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The 5 Stone Plus Club - The Battle of Christmas (and beyond!). Come in! We're friendly!

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RGPargy Wed 19-Nov-08 15:57:15

New thread here ladies as the last one as getting a bit mahoosive!!

The old thread is HERE should you need it!

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educatingRia Wed 19-Nov-08 16:03:58

unlike usgrin

RGPargy Wed 19-Nov-08 16:07:34

Exactly Ria!!

We're shrinking as fast as these threads grow, eh?!

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jaz236 Wed 19-Nov-08 18:02:05

hey ive found u all - not on here alot as hubbie got made redundant so hes on the bloody net now.

my polish friend gave me this slimming tea so im trying that now!!!

oh and did i say ds is in primambaby this month well dec's issue hes on the page where babies are born under the sign of saggitarius - and he won a fisher price toy this has come at a good time as there are no jobs at the mo for hubbie - so its not good!

educatingRia Wed 19-Nov-08 18:52:38

sad jaz. not good atm is it, and a bloody awful time of year for it toosad what industry is he in?

the walk was 20 mins each way, so the equivalent of the DVD time-wise. (and that hill is bloody steep).

what is slimming tea?

RGPargy Wed 19-Nov-08 21:05:34

Well done on DS being a model Jaz! What's Primambaby??? Sorry about your DH's job sitch. What a pain for you all! Hope he finds something very soon.

Ria - Well done on the walk. 20 mins up a steep hill is probably enough to make me keel over!! shock

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educatingRia Wed 19-Nov-08 22:32:20

made DS1 a bacan sarnie to have with his homemade soup earlierenvy. I have already swapped a glass of wine for 2 rashers of bacon so I could have one for lunch. Am pleased to say I resistedsmile

educatingRia Wed 19-Nov-08 22:34:12

I wasn't far off RG, we were running late so I was going quite fast too.

Didn't get any studying done though, I fell asleep putting the boys to bedblush, obviously not ready to be an exercise junky yetwink

educatingRia Thu 20-Nov-08 09:33:20

Hungry today. Trying to hold off getting weighed until Sunday too, but I want to know how I'm doingwink

It's really cold and I want toast!

theirmum Thu 20-Nov-08 11:15:37

Hi all would I be able to join you? I had my DS 6 months ago and have some how managed to gain 3 stone since then hmm I am now a massive 23 stone I did so well in my PG not putting any weight on and being good but I dont know why I have just pigged out over the last 4 months! I am joining the wight watchers thread and have all the crap books etc but would like to be where people dont need to lose 8lns for there holiday!

I have never been "thin" i used to be 15 stone and a size 16 should say I am 5'10 and a size 26 now I just feel really fat now and a few weeks ago at Chessington I had to get off one of the rides because I was too big i have crap willpower and cant resist sweets cakes crisps all the stuff I shouldnt eat and I know i shouldnt eat! so I am starting now before I put on anymore weight (I was 24 1/2 stone at my biggest but lost 5 stone last year on the cambridge diet before I got PG)

So thats me hope its ok for me to join your gang

educatingRia Thu 20-Nov-08 11:46:18

hi theirmumsmile

we always welcome new fighterssmile. hope you stick around.

You sound a little like me. I am around a 24 now, but am aiming for approx 13 stone and a size 16/18 as I am of big build and would look ridiculous at a size 12(I imaginehmm). I am clinging on to how I felt on Friday night when I went out (uncomfortable because I don't like going out anyway, but worse because I felt I looked awful. I may always be the "poor relation" but I don't always have to be the fat one!) as motivation.

Have to go to work now (school dinner supervisorblush) and have just had an apple to keep me goinghmm

RG - just noticed the full thread titleblush - love it!smile

pink - how are you today?

RGPargy Thu 20-Nov-08 17:29:04

Hi Theirmum - welcome!

Sorry you had an embarrassing "incident" a Chessington. I feel for you! I would like to fit (comfortably) in an aeroplane seat and also would like to sit on those plastic patio chairs without my hips hanging out the sides and without the legs wobbling precariously when i make the slightest move! blush Your DC are lovely! So cute! BTW, in the pic of your pg tum, is that your nipple or your elbow i can see?!!! haha!!

