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Quick SW question - pitta bread?

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lilibet Tue 29-Mar-05 13:13:47

Why is wholemeal pitta bread not a B choice? Why is it 4 1/2 sins?

Demented Tue 29-Mar-05 13:22:41

I don't know but I would be inclined to cheat and have it as a B choice.

lilibet Tue 29-Mar-05 13:37:09

me too!!

BethAndHerBrood Tue 29-Mar-05 13:50:05

Funnily enough, I was wondering this myself!! I've just had a pitta bread for lunch, and I use it as a b choice. I just make sure I have only one b choice today. I'm sure it works out better than 3 slices of bread and 5 ryvitas, which you could have!!!

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