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What's the difference between Slimming World and Weight Watchers?

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Pennies Sun 01-Feb-09 16:33:46

Wondering which would work best for me. I want to lose a stone.

sarah293 Sun 01-Feb-09 16:53:26

Message withdrawn

bunny3 Sun 01-Feb-09 16:55:51

Sw works for me as it is quite straightforward and you can eat lots! I lose quite slowly on ith though, perhaps 1 - 1.5 lb a week. It is slow and steady. Dont know ww very well.

Furball Sun 01-Feb-09 17:00:59

I lost 2 stone with SW - the first 1 1/2 quite easily. I then struggled had christmas off and have now switched to WW as I needed a change. I've lost 5.5 lbs in 2 weeks

SW you can eat huge quantities of food, but obviously the right food and you gt 10-15 syns a day for extras

WW you can eat within reason what you like but you count the points I get 21 points a day and everything apart from veg is pointed, so tis limiting. I have bought the entire contents of WW foods from Sainsburys and can recommend them. Their crisps are 1 points a pack of 2 bickies is 1.5 and yoghurts are .5 or 1.

bunny3 Sun 01-Feb-09 21:23:47

Furball, can you have unlimited amounts of veg on ww? Also, how much points-wise is a glass of wine?

dilemma456 Sun 01-Feb-09 22:03:22

Message withdrawn

onadietcokebreak Sun 01-Feb-09 22:07:41

From what I can tell from talking to friends slimming world you eat moreof normal heathly foods and weight watchers is more counting points. Im doing SW news extra easy plan. Its ok but have lost 5lbs in two weeks. Will continue doing it as its working but am not going to group anymore as cant afford the £5 plus the time.

Pennies Mon 02-Feb-09 09:00:57

I have neem looking at the SW website and it just seems to bang on and on about how much you can eat of everything. I just don't see how things like eggs, pasta and bread can be classed as free foods?

Pennies Mon 02-Feb-09 09:01:26

Sorry - "neem" = been!

mishymoo Mon 02-Feb-09 09:19:07

I have been on SW since middle of November and have lost a stone.

Pasta, rice, potatoes are all free on Green Days only - you can have a certain amount of meat but you have to weigh it. But most Quorn is free.

On red days, you can eat as much meat as you like but have to weigh your starchy foods!

I didn't think the diet would work with the all the starchy foods but since I have only been doing Green days, I can honestly say it has worked for me! I would recommend slimming world to anyone.

sarah293 Mon 02-Feb-09 11:12:20

Message withdrawn

onadietcokebreak Mon 02-Feb-09 19:18:24

bread is not a free food on slimming world and is limited.

I think its what is addded eg sauces to the pasta, rice and potatoes is what makes you lose weight. Plus you prob not need much pasta etc to make sure you are full.

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