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slimming world - how can I get motivation back? HELP!!

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darlingbud Mon 18-Apr-05 19:16:52

I have been going to slimming world for just over a year. I did really well and was just 1lb away from 2 stone last October. Then I went on holiday. Since then it has slowly crept back on and I have now lost just over 1 stone. I just can't seem to get the will power back that I had. Been again just now and have put 1lb on. Feeling really fed up now. Anyne else been through a lull like this? how did you get out of it?

deegward Mon 18-Apr-05 19:21:14

Yes, think I had that t shirt before you. Just think you are still going so that is +ve,a nd you are still lighter than you went when you started again +ve. Is there a mini target you could set yourself, eg 1/2 stone by end of May? I don't know how some weeks we can do it,and others well they don't need mentioning

darlingbud Mon 18-Apr-05 19:56:20

I don't mind odd weeks that are a struggle - its the past 6 months. Does anybody do weekly meal planners? and if you do do you stick to them?

blodwen Mon 18-Apr-05 20:07:40

I have just returned to SW after a years gap (have put weight back on!). Last night I sat down with my Food Diary sheet and a couple of SW mags/recipes ans wrote down 3 meals a day for the whole week. I did some R, some G and one M/M. I also wrote down my A and B extras for every day, and any syns for any meals. I left spaces to fill in snacks (ie. fruit) and spare syns for every day. Today I shopped for everything I will need. I feel really relaxed now I have done this. I know EXACTLY what I'm having for EVERY meal, A & B, so feel in control. I used to find I needed another B choice for dinner, and I'd used them both up, but doing it this way, it's MUCH easier. I read a couple of days out to a friend, and they couldn't beleive it was a diet! I hope this helps. I know it can be really hard. Good luck.

darlingbud Mon 18-Apr-05 20:55:49

I have just made a neutral day quiche for tomorrow and am trying a baked egg custard recipe as my sweet craving for pudding (2 sins per serving). All prepared and ready for tommorrow.

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