I'm awful with resisting any type of food - mainly sweet stuff tho. I think at the moment the hardest thing for me to resist is a glass of wine..... or two.... blush

Hope we can inspire you and encourage you enough that you'll want to stick around - even if you're having a bad time of it. We're all here as one very large broad shouldered family. wink

Ria - Glad you like the thread title!

Where's pink lately? hmm

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educatingRia Thu 20-Nov-08 21:26:35

Whoops. I have ended up with a "flexi syn" day today. serves me right for having toast for brekkie.

I did manange to stop myself wrestling small children to the ground for the contents of their lunchboxeswink, but I had to have a white bread bacon sarnie when I got back, which I didn't enjoy ater the first bite, but ate anyway. M tea (pasta bake) was fairly SW friendly, and I didn't have much garlic bread. But I have had a few more choccies than I should have (not the whole box though -yetwink) and am going to have a couple of glasses of wine and some nibbles. No exercise either.

I think wine tempts me more than most foods too RG. I think it's because it's an "adult" treat iyswim? Buto f course, once I've had a couple (or more) I find it hard to resist most things!

Pink, are you OK?

theirmum Fri 21-Nov-08 00:10:56

lol god no even though I am a big girl god blessed me with a size B bust an A if I am at my fighting weight! make me laugh it does look like I have massive boobs and thats my nip oh god I hope everyone else dont think that and just havent said anything hay ho

Well I have had a good day stuck the diet (had a migraine most of it so was sick twice that helped lol) I know how you feel about the chair and airoplane seat my sister moved to Dubia in June and I want to visit her in the summer I have the money its my arse thats holding me back!

RGPargy Fri 21-Nov-08 22:31:48

lol theirmum. I'm sure people's minds aren't as warped as mine!! wink

Where is everyone today?

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educatingRia Fri 21-Nov-08 22:56:14

off being bad RGblush

and just now watching Tony Hadley and thinking "hmm"

jaz236 Sat 22-Nov-08 10:35:58

this thread is going back to front on here im confused - im backa again but for how long i dont know as hubbie is on here all the time - bohooooooooooooo!!

well im on this tea diet and ive lost a few poubnds can u believe it, although it may have something to do with all the walking ive been doing recently -in the countdwon to babies birthday next sunday!

i bought this dress from dotty p's ages ago its a size bloody 18, but if i try on clothes from flop shop or primark or anywhere else im a 14 - or anything else form dotty p's how bizarre!!

hope everyones ok, rg hope ur still doing the gym my dear x
ria hope u are well, and pink keep it up with the fatloss and hello mum x

PinkChick Mon 24-Nov-08 10:19:55

Hi Girls, sorry not ben on..dd not been well and ive practically lost my voicehmm..dp thinks is not such a bad thing!
Had a big talk with dp about how crap i feel at minute that im not 'into' it, the stronger tabs arent working, i feel hungry a lot of the time and feel really fed up with skin is all saggy and i have no inclination to excersize/tone up..dont know why i feel like this?...but yesterday, i felt a little better, didnt eat a lot and eat better than had been and today i feel like the tabs are 'working' again?..dp thinks it IS all in my head and it WAS ME tht lost the first lot and not much to do with the tabshmm????...but will press on..dp says to just make sure we dont put on till after christmas then kick our own butts, but as i have lots still to lsoe and he doesnt, i cant just 'have a break' i have to get into the right frame of mind other wise it will all go back on if i 'have a break from it' will persevere and try my bestsmile

off to call chimney sweep/gas man now to sort out flipping fire!..hope you all ahve a nice daysmile.x

educatingRia Mon 24-Nov-08 10:20:23

I am shock and grin

Fell off plan big time over the weekendblush, and stopped exercising...

I have lost 4lbgrin (could be 6 as when I weighed myself last week I was so cross cos I'd gained I didn't write it downblush)

How is that for a motivational kick up the backside.

