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Any other overweight mums to be?

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Soon2bMum Fri 05-Jun-09 15:17:31

Hi all.

Just wondered if there are any other overweight mums to be here?

Its just over a month till my 1st is due now and I've put on loads of weight during the pregnancy (I was fairly huge before).

Not had too many problems but lots of people keep telling me how concerned they are and how unhealthy I am. But I cant be the only one??

LumpyBumpyThingy Fri 05-Jun-09 17:32:05

I put on nearly 3 stone during my last pregnancy then conceived again 4 months later so never lost the weight. As a result I have a BMI over 30 so have to have extra GTT tests done and they keep going on about watching my weight gain this time but Ive had no issues.
I do no excercise due to SPD and my diet has never been fantastic so I take pregnecare just in case but if you feel fine and healthy and the babies ok then I wouldn't worry yourself!
HTH xxx

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