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Any tips beyond the bleeding obvious?

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costagirl Tue 10-Feb-09 16:21:41

It will seem pathetic to some of you, probably, but I AM becoming quite peed off at not shifting the 1/2 stone that I need to. Have got massive boobs (36F), broad back, slim arms & legs but huge wobbly tum - great roll of fat that sits on top of my jeans and looks lovely. I feel VERY fat and think I look horrible in most clothes (everything either accentuates big tits or fat roll!) Size 14 bottom, 16 top. Weigh nearly 10 1/2 stone since Christmas, usual weight is around 10. I feel guilty every time I eat anything nice but naughty, but the other half of my brain says life's too short. Generally eat v healthily, swim, yoga. Just cannot shift this horrid roll of fat. Other than massive diet (is it necessary for 1/2 stone) any tips on shifting flab?

stuffitllama Tue 10-Feb-09 16:56:13

Body pump classes that's what you need. Aerobics with weights.

Stop fretting about the food thing, honest. Go to body pump.

costagirl Tue 10-Feb-09 19:02:02

MM, thanks for that, maybe I should try. Tonight's dinner was small piece of grilled salmon, carrots & broccoli - everyone else had roast pots. Now hungry after cleaning and refereeing fights between the kids, so had 2 bits of malt loaf with olive marg. Feel like I'm permanently watching what I eat. Think you're right, stuffit, to try & stop fretting.

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