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What diet are you going to do in the New Year? Need inspiration please

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VinoEsmeralda Mon 29-Dec-08 18:20:43

Time to shift the extra pounds/kg that have crept on in 2008. Roughly need to loose a stone/stone and a half but more importantly need to tone up a bit as seem to have gone very flabby.

Dont like Weight Watchers and really need a group thing to get me going as have never managed to stick to a diet all by myself blush

So what are you going to do?

Wintersun Mon 29-Dec-08 18:50:44

See the link in the thread below 'I have found an excellent diet website'

Theres tonnes to choose from.

I'm going to do the Rosemary Conley low gi one although the Nut and Muesli one sounds fab (and you can lose up to 7lbs in 1 week).
Hmmm decisions.

DivaSkyChick Tue 30-Dec-08 00:06:12

I'm doing the Juice Master 7 lbs in 7 Days detox diet. I've done it before and it was awesome. I lost the seven pounds and kept them off until the holidays when I went a little crazy. I think it's because I knew I could drop the weight right back off again once I had a mind to.

Read the thread if you're curious. Lots of us have had success and come on, you can do anything for seven days, right?

spookycharlotte121 Tue 30-Dec-08 00:09:27

Im going to try a low cal healthy eating plan and gradually increase my cal intake. On top of this im going to do exercise hopefully everyday, fitness dvd for 20 mins and want to lose 2 stone. I hope to lose 2lbs a week and look good for the summer. I am starting in the morning.

One tip i would say that works for me is to meal plan, that way your not left wondering what to cook and if possible precook food so you just have to re-heat it at meal times, that way you wont say oh i cant be arsed tonight and end up getting a takeaway. Keep ;lots of healthy snacks to hand too.

Good luck! Keep us posted on how your doing.

CeceliaAhern Tue 30-Dec-08 00:17:27

Closer diets

VinoEsmeralda Tue 30-Dec-08 13:39:41

I think I am with Spookycharlotte (hows forst day?), 1200 calorie healthy eating plus more exercise. Will make sure to play at least twice a week a game of squash and cycle more instead of taking the car. Also as off today no more alcohol for at least a month shock

Think for me it is more a life style change more then loosing weight IYSWIM

Starting tomorrow too, going to make a load of soups which is always a good filler.

Would love to do a proper detox but with two small DC might be difficult to do this for a month?

OrmIrian Tue 30-Dec-08 13:42:22

I am ashamed to say that I have eaten so much over Christmas that I am going to have to do some sort of diet even though I swore I never would again. Even running hasn't been able to make headway against the torrents of food I'ev been putting away.

So.. . I will keep up the running as usual. But I will also start my personal version of Atkins that allows some complex carbs but cuts out the sugary starchy foods that are my downfall.

oggsfrog Wed 31-Dec-08 09:40:27


I'm in exactly the same situation I was 3 years ago having lost and gained the same 3 stone many times in between.

In that time I've tried 3 or 4 diets and the only 2 that really worked are low carb/Atkiins and the Cambridge diet. I can't afford the Cambridge diet again which is a shame as the results are fantastic, so looks like I'm back to low carbing. Again.

Will be hopping back on the wagon on Jan 5th.

<waves to Orm>

ClausImWorthIt Wed 31-Dec-08 09:48:53

As well as dealing with the Christmas excesses (and the summer holiday excesses that were never dealt with blush), I will be 50 in 2009.

I really don't want to be 'fat and fifty', so am determined to get to my target of 9 stone, which I have singularly failed to do over the last 5 years. The nearest I got to it was 9 stone 3, about 2 years ago - and then I was so pleased with myself I promptly started to eat all the wrong stuff again angry.

However, I'm not sure what to do. Although I know that low carbing works for me, and it's an easy to eat way of life, I have had to come to terms with the fact that I do feel deprived not being able to eat potatoes, bread and pasta (rice I'm not bothered about really).

So I think it's going to have to be some kind of calorie counted plan for me, in which I can include all food types.

And I'm going to sign up with a personal trainer. Neither of my DC goes to the gym with me any more, so I have cancelled their membership and will use the savings to pay for it. I think the gym offers a fitness and weight loss programme, which I shall also investigate.

