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the LOW CARB wagon is hitting the trail again, anyone want a ride???????????

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supersalstrawberry Mon 11-May-09 19:41:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GypsyMoth Mon 11-May-09 19:43:33

its sooo difficult to do low carb!! well,for me anyway! i will maybe lurk...

homehaze Mon 11-May-09 19:49:06

I agree, it is impossible to keep it up. No carbs = grumpy homehaze

Weight Watchers online, it's def the way forwards!!!

brimfull Mon 11-May-09 19:51:05

Have started today !

Although did have a few glasses of frascatti with my salad

Am bloody determined this time.

supersalstrawberry Mon 11-May-09 19:56:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gladbag Mon 11-May-09 20:03:01

I'll join you, if you'll have me.

Want to loose a stone by end of June. Low carb diet and exercise is the way forward for me. It's worked in the past, but I'm back needing to do it again. I'll admit now that I'm not v good at it, but I do try.

Today I've had fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, scrambled egg and bacon for lunch (but that was after a 6 mile walk, so I think it's allowed) and steak and big green salad for tea.

I should say from the start that I don't count red wine as a carb, as it is essential for a pleasant life. If that's ok.

<raises large glass of red at the screen>

GypsyMoth Mon 11-May-09 20:07:41

well i have to admit it really has worked for me before too. like the sound of cheese omelette and salad.

i just miss pasta!!! its doing slimming world (green days) that have messed up my mind with regards to carbs i think!

will join....

supersalstrawberry Mon 11-May-09 20:11:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

supersalstrawberry Mon 11-May-09 20:19:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

supersalstrawberry Tue 12-May-09 21:52:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gladbag Wed 13-May-09 11:04:34


That all sounds really yummy. I suffer from lack of inspiration, so your ideas are v useful.

I had fruit, yoghurt, nuts and seeds again for breakfast, spinach and chicken salad for lunch, then grilled turkey breast, broccoli, peas and 5 tiny new potatos for supper.

I struggle in the evening, as I always cook carbs for ds (5) and we all eat together so temptation is always there.

I've read a few times recently that eating a small amount of carbs for your evening meal (before 7) helps you sleep, and is absorbed slowly and efficiently, so I'm not going to worry too much!

Tonight will be a washout as friends coming around for a curry. Ah well. I'll be good until then.

OrmIrian Wed 13-May-09 13:29:53

Hello sal! I will be joining you again soon. Just got to get DH's alcoholic bday party out of the way first.

supersalstrawberry Wed 13-May-09 13:32:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

supersalstrawberry Wed 13-May-09 20:46:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gladbag Wed 13-May-09 21:42:17

You are v v good - that all sounds fab.

I was doing well until supper - then it all went wrong as I made a spicy beef and butternut squash stew for guests, but I ended up having rice and bread as well.... I can cope with missing out when it's just family, but find it hard with a good meal and friends over.

Will be back on the wagon tomorrow though, with a vengeance. Good luck with your 'long day' - sounds arduous.

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 13-May-09 21:53:04

Hello! I have been back on the low carb wagon for about 3 weeks now, having deluded myself with the fantasy that I could do low calorie eating blush

Today's food:

cheese omelette for breakfast
Tesco chicken with madeira and mushroom sauce, and green salad for lunch
Sausage and swede mash, with stir fried leeks and chilli for dinner, with a smidgeon of homemade onion gravy

some nuts as a snack

My main problem is controlling the white wine - more blush

I've lost some weight - not sure how much, but clothes are definitely looser.

OrmIrian Wed 13-May-09 21:54:43

Low-cal is hard biwi! I simply can't do it.

supersalstrawberry Wed 13-May-09 22:31:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

supersalstrawberry Wed 13-May-09 22:36:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubyBlueberry Thu 14-May-09 14:41:00

Can I lurk too?

brimfull Thu 14-May-09 17:55:00

well have been good up until 3am last night
I'm on nights atm

I cracked and ate some choc biscuits sitting at the nurses station...damn damn damn am so pissed off with myself

last night tonight..ever

thank god they bugger up my sleeping for days after.

because-I too find the white wine hard to resist when I have a night off.I do stick to frascatti or muscadet as they are so dry.

Can't decide whether to just start again tomorrow after my night or try and be good tonight.

gladbag Thu 14-May-09 20:11:34

Hope you're feeling better, sal (what abbreviation, if any,do you prefer?!). Carbs are such a comfort food when you feel shite, so going without is all the more difficult. And ggirl, I find it v v hard to resist a chocolate biscuit if it's sitting in front of me. So I feel your disappointment and shame.

I've had a reasonable day. V late and large breakfast of yoghurt, nuts, grapes, pears and blueberries, which kept me going until an early tea of huge chicken and bacon salad (with a tiny tiny piece of garlic bread). I have had some wine though.

sal - I like all your snack ideas. I think having good snacks up your sleeve (so to speak) is crucial, as it really helps stop the hunger and 'whoa is me' feelings.

Rubyblueberry - welcome. Got any good low/no carb snack tips grin?

supersalstrawberry Thu 14-May-09 21:39:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubyBlueberry Fri 15-May-09 15:58:26

Ooh ta! smile
I need breakfast suggestions!

Katisha Fri 15-May-09 16:15:33

Oh lordy. The gang's all here again. Sigh - I suppose I shall have to get back on the wagon. How many horses have we got through now?

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