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oinker Tue 04-Nov-08 18:27:03

Just seen this advertised in National Press.

Has anyone ever tried it?

Is it pricey?

More to the point, Does it really work?

I'm intrigued..... I had never heard of this programme before...

elly1234 Wed 19-Jun-13 22:17:48

Hi all,
was gearing up to start this regime, BUT, have just seen a comment that says theres a lot of Aspartame in the food sachets.... Is this true? Really concerned about this given how poisonous Aspartame is.. anyone got any information about this?

elly1234 Wed 19-Jun-13 22:57:32

Just to add to the above comment, came across this site which spells out the problems of aspartame... coulld the headaches people are reporting on starting out with ALIZONE be related to the aspartame?? Please help..

elly1234 Wed 19-Jun-13 22:57:42

burntcookie Sun 23-Jun-13 15:19:42

Hi everyone, 3rd day into the diet, i'm really struggling with 2 litres of water, Don't like black coffee, never drink tea, Have bought some ginger tea and wondered if that was allowed, I know fruit tea is a no no. Can anyone help with the foods, what is nice what is disgustng. taking the chocolate & pear dessert back, a definate no. thanks

Paulita32 Mon 24-Jun-13 10:26:52

Hi there burntcookie,
Well, I have to say welcome to the diet, I have been now for 11 days and 10 lbs lighter.
Everyone has different tastes, so, I am going to tell you about my preferences:
I love hot chocolate!! My breakfast and snack if I feel like having a treat, also I use it as a pudding putting less water and putting in the fridge for a couple of hours, you will laugh at GU....
I don't like black coffee but I love my coffee in the morning so I just make a vanilla dessert with more water and a spoon of coffee and heat in the microwave, it makes a lovely latte. Or a caramel sachet same way, and you have a caramel latte!!
For food I love my cheese omelette, is really fast and for me tastes like the real thing, and also when I am at work I take the mushroom soup, that is quite nice.
The sheeps cheese is good in stir frys or in your salad, once is firm.
I haven't use my pizza yet cause I have to buy the teflon sheet, but I believe that no mather how it will taste, cause I will put a good topping...
I don't know if you are aware that there is a forum in the alizonne webpage where I am sure you could read very inspirational stories and recomendation, with a lot of recipes as well.
If you need any more info or a chat, send me a PM.
But keep going, it will be worth it!!
Best wishes x

loubroon Tue 25-Jun-13 13:27:22

Hi everyone, I am in week 9 of the diet and have lost 3stone 2lb - i cant quite believe it!! have 2 stone 12lb to go but im over the hump so to say so i can start to look forward to some meat soon!!
Thank you Paulita32, I have a new drink now with the coffee in the drinks - i just dont think of these simple ideas!!
I have tried most of the 'solid' food and really struggled with it so i make sure i have the salad and veg each day. Again I need more ideas as running out and getting abit bored with the same things smile
I thought i would struggle immensley but i havent. my partner has ate alsorts infront of me and i can honestly say it has not bothered me at all. I cant even say I am missing anything...but i would love to have some beetroot and be allowed onion!!!
Stopping drinking(alcohol) also hasnt bothered me too much and i dont feel like i have missed out on much as I am still going out, drinking water and not being ill for 2 days after!! now im not saying ill never drink again but ill certainly not drink as much when i do!!
Good luck to each and everyone of you all.
Lou x

Paulita32 Sat 29-Jun-13 12:01:20

Hi Lou!
I know what you mean about getting bored with sachets!! I am starting to get bored with my omelette, so I guess I am gonna have to go to a different one hmm as favourite lunch.
I have been lately in the alizonne forum and I am putting in practice my cooking skills today and tomorrow, have you tried the melanzana a la parmigiana? I am going to give it a go today, because I need something proper to eat...
I went to my second weigh in on Thursday and guess what!! 8.5 lbs have gone grin I am so so happy, so 10 weeks to go to Phase 2 and 18 weeks to go on Phase life!!
One sachet at a time and we'll get there!!!
How are you getting on? Which one is your clinic?
Best wishes Paula

