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is it possible to drop 2 dress sizes in 3 months?

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Mercedes Sun 15-Feb-09 11:21:55

I weighed myself last nite and was shocked heaviest I've been for years. I knew this anyway but didn't want to face up to it.

I'm starting a new job in about 3 months - I know that cutting down on my food and exercise is what I have to do. Rather than lose weight I'd thought I'd look at it in terms of dress size.

Am I being realistic? is 2 dress sizes possible?

Om the way I've got a wedding a big birthday celebration to go to.

tessieb Sun 15-Feb-09 11:35:57

I'd love to do this as well! I'm sure it is possible. I think losing approximately a stone would equal going down a dress size and I'm sure a 2 stone loss over 3 months is achievable.

Good luck. smile

aGalChangedHerName Sun 15-Feb-09 11:39:28

I lost 4 stones in around 5 months and went from a size 18 to a 10/12 so very possible.

Unfortunatly i seem to have put on at least a stone (probably more) so will have to get my arse into gear and get back into eating properly and excersising or else i wont be getting into my holiday clothes in April. sad

Mercedes Sun 15-Feb-09 11:43:07

how much exercise will it take?

We've got a wii fit which I can use but its difficult for me to go to exercise classes cos of times and childcare and I do not like going to the gym.

Will the wii be enough if I also walk everywhere?

duvetheaven Sun 15-Feb-09 11:52:26

Yes, it is possible as I have done it before. But it will take at least 3 gym sessions a week including using weights and cardio. Also will have to be disciplined about food. I followed the Weightwatchers points system. Good luck smile

Shoshe Sun 15-Feb-09 11:55:08

I have dropped half a stone in two weeks and about half a dress size ( jeans that did up just are now comfortable.)

4 and a half stone to go grin

aGalChangedHerName Sun 15-Feb-09 11:55:34

I didn't do the gtm thing tbh. I joined but never had the time to go. I swam when i could and walked all the time.

I lost a stone by myself (cutting out crap) then lost 3 with Scttish Slimmers. Portion control was an eye opener for me. I used to eat double the carbs i was meant to. I need to get into it again but severly lacking motivation atm.

duvetheaven Sun 15-Feb-09 11:55:44

Sorry Mercedes hadn't ready post before. You can be creative and maybe use dvd at home and also power walking ? Maybe you could get some hand weights? Also,what about exercise bike at home? I only gave the gym advice cos that what worked for me.

aGalChangedHerName Sun 15-Feb-09 11:57:17

I also did Davina DVD at home. Eating well is key. The exersise does help,even if you start walking when normally you would take the car/bus then you will lose.

tessieb Sun 15-Feb-09 11:57:44

agalchangedhername - wow!!! 4 stones in 5 months is brilliant. You've inspired me. I'd love to be a size 10 for summer - currently (only just!) a 14.

It's too easy for the weight to creep back on though isn't it? Good luck with losing that extra stone.

mercedes - what dress size are you hoping to get down to?

Mercedes Sun 15-Feb-09 13:16:19

Tb - If I could get to a size 14 I would be so happy. I could do with more but no point wishing for the moon.

silver73 Sun 15-Feb-09 13:21:12

Callanetics are fab - I could see a huge difference after about 5 hours.

aGalChangedHerName Sun 15-Feb-09 16:28:10

Lost it for my wedding so was soooo easy to do it. I am now just not that bothered tbh but am back into a size 14 which in itself doesn't bother me but all my holiday clothes are a size 10 or 12 so i cannot even get into them sad

slummybutyummy Sun 15-Feb-09 18:21:09

Wow aGalChangedHerName - that's fantastic! I need to lose a few stone too - just joined Slimming World but may try the Davina dvd too if its good.

orangeplum Wed 25-Feb-09 20:42:28

Have you thought about doing the Cambridge Diet? I lost 3 stone in 3 months on it - did sole source ie just the drinks/bars for just over one month and then moved onto SS+ where you had a protein and veg meal as well as drinks/bars.

