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how to go on atkins diet??

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hazlinh Fri 25-Mar-05 02:45:02

have decided to embark on atkins diet today in sudden rush of enthusiasm in the hope of losing AT THE VERY LEAST 5lbs in two that unreasonable??lol

so can anyone help me out on my new regime? what do i eat? and what are no-nos? what shud i eat for lunch tdoay? is a roast chicken and salad and fruit ok? what do i eat for brekkie?

pineneedle Fri 25-Mar-05 02:54:27

well, fancy that, i never realised you were allowed to eat salad on Atkins, but you are right, according to the website you can have some every day. I have never tried it... I guess Easter Eggs would be off limits

ghosty Fri 25-Mar-05 05:30:10

I don't think you are allowed fruit on the atkins diet are you? Too much sugar (ie carbs) ... but I may be wrong.

hazlinh Fri 25-Mar-05 05:53:46

yep, no fruit allowed for the first two weeks. just googled atkins and found that out.die! i luuuuv fruit...sigh

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