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Diet Diary Personal daily targets -- who wants to join me in this

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mulranno Tue 02-Jun-09 13:04:34

I like how the slatterns thread on good houskeeping make a list of what you need to do each day..then cut and paste on a new post with each update...

others can comment/boost you along ask Qs but at the end of the day your goals are personal - up there for all to see (especially yourself) and the facts remain plain...

think this might work for dieting....or just healthy eating. We could each set out our daily schedule and we are living in the moment..anyone want to join me? Can do any diet/eating regime. Mine is a bit brutal want to do 500 cals/day on food...but your can be wahtever you want.

Can list anything...what you should eat...what you are aiming not to...highligting mine (see below)...rewarding myseld when they are all packed off to school...need to address that!

Here is my list for today.

drink 2 glasses of water first thing DONE

have a boiled egg for breakfast (no toast)FAILED ..waited too long then ate a packet of biscuits...

45 mins exercise 9.15-10 ..didnt do

11am 2 glasses of water DONE

1pm bowel of veg soup avoid bread DONE

3pm 2 more glasses of water

4pm gra some fruit (hate it)

6pm chicken or fish salad.

Evening - get out for a walk or cycle, no drinking Sun to Thurs.

Starting weight 11st 1lb...big fat bitch...need to shift at least a stone.

Furball Wed 03-Jun-09 06:25:08

arrgh, sounds like you need - fab site, has a really good calorie log.

There is also a 'food focus appreciation society' if you hunt down the thread in big/slim section.

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