I have put on about half a stone since stopping just before christmas - I have not been good and am about to start healthy eating to hopefully lose it again.

I found it quite easy to stick to as there were so few choices and once you start dropping the weight you get really motivated. I wish I had heard about it years ago.

Good luck!

beccyboo2009 Sat 06-Jun-09 18:50:21

if your wanting to lose weight quickly try the 18in4 diet you can lose upto 18lb in 4 days i tried it and lost 17.5lbs. here's the reciepe

Breakfast for all days
1 cup of black coffee
3 cups of grapefruit juice

Day 1
2 boiled eggs
125ml string beans boiled
125ml butternut squash boiled
1 cup of tomato juice

1 hamburger patty(4-6oz) baked or broiled
125ml green beans
1 small apple

Day 2
125ml celery
125ml green beans
125ml tomatoes
125ml cantaloupe

Baked chicken breast(6-8oz)
125ml butternut squash boiled
125ml tomatoes

Day 3
2 boiled eggs
125ml green beans boiled
125ml butternut squash boiled
1 cup of tomato juice

1 steak(6-8oz)baked
125ml stewed tomatoes
1 small apple

Day 4
250ml celery
125ml butternut squash
1 small apple
1 cup of prune juice

1 hamburger patty(4-6oz) baked or broiled
125ml green beans boiled
125ml tomatoes
2 cups of prune juice

you can even do as much or as little exercise as you like

hope it works

2bayumimum Tue 09-Jun-09 12:17:01

Wow 17lbs in four days, that is going some. Do you mind me asking if you had a lot of weight to loose to begin with and did you manage to keep it off ? It looks very extreme, but I might do it for a couple of days, as have 9lbs to go to get to my final target weight, as be good to get it all off at once !

MerlinsBeard Tue 09-Jun-09 12:19:24

it is possible, you will have to drastically change your diet as well as do a LOT of wii fit.

lots more fruit and veg (and low cal foods like salads etc) no unhealthy snacking (or snacking at all if you ca manage it) do the jogging on the wii fit as cardio is more effective. drink lots of water.

oh and good luck

LadyPinkofPinkerton Tue 09-Jun-09 12:30:42

I went to WW and lost 2 stone in 3 months and dropped two dress sizes

titchy Tue 09-Jun-09 12:41:57

Sorry - am very cynical about any diet that claims you can lose so much weight over such a short period of time...

1lb in weight is equivalent to 3,500 calories. If your daily intake should be around the 2000 mark, even eating nothiing for 4 days will only lose you 8000 calories, so just under 3lbs. To lose anymore you'd have to be using an enormous amount of energy - probably the equivalent of running a half marathon every day as well.

titchy Tue 09-Jun-09 12:44:11

However 2 dress sizes in three months - yes entirely possible. Assuming you need to lose 14 lbs to drop 2 dress sizes that's about 1 lb a week. So in theory consume 500 calories a day less than you normally would for a month and you'll do it smile

NorkyButNice Tue 09-Jun-09 12:50:52

A few years ago I lost 5.5 stone in 7 months (detox diet for first month, then WeightWatchers and LOTS of exercise).

Recently I've lost 3.5 stone since the beginning of December and 3 dress sizes.

Have a completely messed up relationship with food but am thin - take your pick!

noddyholder Tue 09-Jun-09 12:55:34

That sort of diet is v dangerous physically and mentally.Cut out all crap no snacks apart from fruit or a few nuts don't eat after 7pm and walk everywhere.painless and succesful and best of all NORMAL! not some dysfunctional starvation plan that only women seem to feel compelled to do.Me inc at times and it never lasts

Bubbaloo Tue 09-Jun-09 12:55:39

I lost 4 stone in 3 months on the Cambridge Diet.
Very hard to stick to,but definately works,if you do stick to itwink.

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