And giving up alcohol will have to come into it somewhere ...

oggsfrog Wed 31-Dec-08 09:53:56

Ah yes, the dreaded alcohol blush.

One of my aims for 2009 is to drastically cut down on booze.

I once did an elimination diet, cutting out wheat, sugar, dairy and potatoes. It worked well and meant I could still eat glass noodles, rice etc which satisfied my need for starchy stuff. I swapped cows milk for goats/soya milk.

Will be having a serious think over the next couple of days. I want/need to lose 4 stone.

ilovelovemydog Wed 31-Dec-08 09:54:24

A personal trainer is really worth it...

I had 3 free sessions as part of the gym membership (and only marginally more expensive when we converted DP's single membership into a family one)

He gave me a realistic program and did all sorts of measuring; not just height, weight, blood pressure, but my metabolic age blush

But a structured excercise program is a must for me... (got vouchers for the creche for Christmas, so no excuse!)

Also, I find that when I exercise, I don't comfort eat... (as much...)

OrmIrian Wed 31-Dec-08 10:09:03

Exercise is vital for me too. It lifts my mood and tones everthing up. Running took me down to a size 10/12 from a 14 18m ago. I spent ages dieting and althought I started at 16 and go to 14, that was it! I couldn't shift any more. However I do need to modify my eating habits again for a while.

Hi oggs!

VinoEsmeralda Wed 31-Dec-08 15:35:15

Been to Borders yesterday (spent my vouchers as the rumour has it they are cloae to administration) and there were loads of diet books and had a good read through all and thought the GL Holford diet was good so bought those books and will start that diet (seems more of a healthy way of eating which is what I am after)once having read them and in the meantime no crips, alcohol and sweets/chocolate.

Agree excercise is vital - good for the feel good factor!

Lilliput Wed 31-Dec-08 15:47:55

back to running for me. Where did you hear about Borders being close to administration?

VinoEsmeralda Wed 31-Dec-08 17:17:13

Lilliput a friend told me she heard it plus read it on here too. Hope they are wrong as love Borders.

Running is not for me only if it has a purpose, i.e. a game of squash

MollieO Thu 01-Jan-09 11:01:16

I'm going to do this one qid=1230807450&sr=1-1

It has a website too

It is a tweeked Atkins but I found that it really worked. This book includes recipes but there is a separate recipe book too and lots of other ideas on the website.

Also need to do some exercise to make it all worthwhile! Used to enjoy running but think it will take a while to build up to a reasonable distance again. I would like this new year to be the last new year that dieting is on my list of resolutions smile

VinoEsmeralda Thu 01-Jan-09 20:29:49

MollieO I am going to aim for that too (last year on NYR).

ok so I am ready for a start on the Holford GL diet on Saturday, Tesco will deliver big shop tomorrow and get some more from Holland and Barrtt tomorrow and all ready to go!

stillenacht Thu 01-Jan-09 20:33:06

Am gonna start with 1500 cal a day ( have 4 stone to lose at least) and go gym/swimming 3/4 times a week (attempt to burn off 300-500 cals each time)

Have done this diet b4 and know it works

When i am down to 12 stone will go to 1250

When i am down to 11 stone will go to 1000

Fun times ahead wink

pipsqueak Sun 04-Jan-09 14:54:38

I am going to have a go at the india knihgt idiot prrof idet which i thin kis basically low carb - frind from work has had great success with this and as i ten ot overeat on carbs an find it hard to limit them i think it will suit me to avoid altogether iyswim. how did you find it mollieO? have about 4 stone to lose btw! eek !

pipsqueak Sun 04-Jan-09 22:51:45

anyone tried it?

Ewe Sun 04-Jan-09 23:18:46

I have about 3 stone to lose, am going to be low carbing (none after 5pm and it will only make up a small proportion of my lunch) and doing the Davina DVD everyday.

Did it this evening and it was really exhausting, feel better already and even managed to say no the choc trifle that DP offered me.

OneLieIn Sun 04-Jan-09 23:28:27

Am doing the Atkins, day 4 and starting to feel better. Day 2 and 3 were awful. Low carb really works for me - it really did after DC1 and I dropped 2 stone.

But my God, I could scoff a whole bar of Galaxy if I had one right now.

(repeating mantra, nothing tastes as good as looking good feels, repeat mantra.....)

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