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ok so how do i fill myself up and eat healthly when pregnant?

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NattyPlus2andAHalf Wed 25-Feb-09 14:04:38

ok well i went to the midwives last week and ive put 2 stone on. im 21 weeks, and i would agree i have put quite a bit of weight on my bum thighs and back.
now i KNOW its cos i am eating CONSTANTLY, but i am so hungry!
i dont normally pig out, my average dress size is 10-12 and this is my third pregnany and ive had the same problem in all three now.


HOW do i fill myself up, and not be an elephant by the time the baby is born?
the extra weight is effecting my back and knees already, and the midwife has told me to watch what im eating.

tips guys?


luckylady74 Wed 25-Feb-09 17:25:33

I make a big pan of vegetable and lentil soup
and then heat a mug in the microwave when I'm hungry.

NattyPlus2andAHalf Wed 25-Feb-09 19:38:42

ooh that sounds nice. how long does it keep for?

MrsMattie Wed 25-Feb-09 19:45:16

Pasta with low fat sauces
Veg stirfry & rice
Lots of lean meat./chicken/fish with veg.

Eat a big breakfast - cereal, fruit, eggs etc. Do not scrimp on this meal!

A proper lunch - jacket potato/sweet potato with salad & some protein or a filling soup/stew.

Stock up on low fat snacks - loads of 'em!

I put on 4 stone with first pregnancy, eating a helluva lot of junk. Put on 2 stone with second pregnancy - still ate like a ganet (believe me! I am 6 ft tall and eat like a rugby player!) but stuck to healthier, hearty stuff (as above) most of the time and laid off the cakes and curries (mostlygrin).

Gentle exercise - a brisk walk twice a day and some swimming/yoga will also help.

But (big but) don't be too hard on yourself. Plenty of women balloon when pregnant. Some of us just do carry a lot of weight when up the duff grin

NattyPlus2andAHalf Wed 25-Feb-09 19:56:05

thankyou, i do try not to let it bother me!
i am more concerned about my back and knees to be honest, when you've got two toddlers at home to run around taking it easy isnt an option!

good idea about the brekkie, i must make more effort. i suppose a couple of weetabix isnt really enough.

MrsMattie Wed 25-Feb-09 20:13:48

Definitely not. Even if you eat your breakfast a bit later (lots of people can't face it when they first get up) and make it more of a brunch. SCOFF! Seriously - 2 eggs on toast and some fruit & yoghurt would be more like it. It'll stop you craving crap late morning / afternoon, hopefully.

I know what you mean about hips/legs etc. I had awful SPD with my first and I must admit, putting on less weight with my second did seem to help a bit (it never got quite so bad). It's hard, though, isn't it? When you are running around after older children and pregnant (and probably a bit sleep deprived?) you get starving!

NattyPlus2andAHalf Wed 25-Feb-09 20:59:31

oh god yes, im so hungry all the time now, its stupid.
i think your right about lack of sleep too, that always makes u hungry cos ur compensating arnt you.

cheers for you advice

ShowOfHands Wed 25-Feb-09 21:03:20

I introduced 2nd breakfast when pregnant.

I had normal breakfast of cereal/toast/egg/whatever.

Then had 2nd breakfast an hour later.

Dehydration makes you hungry too so drink plenty.

mankymummy Wed 25-Feb-09 21:12:33

porridge. bananas. fruit muesli bars.

lots of chicken if you can afford it, if you eat it slowly it will really fill you up and not so fattening like pasta or potatoes.

and make sure you have a glass of water before eating anything too.

NattyPlus2andAHalf Wed 25-Feb-09 21:25:17

i like the idea of a second breakfast lol!
water thing is a good idea too, i must admit i tend to think "im thirsty, but i'll just put this washing on/dinner on/kids to bed" and then plum forget!

im finding fruit is not filling me up at all, i got thru a whole bag of satsumas yesterday in one sitting hmm

good tip about the chicken, tescos have three whole for a tenner atm, so will fill up the freezer.

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