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Any Fitness experts out there? Please help me!?!

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LoveMyGirls Wed 08-Apr-09 19:50:34

I'm getting married in september, I wanted to be really toned, I've got wobbley arms, stomach and bum/ love handles - what is the quickest way to get rid of these please?

I'm currently doing swimming/ aqua areobics but I think something else would probably work better as this seems to just be taking away the small bit of bust I have and not shifting the belly or bum!

Help? Please?

2bayumimum Wed 08-Apr-09 20:13:19

I am doing the latest Davina DvD, Superbody ( or something like that ) and it is brilliant, it has really toned me up. Apparently the "secret" to toning is having an element of weight training in your exercise, not serious heavy weights, but the handheld ones and part two of the Davina work out, Supersculpt has just that. Unfortunately I can't guarantee that you won't loose anymore of your bust, as the body seems to burn off fat where it likes, as opposed to where we wont it too, but for me the Davina dvd ( they are all good by the way, I just enjoy this latest one the most ) has really shaped me up all over and even my bum is looking pretty good these days !

Good luck

MarkPT Wed 08-Apr-09 21:56:46

Don't want to sound predictable, but diet will be a big key in weight loss.
You can do bodyweight exercises which will help with strengthening your muscles.
I have a free fat loss and fitness forum which has quite a few mumsnet members, as well as people around the world, if you want to join and get some more info?
I'd gladly help you get ready for your wedding!

KickboxingMum Wed 29-Jun-11 19:42:33

I disscovered kickboxing a year ago, what an amazing way to sort out that post-baby body and to relieve the days stress. I know its sounds a bit violent, but this place I found in Crounch End is a non-contact kickboxing workout- its highly addictive, I definatly recommend it. Along with healthy eating and this kind of exercise my body is getting back into shape! Ladies give it a go.

KickboxingMum Wed 29-Jun-11 19:43:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

foreverondiet Wed 29-Jun-11 20:38:02

why are you bumping a 2 year old thread??? looks like advertising to me!

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