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Has anyone tried "Curves"? Want to hear your opinions

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Figfingers Wed 11-Feb-09 16:43:20

I am resorting to this as this is the only gym that´s close to me. I know it´s some sort of circuit and you do 30 mins exercise..

I normally do yoga at home but feel I need something a bit more strenuous. I am quite fit and wondering whether this might not be hard enough..

Would love to hear from someone who´s tried it.


DrNortherner Wed 11-Feb-09 16:45:47

I used to be a member of ladies workout express which is a similar concept, and tbh, I thought it was crap. Cheap but crap. I hated the circuit and I felt it did nothing for me at all. There was no cardio equipment either. This was a few years ago. It was full of women 50 +.

I am now a member of a regular gym.

DuffyMoon Wed 11-Feb-09 17:12:45

I go to Curves 3 times a week - the reason I started was that it was near to work. It ISNT like going to a gym, it is a circuit and you do 30 seconds on a piece of equipment and 30 seconds on a recovery board (walking/jogging) it does take 30 mins and there are no showers (usually) I like it becuase its quick and I like the mindlessness of it to be honest as I find it good to switch off after being at depends what you are looking for, they're good too if perhaps you are a bit gym phobic or worried that everyone else will be stick thin because all shapes and sizes go. They are a franchise so it can depend on how good your owner is. I probably wouldnt go if I had more time on my hands or there were more gym facilities nearer but for something thats done and dusted quickly its good. Some people say its too easy but its as hard as you make it....some women chat all the way round...whereas I am puce after about 10 mins

Figfingers Wed 11-Feb-09 17:36:23

Thanks DR and Duffy

It´s great to get such different opinions.

I guess I am worried it would be too soft and for ladies of a certain age (not being nasty, btw)

Thing is this is my only option of a gym.. might have to think about it...


DuffyMoon Wed 11-Feb-09 17:42:09

to be honest there are more mature, less fit ladies there but I just do my own thing.....but then I am an old git now so quite enjoy being a young 'un

Exercise1Girl Wed 11-Feb-09 20:16:38

I'm a PA working in the exercise field. I have an Hons 1st Degree in Sports Science, but my boss is one of the highest qualified Exercise and Nutritional Consultants/ Personal Trainers in the UK and Europe.
He's in Oslo assessing personal trainers at the moment.

Last December, he was hired to look into the classes at Curves on behalf of a company in Oxford, who were thinking of sending their female employees there.

Just so you'll be aware of his professional level.....
He assesses personal trainers and health and fitness personnel in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia and has been retained to do this on a regular basis over the last 10 years. Consequently he knows precisely what he's talking about professionally, especially with his multiple degree qualifications and 40 years in Exercise, Injury and Nutrition.

He looked at 6 separate Curves franchises in two counties for a balanced view, and they all had exactly the same elements present. Consequently, one is pretty much reflective of another in quality control, exercise realities and staff expertise levels.

The conclusions he passed on in his report to the company was that, it can be a pleasant, reasonably effective setting for ladies, especially being less intimidating for the more self conscious individuals, so there are some good aspects.

The machine designs are not female biomechanically specific in any realistic technical sense of the word though I'm afraid, and the level of the staff expertise is certainly adequate for dealing with group exercise, but very average in exercise biomechanics knowledge.

In actual fact, there are no specific female biomechanics training courses in existence, so the level of 'speciality' is in truth, very limited and the class structure designs could just as easily be for men or women, so the claims/implicated phrasing of being guided by finely tuned female exercise biomechanics personnel are more than just a little whisker exaggerated!

It's an all female environment which is enjoyable for those who are, very understandably, not at ease around the often heavy 'stench' of testosterone in health clubs.

You will get some beneficial exercise there, but the implied specialist female capabilities are not borne out in the machine designs, the exercise prescription used or the level of staff qualifications.

Those are the succinct clinical realities.

However, if you take it as you find it, go carefully and steadily in the classes,remember that if something hurts...just don't do it; you should get benefits from attending, enjoy yourself and improve your fitness levels.

Hope that helps.

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