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Please help me get my fat a**e in gear !!

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mumswobblybits Tue 10-Feb-09 14:50:14

Hi there, I have been reading mumsnet for 2 years now but desperation has made me register so I can post this. Please be kind !!
Basically I am about 3 ish stone overweight. I know this and know what I need to do but I am oh so cross with myself as I can't do it. I have been at weightwatchers for years and always do well, losing a stone or so and then falling back into old habits. I have less time and energy since my gorgeous boy was born but I think weight loss is possible so why can't I get my big bum in gear and sort it out ??

Actually this was quite cathartic to write down how I'm feeling - makes me realise how pathetic it is !blush
But still would appreciate any help or tellings off !!

BrownSuga Tue 10-Feb-09 15:06:55

join us here!!!

Couch potato jogging thread. I've been doing it 4 weeks and have loads more energy and feel happier in myself. I have a 21mth old DS and do the runs as soon as DH gets in from work. Someone else is going to push her DC in a buggy. It really works and will give you the boost you need.

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