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Cereal diet anyone?

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DixiExpat Thu 24-Mar-05 21:10:18

I weigh 127lb and am 5ft 10.
I really want to lose 2 1/2 inches from my waist line...I have cut sugar our of my tea a month ago and have been using splenda,I really like it now that I am used to the taste. I have been very seriously considering the "Special K:lose a dress size in 2 wks". I think if I replace breky and lunch with the flakes for 2 weeks and still walk and do crunches and lunges...that it will hopefully work. I weighed 120lb before I got preggers with my daughter.Its not so much that I want to lose weight, I just want to tighten and tone and lose a couple inches at the waist.My anniversary is next month and I want to be gorgeous. Has anyone else tried this or is anyone else interested in doing it with me?

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