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Pecka's Wedding Weightloss Wegime!

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Peckarollover Sun 10-Apr-05 09:35:10


I have 3 months and I want to lose a stone.

My weigh in is tomorrow.

I have done fairly well although went very wrong on friday night with a chinese and went to cinema last night. I had some sweet popcorn but I had saved some points for that.

I did aqua aerobics on Tuesday, dance mat on Thursday and I have just brought DD's trampoline downstairs for me to bounce on today whenever I walk past it. Have managed 200 bounces so far today!

Breakfast I had a nutrigrain apple bar 2 points

Peckarollover Sun 10-Apr-05 14:04:56

Had a roast lunch - beef, yorkshire, boiled new potatoes and lots of veg. Cheated a bit with the yorkshire and gravy but not too bad all in all.

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