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Can someone help me get started?

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ionesmum Mon 28-Mar-05 11:32:38

After a horrible incident yesterday I have realised I need to shift my post-baby weight. But I don't know where to start! I need to find a diet plan - pref. on-line- that allows for the fact I'm still bfeeding, and that is really easy to use as I'm not getting a lot of sleep. I also need an exercise video to use for a while before I take up running.

Thanks in anticipation!

Yorkiegirl Mon 28-Mar-05 11:36:24

Message withdrawn

ionesmum Mon 28-Mar-05 14:53:41

Thank you!

vict17 Mon 28-Mar-05 14:58:09

I have found the Dance with Helen (previous Big Brother contestant) very easy and effective in the past. Hope you are okay after yesterday's incident

ionesmum Mon 28-Mar-05 15:03:24

Thanks . Yes, I'm fine, it was just a wake-up call and could have been a lot worse. And no-one was nasty to me, it was just one of those self-inflicted incidents that happen!

vict17 Mon 28-Mar-05 15:05:21

Sometimes you need something to happen to get you motivated!! Why don't you start trying to cut down on all unhealthy snacks and just eat fruit in between meals. Also cut down on takeaways and alcohol if possible (the last bit is very hard for me and we've got tons of Easter egg chocolate here)

Demented Mon 28-Mar-05 15:07:52

Just wanted to second YG's SW recommendation. The plan is very generous, you can eat loads which helps if you have a big appetite with the b/feeding (I know I always did ).

ionesmum Mon 28-Mar-05 19:14:56

Thanks again for the tips. I have an enormous appetite, what with bf and not sleeping, I need to keep going during the night too - and dd2 is 12 mo!. Generally I'm not a chocolate fan but at the moment I'm eating tons of the stuff as it seems to give me some energy.

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