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Atkins - what and what not to eat

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golds Sun 20-Mar-05 19:31:28

I know many people don't think the Atkins diet is the best diet to go on, but I wanted to give it a go.

Can anyone please advise me of the basic rules of what to eat and what not.

I know that you can't eat - pasta, bread, potatoes, but thats about it.

Any help will be gratefully received

swiperfox Sun 20-Mar-05 20:16:47

Hiya - me and dp did atkins last year and it was brill!! I wrote down a less complicated diet sheet of the basics so i'm just off to find it for you

swiperfox Sun 20-Mar-05 20:32:38

ok here are the basic rules that we stuck to....

No more than 20g of carbs per day - most of which must come from salad greens and other veg.

DO NOT EAT: Fruit, bread, pasta, grains, starch veg, dairy (other than cream, cheese or butter), nuts, seeds, chick peas, kidney beans and other legumes.

YOU LIVE ON: All meats. All fish. All fowl. All eggs. 3-4oz daily of cheddar cheese (or cream cheese, gouda, mozzarella or blues) 8-12oz daily salad greens; alfalfa, bok choy, chicory, chives, cucumber, fennel, lambs lettuce, mushrooms, parsley, peppers, radishes, rocket, sorrel.

If salad does not exceed 8oz then you can also add 5-7oz of; artichoke, asparagus, aubergine, beansprouts, broccoli, brussels, cabbage, cauliflower, celery root, courgettes, french beans, kale, leeks, mange tout peas, okra, tomato, turnip, onion, pumpkin, spring onion, spinach.

Salad garnishes: crispy bacon bits, cheese, minced hard boiled egg, sauteed mushrooms, sour cream.

dressings; oil & vinegar (not balsamic) lemon juice and herbs

If you are still awake and you want any easy meal ideas give me a shout!!!!!

golds Mon 21-Mar-05 07:14:34

wow, thanks for that. So will I be ok, say having a piece of chicken, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and cheese for one meal ??

How much did you lose, and have you been able to keep it off. I have just taken my measurements and am really excited about starting it, I hope it works for me and I don't mix my foods wrong. Wish me luck

misdee Mon 21-Mar-05 07:28:15

do u want a book? can sell it to you for £3 plus p+p.

skerriesmum Mon 21-Mar-05 08:21:18

Atkins sounds great for the first couple weeks but it's not really sustainable. You lose weight nearly as fast on the GI Diet but you can have fruit and more veg so it's more "normal", and it's one of the few "fashion" diets that's nutritionist-approved.

swiperfox Mon 21-Mar-05 08:28:49

Hiya - dp lost 3 stone in as many months and did really well on it and has managed to keep it off but you have to minimise carbs if you can. During the first two weeks you cant let anything from the 'do not eat' list pass your lips or you have to start again!
We basically made every meal with a bag of ready made salad - chicken and cheese is fine
We also had things like steak, salmon/tuna mixed up with mayo (has to be full fat - no reduced fat stuff allowed!!) If you want i can make you up a list of simple meals - oh the other thing is if you find yourself missing potato, cook some cauliflower and mash it up - just the same as mashed potato!

golds Mon 21-Mar-05 09:37:25

Simple meal plans would be great - thank you.

I'm struggling already not knowing what to have for my breakfast this morning.

swiperfox Sat 09-Apr-05 20:46:31

Hiya - sorry i lost this thread for a while!! Sorry i didnt get back to you- how is it going? Are you managing to do it? I have started Atkins today - going for the strict 2 weeks and a fast walk/jog every morning - not going to be easy!!!

hazlinh Mon 11-Apr-05 05:10:46

i did atkins for about 5 days but had to give up after developed dizzy spells, headaches and mood swings!! LOL

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