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You Are What You Eat - Anyone following it?

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fairycakes Wed 23-Mar-05 21:33:22

If so, how is it going? how much weight have you lost? any advice? how easy is it?!


Dior Wed 23-Mar-05 21:39:06

Message withdrawn

fairycakes Wed 23-Mar-05 21:43:43

Oh no, i knew you would find me out Dior!!

Dior Wed 23-Mar-05 21:49:02

Message withdrawn

sansouci Wed 23-Mar-05 21:51:35


fairycakes Wed 23-Mar-05 21:52:35

No, but I dont think i would cope on it, but maybe i will. I was just wondering about You Are What You Eat becuase if i am honest, on WW i use the eat-what-you-want-within-your-points philosophy a bit too seriously, and spend most of my points on chocolate, i thought i could do with a complete detox 9i also eat a lot of ready meals, not good for you!)

Dior Wed 23-Mar-05 22:24:33

Message withdrawn

sansouci Wed 23-Mar-05 23:09:58

I love WW too but am frequently overdrawn on the points front, just like at the bank in RL!

fairycakes Wed 23-Mar-05 23:11:28

Dior, you are a hardcore weight watcher! you should definitely be a leader! hows that going by the way?

Sansouci - that is exactly like me!!

fairycakes Wed 23-Mar-05 23:12:12

why are you an enourmous chocoalte easter bunny? just noticed that post!!

sansouci Wed 23-Mar-05 23:19:25

Because if I was what I actually ate ATM, I would be an enormous chocolate easter bunny!

sansouci Wed 23-Mar-05 23:19:46

With the ears broken off.

fairycakes Thu 24-Mar-05 10:35:47

mmm...chocoalte bunnies......

ThomCat Thu 24-Mar-05 10:41:06

I'm not 'following' anythig but have the book and since reading it have gone out, bught,& consjumed:
nettle tea (great for loads of reasons inc losing weight)
pumpkin seeds foir snacking on
Carrot and apple juice (juiced at home)
the cumber delight drink (ewwwww, nasty but did it)

Will also get into into sprouts (as in seeds that have sprouted)

As far as I know this book isn't something you follow as such, she just suggests different foods, seeds etc. So if you have, say pim,ples on your arms she suggests foods to rid you of these pimples. If you have red eyes she suggests foods to rid you of this.

It's an interesting book with some good little tips.
She is bringing out a receipe book at a later date (unless it's already out and I don't know about it?)

fairycakes Thu 24-Mar-05 10:42:51

i have got her book, and am just off to the shops now to get the recipe book, think it came out a week or so ago.

did you lose weight?

thanks for replying, i was beginning to think on-one would.....!! he he

fairycakes Thu 24-Mar-05 10:45:15

ps Thomcat - what does nettle tea taste like? is it as bad as it sounds? I am not a tea drinker (or coffee) and have never had herbal teas as i have never fancied themm.

ThomCat Thu 24-Mar-05 10:51:05

Do you know what, I hate herbel teas. I used to drink strong builder tea (!) with 3 sugars !!!
Now I have tea with 1 sweetner (all in the last month) and surprised myslef with the neetle tea. It's really nit that bad, it's drinkable and refreshing.

Ohhh, so her cook book is out. Going onto Amazon now.

have you got the Food doctor book, that's good, he talks to you about the right & wrong foods and has loads of really nice, v, v easy receipes to follow.

And I also bought low carb meal in minuts book that's good too.

kama Thu 24-Mar-05 10:55:23

Message withdrawn

ThomCat Thu 24-Mar-05 13:40:00

I don't mind doing it but am at work so no book here and am out tonight so will take a while, bump this thread on Friday morning and remind me.

Dahlia Thu 24-Mar-05 14:23:35

fairycakes, I got the book and followed alot of it for about 5 weeks as I needed to lose weight quite quickly - I looked and felt really good, lost about 8lbs, but toned up, felt fitter, more energy etc etc. The only downside, and one that I couldn't fathom, was (and its a bit gross, sorry) the old number twos went from being nice and normal to rather hideous. According to her it should be the other way round! I still follow some of it, eat lots of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, have warm lemon juice in the morning, only lightly steam veg, cut right back on processed stuff etc etc.

Katya Thu 24-Mar-05 18:08:28

I'm learning loads from the YRWYE books, and have porridge with seeds, yog and blueberries most days, just got a juicer and generally am eating a lot better, and feel better too,

I'm following my own plan, it's like WW No COunt but don't even count 'treats' just am sensible: GI aware, no wheat and healthy as poss, and thus far have lost 5½ stones.

ThomCat Thu 24-Mar-05 19:02:04

5 and a half stone Kayya, blimey that's amazing. How long did that take you?

