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Anyone tried hypnosis for weight loss?

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MrsMerryHenry Fri 02-Jan-09 20:30:21

Not the pricey, pay-per-session stuff. No, I'm after a cheapskate buy-it-off-Amazon version. Can anyone recommend a book/CD? Only need to lose about a stone.


MrsMerryHenry Fri 02-Jan-09 21:04:42

Anyone? Somebody please tell me I don't have to actually work to shift this extra weight!!

Eve34 Fri 02-Jan-09 21:34:29

Afriad you might. I had 2 sessions, first one was great, didn't want to eat anything I shouldn't, but after the second session is soon wore off.

Paul meckena (sp) is doing a TV show on monday evening which I plan to watch and live in hope

Good luck x

MrsMerryHenry Tue 06-Jan-09 22:19:42

Damn! you mean I have to work?

I can't bear Paul McK so won't be watching that.

I wonder if I back-to-back dubbed Radio 4 recordings of Mark Lawson and Robert Peston, would their voices hypnotise me sufficiently to do the trick?

sweetheart Wed 07-Jan-09 15:02:26

I am following Paul McKenna at the moment and have to say I found his cd very good when I used it before.

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