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Hey Mark PT - what do you think about wii fit?

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catMandu Sun 25-Jan-09 22:33:04

For those of us who haven't been doing any exercise at all, is it worth doing?

MarkPT Sun 25-Jan-09 22:38:19

Do you know CatMandu - I don't have an answer!!!! There's a first!!! wink

I have only used a Wii once, and have got to look into this, even if it is just to comment on this post!

I think it is a good idea in principle, at least you are moving, compared to old console games.

I will add this to my list of tasks, and get back to you!! smile

catMandu Sun 25-Jan-09 22:46:55

Great, look forward to hearing what you have to say.

MarkPT Mon 26-Jan-09 08:20:36

Don't hold your breath though I'm off to Australia in a week for all of Feb!

One of my clients has one, and said he built up a sweat onthe boxing!!

Exercise1Girl Fri 13-Feb-09 23:07:47


Get what is called your 'Ranges of Motion' tested by a Physio first, before you get stuck into a wii set up.

It's test of how you move, bend and stretch etc and we're all totally unique in how we perform our daily movement patterns.

Wii can be fun, but if you have a small movement glitch happening,(often without your knowledge) then a full Range test will find it out for you and save you a possible sprain/strain or worse.

It would cost you around £50, but be money well spent, knowing that you're properly physically OK'd for getting stuck in

Incdentally, I'm not a Physio!

chuckieegg2008 Sat 14-Feb-09 09:28:28

i have a wii fit and i've been using it since october and i've lost a stone in weight.
I lose 1-2lbs a week which might not sound like much but at least it something!!
I would recommened it, it makes exercise fun!!

TessoftheD Sat 21-Feb-09 20:43:13

Wii fit or Weightwatchers to drop a size: what do you reckon would be the best investment?

TessoftheD Sat 21-Feb-09 20:44:12

oops - meant to make this a new discussion!

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