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Pedometer Club 2005 - week 12

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MadameButterfly Mon 28-Mar-05 11:52:12

Hi all

Results for week ending Friday 11th March are:

Madame Butterfly: 72,169Earlybird: 23,022
Well done everyone.

Anyone else that wants to join is is more than welcome to.

Just count your steps from Saturday morning to Friday night and either post your results on the new thread that is started each Monday or email them to janreid2003 at yahoo dot co dot uk.

I won't be around on Monday next week to post results. If anyone wants to start a new thread on monday please fell free to do so. Otherwise I am afraid you will be waiting untit Tuesday for me to do it.

coppertop Mon 28-Mar-05 13:19:06

This week I beat my target by a whole 27 steps which gives me a total of 50,027 steps.


Dingle Mon 28-Mar-05 13:49:38

Lost my post-it note!

Wasn't much to shout about anyway It was 46,???.

Posey Mon 28-Mar-05 20:44:20

Sorry I didn't send my total in. Was away at my mum's.
Anyway I did 74,316.
only managed so much because I specifically go out for these long walks, otherwise I would be regularly around the 45-50,000. I reckon thats pretty active.
Not sure how we'll get on this week as its holidays but dh is at work so won't be getting much in the way of long walks.

Well done to everyone again!

Posey Wed 30-Mar-05 20:57:08

How's everyone getting on this week?

Not so good here as dd off school and ds unwell so doing less than normal day-to-day stuff never mind trying to fit a big walk in.
So far this week just 34291.

Ah well, dd going out with a friend tomorrow and dh home so think I'll take myself off for a brisk walk.

Tommy Wed 30-Mar-05 21:28:06

54,603 for me last week - I thought I'd done quite well but I really only had 1 very good day and a couple of other OK days. This week I haven't even bothered as I know it's going to be really low - like Monday - got up, went in car to MIL's, sat down, made short journeys to toilet a few times and dining room twice, got in car, came home, went to bed. And I've eaten loads so not doing very well at all

Earlybird Wed 30-Mar-05 21:41:58

My poor week last week was down to dd being quite ill. We barely left the flat, so my total was awful. Thankfully dd is well now, but it's half term! Without the enforced discipline of the walk to school every weekday, my total probably won't look very good for the next few weeks.

coppertop Wed 30-Mar-05 22:24:37

My total for this week is going to be pretty bad. Ds1 has been refusing to go out of the house and saying that he's too tired. I think he's still getting over the virus he had a couple of weeks ago. Today was my first trip out of the house for days. I've only done 23,000 steps so far this week.

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