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Mumsnet Mamas 2005 Week 16

(53 Posts)
Yorkiegirl Fri 29-Apr-05 23:19:04

Message withdrawn

Evesmama Fri 29-Apr-05 23:20:22

im back..well for now
it certainly helps not being able to open my mouth as hardly anything has gone in the black hole today!!!

how are things with you now YG?

MarsLady Fri 29-Apr-05 23:21:34

I would really like to get to and go beyond my half stone. I'm a bit of a yo yo at the moment. Need to lose at least another half stone before the middle of May.

Yorkiegirl Fri 29-Apr-05 23:23:51

Message withdrawn

Evesmama Fri 29-Apr-05 23:24:44

dp has just told me that he has lst just under 2st
we've both been cutting down, but he has more will power and is taller, more active etc
but am really pleased for him..even though he has been a t**t today
however, he is very funny about being congratulated on it and says he should have got to that stage in the first place!!!
he wanted to do the great north run, but cant get in!!
i want to be able to walk up the stairs to the toilet myself without dd jumping all over me

Evesmama Fri 29-Apr-05 23:25:21

i did curry too, but was a pataks one
managed a few grains of rice in sauce

Yorkiegirl Fri 29-Apr-05 23:31:38

Message withdrawn

Evesmama Fri 29-Apr-05 23:32:55

yep..booze with dp too, but just weekends and we keep getting sent BOGOF vouchers for maccy dees..well they cant go to waste can they??, mind you, could even get my mouth open wide enough for a small pice of cheese burger in there yesterday

Yorkiegirl Fri 29-Apr-05 23:34:04

Message withdrawn

Evesmama Fri 29-Apr-05 23:35:08

didnt watch it last night!!
watched the election debates!!!! get me!!!

should have prob watched it though eh?

Loobz Sat 30-Apr-05 11:44:00

Hi everyone - haven't posted on here for a while cos I have basically been awful Have had a very sociable week this week, have consumed copious quantities of alcohol and am going out again tonight - but that is it after tonight - No more excuses
Have probably put back on the weight that I lost in the first place but will just have to start again. Here's wishing everyone a good week

Loobz Sat 30-Apr-05 11:45:18

Ooops, nearly forgot, good luck Yorkie - hope you get that last half pound

nutcracker Sat 30-Apr-05 11:47:22

Christ i forgot to email my weight loss again, sorry Yorkie. Only lost 2 lbs anyway i think.

Am finding it very very hard, as am always hungry after breakfast an so hungry by 10:30/11:00 that i feel sick.

Have swapped having toast to bran flakes to see if that will fill me up a bit more.

BethAndHerBrood Sun 01-May-05 10:50:19

I have decided that to get me back in the right frame of mind after last week, i need to write down what i eat. So far it seems to be working. If you dont count the copious bottles of wine i drank last night!!! But i had been saving my syns since thursday, so am hoping i haven't done too much damage!!

Good luck for this week everyone, M & F!!!!!

Loobz Sun 01-May-05 21:11:41

I have just posted on week 15 by mistake - think I must still be suffering the after effects of all the alcohol - not typing same message again - Will be back on plan tomorrow and want good hard kick up the backside from all you lovely ladies if I don't behave

coppertop Sun 01-May-05 21:15:08

I'm still here. The warmer weather seems to be helping a bit as my appetite has almost disappeared. I haven't dared to weigh myself though so I'll do that next Thursday instead. It might give me chance to undo some of the damage.

Good luck with getting that award, YG.

Yorkiegirl Mon 02-May-05 17:45:11

Message withdrawn

BethAndHerBrood Mon 02-May-05 18:18:28

I just looked in my book to see, "out of interest", how many syns in a cheesey crust pork pie. Mmmmmmm.......about 10. I had three yesterday!!!!!!

But they were bl@@dy lovely!!!!!

Yorkiegirl Mon 02-May-05 18:20:52

Message withdrawn

BethAndHerBrood Mon 02-May-05 18:29:42

Do you think it's quite easy to put weight on just by a few slip ups here and there? I'm surprised at class by how many people lose one week, gain the next, maintain, lose, gain, etc, etc, etc. My weight loss has been more "slow and steady" with just a small gain last week, the first time!!!! But some weeks i don't feel as if i deserve to lose weight because i've eaten like a pig and drunk like a fish!!!!!

Yorkiegirl Mon 02-May-05 18:31:17

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Mon 02-May-05 22:17:08

Message withdrawn

Sonnet Tue 03-May-05 10:50:36

Can I join in please - did podt on week 15 thread but it might not have been seen??

Sonnet Tue 03-May-05 11:11:48


Yorkiegirl Tue 03-May-05 13:28:49

Message withdrawn

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