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Fark me. I have been 11st4 for the last year. This must stop. Kick my un-willowy arse please.

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sassy Tue 03-Feb-09 11:17:35

I'm not fat exactly, but fatter than I want to be. (5ft 7; according to the wii fit my BMI is 24.98 - phew!)

I am going to lose a stone. So there. Kick my arse if you see me eating chocolate.

That's all.

PerArduaAdNauseum Tue 03-Feb-09 11:21:55


<<waddles away>>

sassy Tue 03-Feb-09 11:34:53


notsoclever Tue 03-Feb-09 15:51:31

Kicking you for being 5ft 7; If I was that tall, my BMI would be in the OK range.

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