How are you all?

PinkChick Mon 24-Nov-08 10:21:47

grin..WELL DONE RIA grin..thats

educatingRia Mon 24-Nov-08 10:23:23

hi pink. we were wondering....
hope your DD is better.

Wise words from your DP. Maintain Not Gain!!!! That is a sensible idea given how hectic the run-up to christmas can be, and if you have a lot of other stuff on too. If you can stay the same it's better than beating yourself up for not being perfect and not losing I THINK.

educatingRia Mon 24-Nov-08 10:24:21

thanks pink. am off to tesco shortly. keep this trend going!!!

I even managed to study my OU chapter in one go and have a tutorial today.

RGPargy Mon 24-Nov-08 15:03:23

Well done Ria!!

Pink - i reckon it could have alot to do with your state of mind too. The more positive you feel in yourself, the better you cope with trying to lose weight. Deffo better to aim to maintain in the run up to Xmas and if you do happen to lose anything, all the more a bonus.

I went to WW today and have lost 1.5lbs!! I know it's because i've not drank during the week (although i made up for it over the weekend blush). I'm still doing the gym when i can (Xmas lunches are such a pain haha!) and plan to go on a Monday night too at my "local" Bannatynes. They do a step class on a monday night, followed immediately by body pump so i want to book in for those classes. I doubt i'll be able to do both classes back to back at first, but that's my aim, anyway.

hope you're all having a nice day. Crappy weather here - yet more bloody rain!!

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educatingRia Mon 24-Nov-08 17:53:30

we are off the drink too this week. (after tonight - we have a small bottle cos we're celebrating, sort of, as DH has got a full day contract catering a function later this week with a company he loved working for before. It will contribute a little to the christmas fundsmile) I decided I wanted to buy Mama Mia on DVD more than I wanted a glass onf wine every night. Of course I will regret that decision tomorrow.

RG, can I ask - when you go to the gym in your lunch hour, how long do you go for and when do you eat? (and how many xmas kunches do you have???wink)

pink, it is you doing the work. You could still be eating all you wanted to and more even on the tabs.

I had pork pie for lunch today, for my bad food treat!

RGPargy Mon 24-Nov-08 21:22:32

Ria, i wanted a nice glass of wine in celebration of being off the booze again this week too, but alas, we are broke until DP's cheque clears tomorrow. it's really frustrating as today is my treat day so it would have been perfect. Oh well, never mind. One extra day off the vino can only do me good i suppose!!

As for the gym, i normally just have time to fit in 15 mins on the x-trainer and 15 mins fast walking with a slight incline on the treadmill (i dont do running!). So all in all it's only 30 minutes (plus the cooldowns) but i think you're supposed to do 30 mins at least 3 times a week, possibly 5 times a week. That gives me just enough time to get there, change, work out, shower, change and back to the office again. I eat when i'm back at the office but make sure i've eaten before i go, but i leave an hour between eating and gyming otherwise it could come up again! shock

Christmas lunches are a nightmare when you're trying to lose weight and be good at the gym!! I had one on Wednesday last week, thursday i went to the gym, and friday i was at the pub for someone's 40th birthday. On Wednesday evening i'm off out for a dinner do with my firm so i wont be gyming at lunchtime because it'll mess up my hair and i wont have time to wash, dry and style it after my work out! Next week i have the week off work as my mum is coming home from spain on Wednesday. I dont think i'll be toooo bad next week, but then on Friday it's DD's first birthday so we will be having cake and wine (for the adults, not DD!) in the evening. Saturday is her little party so it'll be more food and drink then too. Hopefully i wont be too bad tho. The week after that we have an Xmas lunch (again!) on the Wednesday and then on Thursday is our firm's Xmas party - much drunkeness! We'll probably all go to the pub again at lunchtime to make sure we eat well as we're not sure that they are having a sit down dinner this year due to the credit crunch (blah blah blah). So yeah, lots of badness ahead!!

You probably didn't really want to know the ins and outs of my badness eating habits really, did you?!! Oh well, you DID ask!! wink

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