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Fat-binding tablets - anyone use these?

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MissGreatBritain Fri 03-Apr-09 15:50:15

Had some friends over for dinner (who are both trying to lose weight) and after the meal they both popped these fat-binding pills. Apparently they stop the fat from being absorbed and it just comes out the other end [yuk emoticon].

Anyone have any info about these please?

HecAteTheEasterBunny Fri 03-Apr-09 15:52:52

yes. they are called xenical, I think you can now get them without prescription from chemist under the name alli? or something.

They stop your body absorbing about 30% fat and cause NO side effects if you stick to the correct diet - low fat!

People get the orange oily seepage if they eat something with too much fat in it, because they think oh what the hell, I'm popping a pill anyway.

low fat diet - no problems
cream cakes - oily seepage, explosive poos and stomach cramps

MarkPT Fri 03-Apr-09 17:41:20

Really does baffle me this one?!
Why not just cut back on saturated fat in the first place?!
Seems like an option to eat cakes, biscuits etc, but take a pill to "cut back on fat" ?!!

As I said on a previous post, it's excess calories (in any form) that make you gain weight, not saturated fat on it's own.

HecAteTheEasterBunny Fri 03-Apr-09 19:41:45

It does make a low fat diet even more effective, It is next to impossible to eat a 100% fat free diet long term, isn't it? It really does make a difference to how quickly the weight goes, but it is NOT supposed to be a green light to eat rubbish. That's an abuse of it. You stick to a low fat diet, exercise and take the pill and you will lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

But many people take it and then eat junk. Which is stupid. Not to mention messy and smelly!

MarkPT Fri 03-Apr-09 20:02:55


The thing is saturated fat in a small does is actually good for the body.
Fats do have quite a few beneficial jobs in the body including hormone balancing etc.

I'm always sceptical about pills. If a "pill" worked, everyone would be on it. Plus you don't know what damage it's doing internally.

Just stick to healthy, natural eating, small amounts of natural fats (included mono and polyunsats)some regular exercise, goals and motivation and there is no reason why you won't lose weight.
Easy! wink

MissGreatBritain Fri 03-Apr-09 21:04:10

They were my thoughts - I'm currently on Slimming World, which is basically low-fat, high carb and I've lost 16lbs so far, but very slowly (average of only .75 lb per week). I did wonder if it might help to speed up the weight loss, but just wondered if anyone had any experience of it, as my friend is always happy to pop pills, so her ideas aren't that reliable iyswim.

MumOeufMonsters Fri 03-Apr-09 21:09:36

is it those Lipobind things?

I am on some boots own "diet aid" ones at mo and have noticed a difference. Probably just my low cal diet and exercise working but i didn't spend a fortune (and its not the Hoodia that i really wanted wink)

MarkPT Fri 03-Apr-09 21:55:55

From what I'm understanding it does nothing for the fat which is already in the body, only fat that you consume while on the "pills"?

Therefore it's unlikely to aid weight loss, unless your existing diet is high in fat, which is pointless in the first place?!

Miss GreatBritain - if thats what slimming world suggest then that is wrong.
Everyones diets should be higher protein, moderate carbs (but low gi) and low to moderate fat (again fats from avacado, oils, coconut, fish etc)
We eat too many carbs which when your glycogen(carb stores) are full, the excess will be converted to fat. So if you have a pretty sedentary day, that is usually the case.

Up your protein levels.

MumOeufMonsters Fri 03-Apr-09 21:58:32

this is what i have

1 ingredient speeds up metabolism, 1 is a mild laxative and 1 is a diuretic

MarkPT Fri 03-Apr-09 22:05:30

You realise your taking something that has icing sugar and talc in it?!!
Not looking to knock your efforts but;
a) at £3.79 I don't think it's the "magic answer"
b) you want to take a laxative? Maybe that helps with weight loss?!!

c) It says to take with a calorie controlled diet - you control your calories and you will lose weight...!

This isn't directed at your MumofMonsters, just a product knockdown!!

MumOeufMonsters Sat 04-Apr-09 17:20:29

icing sugar makes it taste nicer wink

It also has E110 in it (or something like that)

MumOeufMonsters Sat 04-Apr-09 17:21:10

i know its not a magic answer and i have lowered cals too

sarah293 Sat 04-Apr-09 17:24:24

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Sat 04-Apr-09 17:25:00

Message withdrawn

FairLadyOfMuslinCloth Sat 04-Apr-09 17:26:42

MarkPT...just to clarify that SW does not necessarily suggest a high carb diet...
it depends if people do red or green days are carb days...where as red days are meat/fish days...when I do SW I tend to do more red days...tbh...because high protein diet works better for me...

FairLadyOfMuslinCloth Sat 04-Apr-09 17:31:42

no personal experience, sorry, but googled Xenical and thought this this link might interest you, OP

MarkPT Sat 04-Apr-09 21:51:25

Fair Lady - you will do better with higher protein.

Riven - quite correct. If you hvae lowered your calories (slightly) from normal, save your money and don't bother with them!!

FairLadyOfMuslinCloth Sat 04-Apr-09 22:09:08

I know...although, some people do seem to achieve fab losses with more green days....
if I do do green days I tend to try to keep them protein rich by using lots of pulses...

sarah293 Sun 05-Apr-09 09:19:21

Message withdrawn

MumOeufMonsters Sun 05-Apr-09 14:17:05

Feel like i need to defend myself a wee bit - i am only using them to get rid of that awkward last few lbs quicker. whether it works or not or is purely psychological, well, i have only spent a few £s, it's giving me (possibly false) hope and i feel like i am doing that little bit more than just eating less and exercising.

DonnaDanielle Mon 07-Jun-10 13:17:07

To the orginal poster, I agree this does sound like xenical or Alli (a weaker over the counter version of Xenical). Both fat binders contain orlistat which has been under investigation due to some serious side effects.

There are a few natural options around such as Lipobind or Proactol which both work to cut around 28% of daily fat intake. As other posters have already said you still have to watch what you eat unless you want to encounter some embarrasing side effects!

Theres a guide on fat binders which may be useful to some - fat binding tablets guide

JackdawSmith Fri 03-Jun-16 09:02:29

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