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Sitting on the plateau, anyone got any ideas for leaping off the precipace?

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SheherazadetheGoat Thu 28-May-09 09:30:57

been stuck at 11 7 for weeks

obviously i should stop drinking.

i can't do any more exercise i run between 8-10k 3 or 4 times a week and it is killing me.

i suppose i could knock the hot chocolate on the head.

fishie Thu 28-May-09 09:33:18

are you thinner though? i am similarly afflicted but there does seem to be a bit less of me.

come to running thread, why is it killing you?

SheherazadetheGoat Thu 28-May-09 09:34:49

i am on the running thread!

don't know i was flying along last week but this week i have v. leaden legs - just come off some medication. also gave blood this week so wondering if that is affecting me.

there is definitely not less of me i have 'target clothes' that are not getting any looser.

glinda Thu 28-May-09 09:37:56

Watching with interest. God it is such a downer isn't it? I'm afraid that you are right - the alcohol is probably the problem sad. Trouble is I have run out of things to cut out. How is it possible to be eating under 800 cals a day and not lose weight?

<Panic sets in ... realises that she is going to have to ....GULP.... exercise!!!!!!>

fishie Thu 28-May-09 09:38:51

sorry goaty, it is busy there. i have been stuck at 75k ish for more than a year now.

did you see the prog last night about losing weight? we must eat protein.

hippipotamiHasLost29Pounds Thu 28-May-09 09:39:37

Under 800 calories a day?? Is that even healthy?

I will be watching this thread with interest - am stuck too...already!

SheherazadetheGoat Thu 28-May-09 09:40:02

yes i did watch it. it just made me more complacent thinking about all the fat burning away while i sleep! yes protein is the way forward. i am just not a big meat eater.

glinda Thu 28-May-09 09:40:51

Healthy? No, Desperate? Very

SheherazadetheGoat Thu 28-May-09 09:41:20

ok everyone post their weight and meet back here next week weighing 2lb (1.8k) less. come on lets hold hands and leap!

sadly i am going to the pub tonight ... [scrambles back onto to plateau briefly]

glinda Thu 28-May-09 09:43:31

I know that capitals are online shouting, but how do you whisper on here?

SheherazadetheGoat Thu 28-May-09 09:44:20

well i weight 11 7 whispery enough?

glinda Thu 28-May-09 09:47:18

Shhh you are positively sylph like! I weigh exactly 14 blushand I don't know how to do those crossy out things.

SheherazadetheGoat Thu 28-May-09 09:49:01

best thing about weighing 14 st (and i have been there) is the weight should come of faster whichi s v. satisfying. you really need to eat 1300 cals a day and exercise. have you looked at the food focus site?

hippipotamiHasLost29Pounds Thu 28-May-09 09:51:44

Gosh you lot are lightweights..
I am now 20.3 blush and trying to make my way to 15 ish.
(Am 6ft1 tall)

SheherazadetheGoat Thu 28-May-09 09:53:30

how is it going hippi?

hippipotamiHasLost29Pounds Thu 28-May-09 10:01:28

Well, it is stuck [sob]
I lost 29lbs relatively steadily over the past 10 weeks. Dropped calorie intake (was still allowed around 2000 due to my size) and started walking more and swimming for an hour once a week.
But these last 3 weeks I am completely and utterly stuck. Up a pound, down a pound, up a pound again.
Have reduced calorie intake (nurse re-calculates it for me every time I lose weight anyway) and upped exercise, but still stuck.
Very very disheartening [sob]

SheherazadetheGoat Thu 28-May-09 10:02:40

stick with it, my body does this hanging onto weight thing and then suddenly a big will ddrop off. you are getting fitter. do you feel better?

hippipotamiHasLost29Pounds Thu 28-May-09 10:12:46

Thank you smile
Yes, I feel better - much fitter. Am walking for longer, swimming faster. My jeans feel very loose on me and I now fit into some summer trousers which were too tight back in March.
So am happy. Just frustrated those scales are not bugdging.
And panicking about how I am going to get the other 5 stone off!

glinda Thu 28-May-09 10:20:32

I really dare not eat more. Logic says that if my weight is stable at 800 cals then I will gain weight at 1300.
I hate exercise sad. I am one of those people who turns into a beetroot within the first 2 mins.

glinda Thu 28-May-09 10:22:19

Sorry, just read that back and realised how negative it sounds when you were trying to help me. Just having an Eyeore moment.

SheherazadetheGoat Thu 28-May-09 10:26:21

nothing nicer than clothes loosening!

glinda - exercise is a must!

glinda Thu 28-May-09 10:27:18

Hippi - you are doing brilliantly!!!! You have lost so much already - your body is probably just readjusting ready for the next few stones. Don't get disheartened now.

hippipotamiHasLost29Pounds Thu 28-May-09 10:37:07

Thank you both smile
I am not giving up. This is the furthest I have come in many many years of failed diets.
I have the lovely nurse at my GP practise helping me (by weighing me regularly and providing encouragment and moral support) and I am not going to fail this time.

Glinda - I hate exercise too, but needs must. A lovely friend of mine bought me a 3 month membership to our local leisure centre and drags takes me swimming once a week. Dh is working long hours at the moment so I have taken over dog-walking duties. I find the thought of exercise is worse than actually doing it. I have to go and walk the dog in a minute and am procrastinating big time. But once I am doing it I always find myself enjoying it.

hippipotamiHasLost29Pounds Thu 28-May-09 10:38:38

crap typing, sorry.

hippipotamiHasLost33Pounds Mon 01-Jun-09 16:48:16

grin Plateau shifted this morning. After 3 weeks of 1lb up 1lb down I have dropped 4lbs. Was hard work though, I really really increased my exercise over half term.
But am happy. (until the next time I get stuck)

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