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Which sliming clubs would you recommend????????

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onlineid Thu 17-Mar-05 20:39:51

Message withdrawn

anniebear Thu 17-Mar-05 21:13:44

I have done both WW and SW.

I found WW to be a lot easier, you could just put ready meals in the microwave. And because I like lots of 'nice' snacks (ie not fruit!!!!!!) It worked for me. You could get lovely choccie cookies, still have chip shop chips etc!! But I found I didn't eat healthy and substituted lots of meals for junk food!!

Why have a piece of fruit when you could have a cookie instead!!

Though I lost 4 and a half stone on WW, quite quickly.

But.........I am a comfort eater, needed comforting and put 2st back on!!! I am now having a go of SW!!

On SW you can't have much Chocolate, wine etc, chip shops dinners are out unless you save days of sins! But.....

You can have lots of free food, inc lots of fruit. For me, I find this a lot healthier. And can snack whenever on free food, although you do tend you have a dislike for pasta n sauces after a while!!

Hope that has helped a little!!

Do you have a friend that goes anywhere? It is always a good incentive to go with somebody so you HAVE to go each week!!!

Good luck

onlineid Thu 17-Mar-05 22:39:14

Message withdrawn

anniebear Fri 18-Mar-05 07:30:30

you can do WW and not have to eat ready meals though!

Up to you. On WW you can pretty much eat what I would say is normal food and it fits in with the family.

I dont really think SW is a normal way of eating, not for life anyway (but, hey, who said anything about life!!!! can't go to long without Choccie!!!)

Think it is just what suits you. My friend lost 5st on SW and my Sister and Ilost between 4 and 5st each on WW.

They both work, its just finding out with suits you

Dior Fri 18-Mar-05 19:48:18

Message withdrawn

Babyannabel Fri 18-Mar-05 19:50:27

WW for me too. Have lost 20lbs in a month! Lots of exercise involved though but quick results. Good luck - you can do it whatever way you choose.

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