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ANYONE LIKE TO LOSE 2-3 STONE WITH ME?? Pretty Please? Really need some help!!!!

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MooandPops Tue 18-Nov-08 20:03:04

Ok Ok you have heard it all before, I have a gazillion stones and pounds to lose but this is me and this is the first time that I really have put my hands up and said enough - 16.5 stones is too much I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!

My best way of eating properly is a low Gi diet but anyone doing any diet is welcome to be my buddy. I have a DS, a DD and a DH all of which keep me on my toes - I love all the things that are bad for me - I slip up all the time - I don't exercise enough and my clothes are too tight.... sound familiar anyone?

Please..;.pretty please?

missnatalie Tue 18-Nov-08 20:35:15

Sounds very familiar. Gave birth to DS in Feb and have got lots of baby weight/ fat weigt to lose. Im currently 14st 6lb and want to get down to 10st 7lb - 11st. Im on day 1 of he juicing diet and so far it seems ok. Like you i dont exercise enough so DP bought me a Wii fit. Been on that today and before i knew it id done 30 mins exercise. DS thinks its hilarious seeing me jumping around and almost dying grin.

Ive tried every diet that you can imagine but this time im determined. I want to get back to the old me but most of a i want to be a "yummy mummy" smile

MooandPops Tue 18-Nov-08 20:45:52

Hello missnatalie

Good to meet you - right this is it! Today I have eaten like an angel even doing kids tea which is my red hot danger time.

I really have to say that I feel SO much better when I haven't gorged and snacked my way through the day. Am going out on a big ole night this coming Friday and am determined to drink semi-sensibly...will feel so happy and smug inside on Saturday not to be dying of a hangover and back to square One with diet. Still...3 days to go until then.

Wii fit is so uberfittechno and utterly impressed!! I only have a couple of battered old Rosemary Conley workout DVDs but they do the trick - will get and do one tomorrow.

Am sure you will (and probably already are) a wonderful Yummy Mummy!

missnatalie Wed 19-Nov-08 12:58:27

Hi MooandPops,

Yesterday was my 1st day on the juice day. Wasnt too bad. This morning im covered in spots sad. Not had any juice so far this morning as im not hungry. Im determined to stick to this. Only 5 more days to go and then i can start to re-introduce 1 x solid meal a day. I cant wait.

Have you got your DVDs out today. Im not doing and xercise today as im winter cleaning my house so thats enough for me for today grin

MooandPops Wed 19-Nov-08 19:44:42

HI there work out video today for had sore neck (slept funny on it...or perhaps it might have been the hour and half wake ups that 10 month old DD has in store for me on a nightly basis just now - just wasn't up to it today.

That said it was a good eating day. The thing about the Gi diet is that you really need to be prepared or at least really have your next meal sorted, otherwise I start to panic and that panic leads to light snacking, then heavy snacking then a full on meal at the worktop at the kitchen... then the leftovers from the childrens meal and then finally me feeling utterly rubbish and giving up completely!

That said am off to Sainsburys as we speak to stock up on stuff so its there as needed...I can't be on a diet AND have nothing on the horizon to eat....ugh!

Can you come and winter clean my house please?! Keep going on the juice...hungry or not you have to get those nutrients into your system - you are going to feel fab in just 5 days!

Exercise tomorrow?

Babywhiting Wed 19-Nov-08 19:55:57

Hi i'd love to lose some weight im 13.5 stone and had dd back in april i also have 3 other dc aged 7,5 and 2 and a lovely dp that has me running round after them all.
I've tried a Gi diet but just got to hectic preparing so many meals , what is the Juice diet???

i'd love to be back in my size 12 jeans and not have a bulging tummy, that said i do no other exercise than run about.

Is there a Chocolate diet?? grin

Lets all try though hey!!!!

missnatalie Wed 19-Nov-08 20:50:11

Hi Babywhiting and welcome aboard. The Chocolate Diet, if only grin. Although when DS was born i lived off easter eggs and cups of tea and lost quite a bit of weight hmm.

The juice diet is a diet put together by Jason Vale "The Juice Master". Its quite simple really. You have nothing put fruit and veggi juices for 7 days and you can lose 7lb although ive heared of others losing 14lb. After day 7 you can have 1 x solid meal a day plus the juices for 2 weeks and then on week 4 you can have 2 x meals a day plus the juice. There's a thread on here that tells you all aout it. Im on day 2 and had a bit of a wobble earlier and nearly ate something but i didnt i had a smoothy instead and feel great grin.

