lie.

stitch Tue 10-May-05 08:19:45

that makes sense.
thank you for reminding me of this. was beginning to get very discouraged.

mayfieldgurl Sun 22-May-05 20:57:40

Hi Stitch

I work in the industry, I'm a Personal Diet Coach and have had many clients come to me with exactly the same problem as you - so you're not alone.

First things first, muscle weighs more than fat !!

Did you get that ? It's a hard one to get your head around but as soon as you come to understanding that you'll have a better attitude and will be happier with what you're doing.

Going to the gym is great !! In fact it's fantastic. Also going on a diet is great too, they all work if you stick to them but if you don't have the right approach. the right back up and good support then nothing will work for you !!!

Gyms, this is where you go and work out with a combination of CV and areobic exercise hopefully to speed up your metabolism and increase lean body mass. As your metabolism increases so does your appetite for all those growing muscles which are now screaming and demanding to be fed.

So as long as you're having a healthy balanced HPLC diet you can become fitter and healthier. But be aware that you will gain weight using this form of exercise. And, over a period of time your bodies shape will change. This is a slow process and unless you have the right attitude you will become disheartened, stop going to the gym and the diet will get blamed.

Most of my clients lose between 9lb - 16lb in their first month and then settle down to an average of 9lb per month thereafter. I recommend both a healthy 3 meal a day program, drinking at least 2 -3 litres of water a day and the best supplements on the market along with regular exercise which is both realistic and achievable.

Now if you're serious I will give you a free consultation on the phone to see if you're the right kind of person for me to work with and it allows you to see if you want to work with me too !!!

Just click HERE to visit my web site and call the number or you can leave your details on the survey form and I'll call you at a convenient time that's suitable for you.

I am based in Surrey but have clients all over the UK. Right now I have 26 clients who I'm working with and I only work with a maximum of 30 as it is quite time consuming and being a mum too dictates how much time I have to share myself around seeing as I have one of those other things that takes up a lot of my time....a boyfriend !!!

I hope this is of some use to you and perhaps we will speak soon. 8)

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