Dior Thu 24-Mar-05 19:17:52

Message withdrawn

fairycakes Thu 24-Mar-05 19:59:11

i think i like the sound of the katya plan - tell us more!

you know about having porridge in the morning, does oat-so-simple count or does it have to be that quinoa stuff? also is it ok to make it with cows milk as she says you should try to avoid it.

bought the cook book today - looks quite good, although a bit dissapointed that she says at the beginning that not all of them follow food combining - and it is taking mee too long to work out which ones do!

i am confused!

fairycakes Thu 24-Mar-05 20:57:04


7.00am Good morning exercise
7.15am 1 cup warm water with squeeze of lemon
1 cup nettle tea
7.30am 30 min brisk walk
8.15am large punnet of blueberries, mix with some reaspberries
10.15am 1 cupful steamed (for 2 mins) almonds
3 stalks of celery
12.00pm fast 20 min walk
12.30pm tuna fish on bed of spinach
6 cherry tomatos
heap spinach leaves
handful of dill herb sprinkled over
squeeze of lemon/dash of orange
3pm steamed almonds
1 whole raw pepper
6.00pm dance to loud music for 20minutes
6.30pm small veggie juice;
1 cucumber 1 celery stalk
miso soup with tofu and scallions
organic turkey/chicken with steamed carrots and brocolli & tbsp miso soup to moisten meat
big handful mung bean sprouts and herbel leaves

8.30-9pm goodnight exercise
9.00pm fresh raw peaches

DAY 2;

7.00 good morning exercise
7.15am warm water with lemon
dandilion tea
7.30 brisk 30 min walk
8.15 1 bowl anytype melon/pineapple
bowl quinoa porridge
10.15 pumpkin seeds
one or more cucumber with skin left on
12 gfast 20 min walk
12.30 1 or 2 whole soft ripe avocados sliced on a bed of leftoverquinoa porridge from the morning. decorate with pumpkin seeds and 1tbsp flax seeds and serve with heaped handful of raw or slightly steamed green beans
3pm 1 or more whle raw yellow peppers
6pm dance 20 mins
6.30 aduki bean casserole with squash and yams, add alfalfa sprouts when you serve. serve with millet mash and onion gravy, make extra for tomorrow
8.30 goodnight exercise
9.00 handful raw hazelnuts. soak for a couple of hours fist to make easier to digest


7.00 good morning exercise
7.15 wamr water with lemon
1 cup fennel tea
7.30 brisk 30 min walk
8.15 belnd one mango 1 peach 1 banana pour over punnet of raspberries
0.15 handful brazil nuts
12 fast 20 min walk
12.30 haricot bean salad or aduki bean casserole serve on bed dark green leafy veg
3pm small container cherry tomatos
1 chopped fennel
6pm dance 20 min
6.30 lemon sole (or any fresh fish) with stemaed florets of brocolli carrots and basil serve with raw mange touts
8.30 goodnight exercise
9pm 1 or more apples


7.15 warm water with lemon
nettel tea
7.30 jump up and down on your trampette (who has one of those?!!) for 15-20mins or go for brisk walk
8.15 big bunch grapes
8.45 bowl of porridge oats
10.15 handful of red grapes or cherries
12 brisk 15 min walk
12.30 brocolli soup with beet salad made with chicory avocado celery stalks clover sprouts lettuce mustard leaves and rdishes. sprinkle with 2 tsp of sesame seeds and a squeeze of lemon and few drops of wheat-free tamari sauce
3pm bowl raw sauerkraut sprinkled with sunflower or flax seeds
6pm dance 20 mins
6.30 mung bean casserole with gourmet brown rice. serv on salad leaf bed with handful clover sprouts
8.30 goodnight exercise
9pm a few whole dates


7.00 good morning exercise
7.15 warm water with lemon
1 cup dandelion tea
7.30 brisk 30 min walk
8.00 fruit salad - fresh peaches pears & strawberries with mint leaves
8.30 bwol of barley in miso broth
10.15 2 or more carrots
12 brisk 20 min walk
12.30 squash and sweet potato soup, chickpea chicory and fennel salad served with generous poriotn of lightly steamed beans and alfalfa sprouts thin sliced carrot to garnish.
3pm 1 or more whole cucumbers
6.00 jump up and town on trampette to music 20 min
6.30 veggie sushi rolls with handful sprouted clover and sunflower seeds. serve with suaerkraut
8.30 goodnight exercise
9.00 celery sticks in avocado sauce


7.00 good morning exrcise
7.15 warm water with lemon
1 cup fennel tea
7.30 brisk 30 min walk
8.00 celery cucumber and carrot jiuce
8.30 bowl quinoa porridge
10.15 punnet bluberries
12.00 brisk 20 min wlak
12.30 hearty lentil stew with bean sprouts
3.00 2 raw carrots
1 whole yellow pepper
6.00 skipping rope 10 minutes
jump up and down on trampette for 10 minutes
6.30 marinated baked wild salom with vitality salad
8.30 goodnight exercise
9.00 beansprouts and celery sticks with vegetable dip


7.00 good mornign exercise
7.30 warm water with lemon
8.00 brisk 30 min walk
8.30 1 punnet strwbs, 1 banana, - blend until smooth add 1tbsp whole blueberries and 3 tsp dr gillians living food energy powder
10.15 veggie jiuce;
1 cucumber, 4 celery sticks, 1/2 apple, few sprigs of mint, dill or basil, plus 1tsp of spirulina mixed in.
12 vigourous 20 min walk
12.30 turnip and leek soup sprinkled with sprouted seeds and raw parlsey
1.30 veggie jiuce - cucmber medley
3.00 veggie juice - 1 cucmber, 4 celery stalks, 1/2 beet and small piece of ginger
6.00 gentle exercise. walk 30 mins
6.30 lots of chicory leaves filled with tabouleh. garnish with brazil nuts
9pm 2 or more pears

hope that helps, sorry about punctuation/spelling - suddenbly realised the time when was writing! maybe someone else can type out the recipes?!!

let us know if you follow it (and also if you have a trampette?!!)

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