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Can you tell me how many Weight Watchers points this is?

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dietqueen Thu 16-Apr-09 18:06:25

pumpkin bread.

1 x slice = 119 calories with 0.4g sat fat?

Just want to see if you agree with me

MissisBoot Thu 16-Apr-09 18:08:41

If a slice weighs 37g then it is 2 points

Kayzr Thu 16-Apr-09 18:08:52

Do you know how much it weighs?

Kayzr Thu 16-Apr-09 18:09:33


dietqueen Thu 16-Apr-09 18:11:41

doesnt say

Guadalupe Thu 16-Apr-09 18:14:02


dietqueen Thu 16-Apr-09 18:14:38

its a Morrisons Pumpkin loaf!!!! I thought 2 aswell

WagonWheel Thu 11-Jun-09 19:54:35


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