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Has anyone else tried the McKenna Method?

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Roseanna123 Sun 07-Jun-09 15:44:50

Hi, I started this method (not really a diet) after Xmas when I hit 17 stone and felt incredibly lethargic and tired and so far it's helped a lot. He suggests four easy rules that make sense to me, anyway.

If you are hungry (really) go and eat.

Eat what you like (really, really even chips or chocolate)

Eat really slowly, savouring every mouthful (out your fork down after each bite, no eating in front of TV either)

Then, when you are full, or even think you are full, STOP. You have to learn when you are full, and eat slowly enough for your stomach to let you know when you can stop eating.

This way, you eat a healthy range of foods and just less of them. My size 10 22 year old daughter eats naturally like this so I follow her. So far, 2 and a half stone gone and no rebounding if I take a week or two off.

I found if I gave myself a really small portion but told myself I can always have more, or put some in the microwave in case I get hungry later, it helps. Like a lot of chronic over-eaters, I didn't know when I was full at first so I would stop eating the second I thought I might be, then let my food congeal on the plate. I gave myself permission to throw food away, even in a restaurant or at family dinners.

He suggests you DON'T weigh yourself more than once every few weeks, don't eat diet foods (thin people don't) and get a pedometer to gradually incraese your activity levels. I put my 4000 steps a day up to 6000-10000 a day, my blood pressure came down, my diabetes improved as well. The book (with CD) is in the shops or the rules are on his website. I have dieted for 25 years, getting fatter after each one, and have never lost weight so slowly and felt so well while I was doing it. I don't even feel deprived!

I know this sounds like a sell, but compared to Weightwatchers etc. it is a really commonsense and free approach. He did a series for American TV too, it's repeated occasionally on satellite. Worth a try, and definitely not a gimmick.

paranoidmother Sun 07-Jun-09 20:29:01

Hi I did try this but only half hearted because I didn't actually have proof that it worked. Thank you for reminding me that this method is around and i'm going to start doing this as well as more exercise.

I remember one of the things that he said was to try to leave a little something on your plate of anything you were eating as this was something that thinner people could do without worrying about finishing everything.

Good on you for losing all that weight, that's fantastic.

gingernutlover Tue 09-Jun-09 07:53:25

roseanna123 well done on your weight loss
I have been listening to the paul mckenna cd and it does make sense and also I think it's more emotionally healthy to eat in this way too. My Problem is that i have this annoying little voice in my head telling me to mess it up. If I coul;d only get over this I am sure it would work.

how long did it take to see a differnece? Did you weigh every wek? How long did it take to lose the 2.5 stone?

LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Tue 09-Jun-09 08:03:54

"If you are hungry (really) go and eat"

The problems with this step is firstly if you are overweight you might not recognise the signs of hunger, or mix it up with other signs i.e. you think you're hungry but really you're thirsty. Secondly you tend to eat MORE if you are hungry (remember one of the golden rules: don't go supermarket shopping when you are hungry). You should be eating before you feel hungry.

However the rest of it sounds like good advice that some people need to see written down and pay for it before they decide to follow it!

Well done on your weight loss

sarah293 Tue 09-Jun-09 08:17:38

Message withdrawn

gingernutlover Tue 09-Jun-09 08:47:40

thanks for the replies guys

riven how long have you been at this for? Have you noticed physical results yet

i have done every diet going and although i am thinner now than i was a while back (see profile pics) I have put on about a stone since losing a lot of weight because I cant seem to address the psychological aspect of eating. I have realsied that counting points, syns, etc and eating til i am stuffed from free food lists - is not a healthy way to think about food.

I am really hoping this will make me think about how I am feeling and why, not just constantly tthink about food and eating and what else I am allowed. If I am allowed anything at anytime and the only rule is that I have to actaully be physically hungry, this seems simpler ..... well maybe ...

sarah293 Tue 09-Jun-09 08:53:14

Message withdrawn

gingernutlover Tue 09-Jun-09 09:02:04

thankyou riven - that has spurred me on to do it this time. I have listened to the CD and am considring going for hypnotherapy one to one sessions. I KNOW this is all in my head and it's not really to do with food either.

gingernutlover Tue 09-Jun-09 09:02:49

ought to say, I want to lose around a stone - so much harder than a few years back when i wanted to lose 3 stone - weird

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