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Mumsnet Mamas 2005 Week 12

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Yorkiegirl Fri 01-Apr-05 22:49:09

Message withdrawn

trefusis Fri 01-Apr-05 22:52:53

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Fri 01-Apr-05 22:54:12

Message withdrawn

Loobz Sat 02-Apr-05 11:14:06

I'm off it completely - can't just have a little bit - once I get the taste for it I just want more , and more, and more
Here's to a good week for all of us

RTMTMML Sat 02-Apr-05 11:38:55

off choccie for a week, oh dear Lord!!!!!!!!!!

Demented Sat 02-Apr-05 12:06:38

Oh boy! Does that include choc powder on cappuccinos?

trefusis Sat 02-Apr-05 12:19:42

Message withdrawn

Demented Sat 02-Apr-05 12:36:43

Just not as nice, I can manage without the choc powder but only if we've run out, don't think I could just not put it on (it's only once a day ).

BethAndHerBrood Sat 02-Apr-05 14:48:45

DH and DS have made chocolate crispies this morning!!! How am I supposed to resist them?? My only hope is that DH and the kids eat them all before I give in!!

I'm trying to fight it - wish me luck!!

On a more positive note, I worked out I need to lose 1.5 pounds this week to get my next half stone award at class, so that has spurred me on!!

trefusis Sat 02-Apr-05 15:20:06

Message withdrawn

Loobz Sat 02-Apr-05 21:21:00

I've had a good day today. Walked into town which is about a 50 minute walk and really enjoyed the walk - it's amazing what sunshine does
Am still about climbing the walls with this asthma though - I just cannot get it to settle - at docs on Tuesday though so hopefully get something to settle it down.
Apart from that, feel great - sunshine again - always think it lifts my mood

BethAndHerBrood Sat 02-Apr-05 21:35:16

Have resisted the crispies so far!! Bought some choc flavour mullerlights today, just had one with a banana, it was lovely!! Haven't had the choccie ones before.

You're right about the sunshine Loobz, makes you feel tons better!!

Evesmama Sat 02-Apr-05 21:45:20

i allowed myself not to be weighed this week as it was my b.d and easter rolled into one!!!
shall suffer the repercusions on friday though no doubt

marj Sun 03-Apr-05 16:32:37

Hello everyone! congrats to you all for last week, I said I would restart but failed miserably due to Easter temptation.
I have now scoffed all my eggs and have put ones that ds has left in his cupboard where I will hopefully forget about them!
I am going to do slim fast this week to try and kick start me back into the healthy way and curb my gross over eating.
Wish me luck. I will need it! I am happy to still be lurking on this thread for a bit of moral support. I plan to weigh in the morning and am dreading it as I know I will have put on several pounds. Oh well, things can only get better eh!!

marj Mon 04-Apr-05 09:45:46

OK, I have had my breakfast slim fast shake and it was quite nice! Just have to hope its enough to keep me going. I weighed this morning and have gained 2.5lbs so am actually quite pleased as I was expecting more. Hopefully I can get that off this week.

BethAndHerBrood Mon 04-Apr-05 12:58:16

Good luck with the slimfast, marj!!

Sticking to salad and veggies here!! Really determined this week!! Got my exercise bike mended, and bought one of those things to roll backwards and forwards in front of you, DYKWIM?? Not sure if they're any good, but better than sat on the sofa doing nothing!!!

RTMTMML Mon 04-Apr-05 13:00:13

I think it's working because I'm beginning to fit into my jeans quite nicely and several people have told me that I've lost weight. It's coming off so slowly that I can't see it at all. Failing with the giving up chocolate though. I just ate a chocolate mini roll. It kept calling my name

BethAndHerBrood Mon 04-Apr-05 13:03:19

"calling my name"!!!! LOL!!!!

Put cotton wool in your ears!!!

coppertop Mon 04-Apr-05 13:08:35

Hello everyone. I'm still trying to lose the pound I put on last week. The weather here is awful but I just waterproofed the ds'es and took them out for a walk anyway. They loved splashing in the puddles and I actually got some exercise for a change. Phew!

BethAndHerBrood Tue 05-Apr-05 14:56:03

Right ladies, help me out here! I'm really struggling today and I don't know why. I've been sooooooooooo good since friday, and have actually enjoyed it, but today I could just undo all the good work with biscuits, chocolate, crisps, etc.....

The only "trigger" I can think of is I had a wasted trip to the Dr's this morning with DS, had to be up early, stand and wait for the bus, was horrified how much it cost to go around the corner!!! It's still school holidays here, so i've got both kids at home, and they're doing my head in, but i don't know whether this is a symptom or a cause, IYKWIM.

Sorry for the rant, but at least it's kept me out of the kitchen for 5 minutes!!

trefusis Tue 05-Apr-05 15:07:59

Message withdrawn

BethAndHerBrood Tue 05-Apr-05 15:11:11

I've just had a banana with a chocolate muller!!!!

Couldn't drink a pint of water if you paid me!!!

(well maybe, if you paid me a lot!!!)

trefusis Tue 05-Apr-05 15:12:46

Message withdrawn

BethAndHerBrood Tue 05-Apr-05 15:20:00

They're not that new. Came out a while ago, but I'd never seen them, went into sainsbury's at the weekend (after a MN tip about something else!!) and there they were!! They are not as big as the fruity ones, and packed in sets of six. Apparently, there are new flavours out at the mo', rhubarb crumble, some fancy strawberry flavour, and another one I can't remember!!!

trefusis Tue 05-Apr-05 15:30:21

Message withdrawn

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