NUFC69 Sat 29-Jun-13 15:08:28

Paulita - the melanzana a la parmigiana is really nice - I probably have it twice a week in the evening. I also like the vegetable casserole with cheese patties (just had a friend to visit and, although I religiously followed the diet, I didn't have my usual evening meals so I was actually missing this by the time she left!). I have now lost 50 lbs - only just over five more to go and I am on phase 2. I am at the Silverlink Clinic in Newcastle. You're doing very well - keep up the good work!

loubroon Sun 30-Jun-13 16:26:46

Hi Paulita and NUFC69. Sorry I have not replied earlier, my stupid phone would not let me log in and only just had a chance to get on the lappy!
I am at the Newcastle Silverlink clinic. I'm finding hard but easy at the same time - hard because Im now starting to get abit bored and finding i am staring more and more at people eating 'normal' food haha but easy because I know what and when I can have something.
I took the plunge this week and got the ham omelette is it? I tried this in the beginning and absolutely detested it with a passion so I am thinking because I really want something different I may just like it again. Similar to sparking water - couldn't stand the stuff but ive just had some and I am loving the bubbles!! strange how the simplest things are making a big impact on me!!
Whats this melanzana a la parmigiana is this a phase 1? ooooo veg casserole and cheese patties!! is that phase 2? Do the sachets change on Phase 2? I am hoping to get to the 2nd phase in the next few weeks.
Ive just had the vanilla desert with a spoonfull of coffee n it was a welcomed change in taste!! Hope you are doing good this weekend.
Lou smile

NUFC69 Sun 30-Jun-13 19:24:43

Loubroon - the two recipes (melanzana a la parmigiana and the vegetable casserole) are in the white recipe book which you were given at the Newcastle Silverlick Clinic - pages 29 and 25 - otherwise known as Hot Pot with cheesy Dumplings. I cook every evening, tend to have omelette for lunch, oatmeal or vanilla satchet with rhubarb for breakfast, hot chocolate, soup or orange and pineapple at the other times. I also do Sag Paneer (page 37) and chunky vegetable curry. Tonight I am having the Salmon Blinis with broccoli and spinach.

I am pretty sure that the sachets don't change (only another five lbs to go and I will be on phase 2 - hurrah, so either next week or in two weeks). I am a post menopausal mum and grandma and I have a very slow metabolism, so I have been going since mid-March to lose my 50 lbs.

When do you go to the clinic? I go first thing on a Monday morning, usually. Good luck, and keep on going - somebody said to me that those who did best usually spent some time cooking as that way they didn't lose interest.

JLove321 Sun 14-Jul-13 12:35:50

It is good, but I don't have a clinic near me and now with my son at childcare and me back at work, I just can't get to the appointments (min 1 1/2 drive each way).

I have 50 alizonne sachets that I don't need now as well as 52 ampules. I don't have the new password to the patient forum, but would like to sell them on at a good rate.

Any suggestions?

Slimmy123456 Sun 14-Jul-13 20:31:47

Hello, I'm happy to take these off you. Just name your price. I live in London so please ensure the price includes postage. What flavours do you have?

Slimmy123456 Sun 14-Jul-13 21:04:44

If you give me your email address I can send you a PM

loubroon Sun 21-Jul-13 15:35:44

NUFC69 - I have managed to get the recipe book! When did you get yours? I am now 6lb off phase 2 and it should coincide with my little jollie to Brighton in 2 weeks I am so excited to have meat/fish/eggs again!!

NUFC69 Sun 21-Jul-13 19:02:07

Loubroon - the Clinic gave it to me at the start if you mean the little white booklet. I have been on phase 2 for almost three weeks and it is nice to be able to eat fish and meat again. I was actually quite surprised at the variety of fish and meat - I have had chicken, steak, tuna, haddock, plaice and prawns so far. Morrison's have a really good selection of fish, if you are interested.

I have now lost 4 stone 4 lb (hurray!). We go away to the US in September for almost three weeks, so I am hoping that I will be able to cope (tbh I think I am just going to be very careful, as the thought of taking loads of sachets with me doesn't appeal). I have 9 kg still to lose, so not giving up hope quite yet.

