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Help - I've fallen off the wagon!

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libster77 Sat 30-May-09 22:43:12

I started the cambridge diet a week ago and have lost 7 pounds. I picked up my new supplies today, had one milksahake and have since had a big binge on 'normal food' since!! I feel so cross with myself. I'm such an idiot. Why do I do this to myself. I really wanted to eat normal food, now I reaaly want to get back on line with the diet. Is there any point? What happens if I do this again? L

LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Sun 31-May-09 21:20:33

Get back on the wagon. There is no point beating yourself up about it (however identifying the cause would be useful). Just dust yourself down and continue with the diet.

LightShinesInTheDarkness Sun 31-May-09 21:37:41

You are not an idiot. You are a sensible woman who is making a choice about losing some weight.

Maybe Cambridge is not the best thing for you if you crave 'real' food - and who wouldn't?

But one slip does not mean all your efforts (and 7lbs is amazing in a week btw!) are wasted. It means you made one slip.

Start again tomorrow. You will do it. Good luck.

applepudding Wed 03-Jun-09 23:11:12

Perhaps Cambridge Diet is not the most suitable diet plan for you.

If you want to eat real food, and need some moral support when dieting perhaps you would find joining a slimming club, e.g. weight watchers, slimming world, rosemary conley, more helpful. A lot of people find the class support to be helpful when they feel they are 'losing it', and all these diet plans work as long as you follow them - and are much easier to stick to than milkshakes.

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