MooandPops well done for having another good day. Get the Wii Fit for the exercise if you can. Its fab and more fun than just exercising.

Heres to another good day tomorrow and a step closer to my solid meal grin

TheYearOfTheCat Wed 19-Nov-08 22:44:00


I'm in much the same boat - 14st13, and would like to get to 11st. Can I join you?

I've been really struggling with my weight since I got married 5 years ago, and 2 LOs since haven't helped.

My GP has recently prescribed Reductil for me, which helps you to feel more full - but I still need to work on changing my eating habits and doing more exercise.

I found a pretty good coaching website today which sets out a 4 step plan for losing weight.

The WiiFit sounds great.

MooandPops Thu 20-Nov-08 09:59:22

Hello Yearofthecat and Babywhiting (and missnatalie of course!)

Magic - we are a team! I wonder how much collectively we are going to lose? I mean, I wish to lose 3 stones, Year of the cat 2.5stones..Babywhiting how much you wish to lose? and missnatalie2.5? far that is er...8stones...that is 112 a walk in the park!!

Seriously though am delighted to report that have lost 3 pounds already through just not stuffing my face with all that I come accross! I am a complete devil for having some of (and quite alot of) whatever I come accross - honestly, sandwiches for the children, 'tastings' of whatever i am cooking (I probably have my main meal all over again if am honest with you gals)

3 pounds lost leaves me at 16stones and 4 pounds. If this buddy thing is going to work I have to write numbers and confront the whole gig...if you know what I mean!

Now then...going out with the gals on a much anticipated night out this coming Friday...what can I drink that won't ruin it all for me?

Keep going Missnatalie...a whole meal soon and am DYING to know how much you will have lost end of week one.

missnatalie Thu 20-Nov-08 11:04:14

Morning everyone

TheYearoftheCat were very similar weights and want to lose more or less the same amount too. DP has told me that i shouldnt go lower that 11st as ill probably lose my "womanly curves" wink. So thats 3st 6lb i want to lose. Im hoping that i can shift at least the 6lb on this 7 day paln.

Had the worst cravings ever yesterday. Made DP & DS tea and i was dying to have a munch, but....... I DIDNT smile.

MooandPops Well done to you!! 3lbs already shock. That is really good. Only another 5lb and you'll be in the 15st area. On the drinks i have no idea really. I just normally have malibu and diet coke. Have no idea how fatening that is. When i split up with my ex just over 4yrs ago i had a life crises. Went out clubbing Thurs, Fri & Sat, got absolutly wasted, danced my ass off and went from a size 14 - size 8 im a matter of weeks. So alcohol surely cant be that fattening hmm grin

Must go DS is climbing into the tummbe dryer

Im on day 3 only 4 days left. Im nearly half way there

MooandPops Thu 20-Nov-08 19:59:59

Bugger...finding it r e a l l y hard this evening. think I should do my video - feeling dispondant for stood on the scales again and my 3lb weight loss has moved to less than 1 - ugh...I knew i shouldnt have stood on the scales - Poo! Fed up but can't give up I suppose....;(

Anifrangapani Thu 20-Nov-08 20:07:45

Just to give you a bit of encouragement.....

I lost 2 stoone this year.
It is hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be.

All I did was cut out the crisps, chocolate and other in between snacks. At meal times I only eat until I am full. I put how much I would normally eat on my plate, take a third off and then try to leave something.

It has taken a while, but it has stayed off (crosses fingers)

Good luck to you all

MooandPops Thu 20-Nov-08 21:02:32

Actually you are a weight loss angel that has nudged me back on track...had a bath, dyed my hair and am now feeling a bit more full of gumption...thank you x

Two Stone?! You must be made up! Any more to go?

TheYearOfTheCat Fri 21-Nov-08 21:27:41

Hi all, pleased to meet you.

I'm so glad you let me join you (I wasn't sure if you would think the reductil might count as cheating blush)

Hope you have a great night out tonight MooandPops - I always try to have a large glass of water with every glass of wine, partly to keep me hydrated, but also to slow me down.

How is everyone else doing? I have lost 2.4 kg (5 pounds?) since the beginning of November and I feel so motivated, especially as I notice that my spare tyre is reducing to one of the space saving types!

The main areas I am focusing on are trying to cut out junk snacks (cherry bakewells - yum) and not to drink alcohol during the week. (Sooo glad tonight is Friday night!)

I've been good on the alcohol front, but had a mint viscount during a work meeting today (oh dear).

The other area I need to focus on is more exercise - which has been pretty woeful this week - it is so hard to get motivated.