Good luck!

burntcookie Wed 31-Jul-13 21:58:04

OK a while since i posted, almost 6 weeks into the programme, got weighed today at silverlink have lost 23lbs which they think is good considering my metabolic reading is slow. Was hoping 2 stones by end of week 6. still struggling with all that water, found some nice foods and some pretty disgusting ones, raspberry clafouti is like eating a bath sponge ewwh. now make a mean veggie curry and had sweet and sour tonight, make extra each night and use as a filling for bacon ommlette, for next day lunch , one of my favourites. looking forward to getting to phase 2,

KJM2013 Thu 01-Aug-13 12:22:35

Hi all
I appreciate this thread has been going a while and within the 37 pages this may have been covered but would be great to hear form current Alizonners!
I have had the tests and initial consultation and I am all good to go. My quandary is that I have a wedding in 6 weeks which will be just shy of the end of my predicted phase 1. Not drinking will be fine but it will be a bit rude to just ask for water and eat my Alizonne sachet at dinner.
If you have one meal (and try to eat the protein items only, stay away from potatoes etc) does that really mess you up?
I don't want to wait six weeks to start the programme, just because of one meal!

NUFC69 Thu 01-Aug-13 18:47:32

KJM I must admit that I didn't deviate at all until I was just about to start Phase 2 and then I stuck with the permitted vegetables and had a small piece of grilled chicken - and that was it! I do know that if you have anything sweet it can take three days to get back to fat burning again. I remember my therapist saying to me that another one of her clients just couldn't resist a glass of pink champagne - which effectively meant that she had put back her progress by half a week (let's be honest it is expensive, and that has been one of the motivating factors as far as I am concerned.

I would have a chat with the clinic and see what they can suggest. I have only been out for a meal once since I started in the middle of March (see above) - it all works wonderfully well if you stick to it.

Good luck!

Roxanne65 Fri 02-Aug-13 16:55:59

I have been on it for 5 weeks now and it is working. And as KJM said, if you do deviate then it will set you back. But I have never felt healthier and my BP is down, IBS has virtually gone and dropped a dress size!

janet1504 Sat 03-Aug-13 17:19:32

Hi I am new to Mumsnet and am about to go for my initial consultation on Monday for Alizonne in Southampton. I am very excited. I have a 10 year old who has only ever seen me getting bigger and bigger. I have been through a vicious divorce over the last 17 months and I have really piled the pounds on - living off carbs almost entirely!
I don't know if anyone can tell me how soon I will be able to actually start the diet? I want to get on with it now that I have decided to spend the money and put my all into it.
Anyone been to Xavier-G Clinic? and anyone got any tips? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

Roxanne65 Sat 03-Aug-13 18:23:52

I am at Farnham clinic. At your consult they will take blood and the results take a week to come thru. So best to book your next appointment to get those and start the first procedure and collect your file and food. And then you should be good to go. Your first week will be the hardest but once you get organised it will be a breeze.

Also get the password for this site to help you get the most out of the diet and get moral support along the way:

Easteregg123 Tue 06-Aug-13 19:22:58

I have booked my first consultation in Nottingham. I am a vegetarian, so not sure if I will find it harder or easier.
Thank you all for your comments, they have encouraged me to go for it, I will let you know how I will get on thru the coming weeks.

Easteregg123 Wed 07-Aug-13 17:52:59

My first session was not successful - a complete waste of time really as I was told what I already knew. Have to go back tomorrow (40 mile round trip) for the blood test. If they had told me I could have fasted today and saved me a trip. To top it all the doctor is away for 3 weeks so can't have my consult til then !!!! Not happy. But hanging in there.

Roxanne65 Fri 09-Aug-13 18:38:04

Easteregg123 i am a vegetarian too. First phase will be fine for you then. I am sorry your first trip was unsuccessful. But please do not give up. It is working for me and I don't eat fish or meat. Lots of salads and certain veg on the list. You will be fine.

Fatnfedup1 Sun 11-Aug-13 19:47:45

Thinking of starting this, has anyone been to the Glasgow Clinic, and what does the whole process entail, eg, how long does the two treatments take each week

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