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What hobbies can you suggest for losing weight and having fun ??

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mummyloveslucy Thu 29-Jan-09 10:35:33

Hi, I've always had a sporty hobby all my life. I started with ballet from age 3 to 12 then judo, then taekwon-do. I gave up tae kwon-do a year before I became pregnant with my daughter who's nearly 4.
I've always walked long distances when she was in her pushchair,but now she walkes everywhere, I can only walk as far as she can.
I really miss having a hobby, I don't want to go back to something I've done before. What hobbies can you sugget that are good for loosing weight and keeping fit, wals't having fun?

mummyloveslucy Thu 29-Jan-09 11:05:13

Anyone ?

wastingmyeducation Thu 29-Jan-09 11:07:37

Cycling, swimming. You could try a different dance form.

Lizzylou Thu 29-Jan-09 11:10:53

I went to belly dancing once and it was such good fun.
Then my friend stopped going and the class clashed with when DH was out, so stopped.
It was full of women from 25-60yrs having a laugh and feeling very psitive about themselves, very liberating.
I loved the music too grin

mysterymoniker Thu 29-Jan-09 11:17:42

horse riding?

mummyloveslucy Thu 29-Jan-09 11:17:45

belly dancing sounds great fun!!
I could look out for that. It's supposed to help fertility too I think. (could be a double bonus). grin

mummyloveslucy Thu 29-Jan-09 11:20:14

I don't know if horse riding would be much exercise for me?
I used to ride when I was very young, but I was just on a lead reign. I basically just sat there. I was only about 4. grin

cornflakegirl Thu 29-Jan-09 11:23:48

horse riding is loads of exercise - if you do it properly (ie you're not 4!) then you work really hard.

but belly dancing would be loads cheaper, and is great fun. i've done it on and off for 10 years, and love it.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Thu 29-Jan-09 11:36:07


redskyatnight Thu 29-Jan-09 11:40:42


Pick a club that caters for beginners. You can chat while you run, which isn't the case with a lot of sports. I go to my running club for the social aspect first and the running second ...

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