Can anyone inspire me with their exercise plans for this weekend?

MooandPops Sat 22-Nov-08 20:13:13

Hello there

ah am horribly hungover due to the most fantastic night out with my girlfriends - we had a ball and you are right Yearofthecat - I really concentrated on drinking loads of h2o along with lovely yummy redwine and some s h a t t e r e d today having danced like a MANIAC!!!! (good the for the fig!) so feeling really happy with myself today - I haven't even stuffed myself full of rubbish today know hungover yummies...bacon sandwiches, crisps yum yum (wink)

I also have another reason for shifting 2.5 stones...i knew that the only way I would really do this is to get sponsored by family and (only best pals...keeping the dignity and all that) for a wee gal that we sponsor in Sierra Leone...her name is Sallay and - given that we have a gigantic family I am really hoping to get about £500 together for her and her family - this means I HAVE TO DO THIS!!

So.....slowly but surely...weigh in is going to be on Wednesday evenings for me.

Would really help me out if you were all in for the long haul too...? please? pretty please?!

Went cycling today with DS...not nearly for long enough though...finding exercising really tough finding time for it

Hope your all having a good weekend

MooandPops Sat 22-Nov-08 20:15:49

Ps - so far have £140 confirmed sponsorship and I have only approached 2 on my list - good eh?

TheYearOfTheCat Sat 22-Nov-08 22:06:25

Well done with the sponsership!

Yes, I am in for the long haul. I am really impressed that you were cycling today - my DH won't let me get a bike, because he says I am too accident prone, and he would spend his whole time worrying about me. (It is true I am quite accident prone, but there have always been other, outside circumstances which have contributed hmm)

I'm happy to join you for the Wednesday weigh in - although I always weigh myself in the morning - better readings! It will hopefully stop me obsessively weighing myself everyday. grin

I plan to take the kids out for a long walk in the prams tomorrow, although they are both a bit under the weather at the moment.

I read on another thread yesterday that MissNatalie was unwell - I think she was vomiting blood! shock MissNatalie I hope you are OK.

MooandPops Sun 23-Nov-08 09:56:27

MissNatalie...are you ok? Hope and wishes that you are better...? x

Great re long to the market then on for a big roastie (only veg for me with yummy lamb) Hurrah for Sundays..... I love them!

missnatalie Sun 23-Nov-08 16:24:23

Hi Everyone, yes im ok now MooandPops & YearofTheCat. This is what happened to me on Friday (copied from the juice thread):

Was so ill during the night lastnight and kept being sick blood. DP took me to the hospital as i was in agony with my stomach. When i got there they said it was a apendicitus (sp?) but after a 2nd opinion and me telling them about the juices they figured it was an over protuction of acid in my stomach. They've given me some Omeprazol tablets to take and told me to give the juicing a break for 2 weeks so that the acid can settle. After that i can re start it again but must continue taking the tablets. Im really annoyed about it to be honest. I got to day 5 and then this happens . Even though im eating again, im doing it healthy. Today ive had porridge for breakfast (the hospital made me have it), salad for dinner and salad for tea. Im hoping that im still losing weight but probably not as fast.

So im officialy off the juice diet for a few weeks sad. I did lose 6lb in 5 days smile. Im hoping to keep it off, ls more.

Im definatly in for the long haul. After seeing that id gt to 14st 6lb i had a completemelt down and thouht to myself that i can either carry on etting bigger or do someting abut it NOW! Ive chosen to do it now. Ive ost 6lb and really proud of myelf.

Today ive had a bowl of porridge, half a chicken sandwich (no butter) and ive got the Sunda dinner cooking now. I rally am determined.

My house is stacked with chocolate, tins of rosies and selection packs ready or xmas bt i hant been tempted smile

Yesteday the MIL told me that i had lost weight as did DPs bst friend. My love handles are going and my tummy is getting flatter. Theres no way im going back now. So yes im in for the long haul grin

MooandPops Sun 23-Nov-08 19:29:06

Hello Missnatalie

Wow...what a journey you poor thing...bit scarey am sure. Its so hard not to do this weight loss thing anyway that will work, fast and guaranteed but at might ripe old age of pushing the big 4zero I realise now that there is not way other than s l o w (that is for sister can lose weight uber fast and keep it off) but alas mine is seriously day to day - if I can't have a roast potato (just mebbe not my usual 6- 8 of them if am honest), a glass of red when I fancy one and even some pudding then life really does take a dive....this is when I will fail.

