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new moms that can't seem to loose the weight

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alero81 Wed 06-Apr-05 21:11:16

my daughter is 10 months old, i weighed in at 236 when i had her and 10 months later i still weigh 236. is there anyone that has the same problem.

ojsmum Wed 13-Apr-05 19:33:06

I'm havong the same problem. I lost 2 1/2 stome b4 I got pregnant, put it all back on again during the pregnancy and now can't lose it 9 1/2 months later. Have tried everything it just won't budge am going to spain in 3 weeks so am trying to lose some b4 then

alero81 Thu 14-Apr-05 19:50:46

well that is great that you are going to spain. i am from the U.S. so.. but i am not sure why i can't lose the weight.. i have lost only 3 pounds the entire time.. i have done everything i can think. tomorrow is my 24th birthday. i bought a dress when i was pregnant and thought how cute this would be and well i would have to lose a whole person.. so maybe we can help each other..
good luck ojsmum

ojsmum Sat 16-Apr-05 16:53:58

Have finally lost 5 pounds by being ill and not eating for 3 days. Hopefully it will stay off

alero81 Thu 21-Apr-05 03:53:58

i am not sure how much i have lost but i have not had that much to eat since saturday. the only way i know to lose it.. since how i love food so much is to not eat and if i do measure everything out. the serving size is 8oz for milk and that is all that i drink..
hopefully this will work..
have fun on your trip.

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