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stitch Mon 02-May-05 21:40:38

hi, im hoping to get some advice on using a cross trainer.
in order to lose weight, is it better to increase the time i use the cross trainer at a low resistance, or is it better to keep the time the same, but increase the resistance?
ive been very good for the last week, no snacking, only three proper meals, and half an hour on the cross trainer ever day. but am not sure on how to proceed, and would really appreciate some advice.

Looneymum Mon 02-May-05 22:13:23

Hi Stitch, well done - half on hour every day v. impressive! I asked recently at the gym I go to and they said long and low resistance is the healthiest but I gather can take a lot longer. So if you are looking for speedy results may be best to do harder setting. Do you have a Killymanjaro (bad spelling!) hill setting? I am managing to do 20 mins and although haven't lost much weight (probably due to a few too many takeaways as we are having kitchen refitted..) my shape (large pear) is definitely changing for the better!

stitch Mon 02-May-05 22:17:34

wow, sounds like a tough setting. and well done on the reshaping
there is a rolling hills setting. ive only done that a couple of times as i am scared that my heartrate goes so sky high. 180 was the highest. i wasnt very fit to begin with, but i think that has improved marginally.
yet to see any weight loss or shape change though. (actually have lost one pound but that could be just water.
but thank you for the advice. will stick with the low resistance now and just make sure i manage to keep doing it.

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