What am trying to say is that none of this is worth putting us bodies through discomfort and quite frankly missnatalie if you have the patience to have only juice for 5 DAYS!!!! You are actually amazing and am truly jealous that I dont have your sticking is good though!

We had some pals over for lunch today and DH cooked lovely roast which I noshed up happily (i love the Gi diet) loved it all and actually managed to control my second and third helpings! Even had low fat yog on pudding.....Weigh in on Wed.......

Well done gals...we really are doing it! DELIGHTED to hear that you are in for the long haul!! Off to make packed lunch now and am not even going to nibble.....

Exercise tomorrow?

thatsnotmymonster Sun 23-Nov-08 19:37:43

Hello! Can I join? I am 13st 4.5 and 5'8'' and would like to get to 11st (I was 11.5st when I got married and pretty thin).

I have ds 3.5, dd1 2.4 and dd2 7mths. I have just stopped BF and am not having any more children so now is the time to reclaim my body!

Problem is I lack motivation- don't get me wrong, I lie in bed at night thinking tomorrow I will do x,y or z and then I just feel so tired the next day that it doesn't happen!

I used to do quite a lot of exercise- mountain bking and climbing but we never get a chance to do theses anymore.

I am sitting here thinking about chocolate...

MooandPops Sun 23-Nov-08 20:32:29

Hello and welcome monster (can i call you that?!) Welcome!!! The more the merryer and all that!

So...if am right you are on for losing 2 stones and 4.5lbs - (takes me ages..maffs was never my strongpoint!) You write that your problem is motivation...and...make wonderful plans to do uber sporty things the next are mum of three?!!! I actually think that its quite amazing if you leave the house all dressed, clean and without your skirt tucked in your tights?!!

No really, seriously and genuinely it is no wonder you are tired and thinking about lovely yummy chocolate but...just as i tell my 4 year old at the supermarket when he starts screaming and tantrumming at the checkouts for a bar...they are full of mustard and red wine and will make you wee immediatly...any good?!

missnatalie Mon 24-Nov-08 11:33:07

Wow my tummy is super flat today grin. cant beleive it!! I can feel myhip bone again, lol. Ive still got that little bit at the bottom of my tummy, but that was Henley's house for 9 months so im not to bothered abou that wink.

Welcome to everyone else thats joines. We willdo it together!!

Im dying to weigh myself but am gong to wait until Friday. Yesterday i ate:

Half chicken sandwich
Sunday lunch (mash, carrots, sweade, brocoli, stuffing, yorkshire pud and gravey. Was yummy and sooooo much better than the juices.

Im only having small portions and eating just enough to fill me, not stuff me.

MooandPops Mon 24-Nov-08 19:37:02

Hello Missnatalie

Delighted to hear that you enjoyed a big hearty too! Am MAKING myself do a work out dvd this evening... have eaten quite well today but perhaps a bit too much nibbling.

Feeling a bit flat this eve for am about to get my P so know that am bloatedovision and up a couple of pounds because of it but does morale no good when standing on scales hoping for a miracle!! I think have just answered my own question! to do my travelovers...Well done excited to see how much you have lost this Friday...Weigh in is Wed Evening with me...stark naked on the scales with DH doing the chance of cheating then! Who needs dignity anyway when you have a damn good sense of humour eh?!

Best of weight loss to you all - we are all in this together...

TheYearOfTheCat Mon 24-Nov-08 20:12:37

Welcome Monster.

I understand where you are coming from completely about the exercise. I used to row, and trained 6 days a week. I thought nothing of running 3 miles just for a warm up before I started my proper exercise!

I think that is part of the problem, it isall very well devoting all your free time to that level of training when you are young free and single, but a DH and LOs just demand all of my time (and energy) now.

I think my metabolism became used to that level of activity, which is why I gained so much weight.

Now, I can't even manage to go for a walk with the children when I plan to because when the time comes to it I am so knackered and cold!

Mooandpops don't get disheartened - remember, slow and steady does it smile

Missnatalie glad to hear you are a bit better. I am just trying to eat a bit less (and healthier) as well, and am following Anifrangipani's advice of serving myself, then taking a bit off the plate. (Also using smaller plates, and filling up with loads of water when I feel like snacking. If I still feel hungry, then I try to have fruit, and not, absolutely not, cherry bakewells.)

babywhiting how are things going for you?

Has anyone looked at the changeforlife website? I am using it and finding it really useful. Especially in identifying small changes I can make, which will result in big changes.

Looking forward to Wed weigh in. I must be good tomorrow! grin

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