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oinker Tue 04-Nov-08 18:27:03

Just seen this advertised in National Press.

Has anyone ever tried it?

Is it pricey?

More to the point, Does it really work?

I'm intrigued..... I had never heard of this programme before...

SmileyMylee Mon 02-Nov-09 22:01:25

Just seen this and hello to all fellow allizonners!

I am on week 18 and have lost 6.5 stones with another 1.5 to lose. (Down from size 26/28 to a size 14/16.) My DH has just finished and lost 5.5 stones. The early weight losses do slow down but over a month it is still sizeable.

Can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever done even though we are broke!

Even my BP is down to normal (and was after week 4).

I was dubious before I started but I am so pleased my DH talked me into it.

MJN Tue 03-Nov-09 09:34:49

Dear Attley and SmileyMelee

It's great to hear that Alizonne is working for you both, I am so looking forward to a slimmer me!

Where are you both having the treatment?

Angel666 Tue 03-Nov-09 12:43:37

Hi Girls and Guys,

I'm considering doing the Alizonne diet. I have 2.5 stone to lose. I have tried every diet under the sun,exercise 5 miles a day but still not coming off!

I would like to know the following answers to my questions please?

1) Do you ever get hungry on this diet?
2) What is the treatment like?
3) If anyone on here has lost the same as I want to how long will it take?

I have done a lot of research but the best advice will come from the people who are actually doing the diet!

Looks like everyone is doing well keep up the hard work!


MJN Tue 03-Nov-09 15:19:20

Hi Angel666

I have only just started so I cannot really comment on the hunger at the moment but the doctor has reassured me that I will not feel hungry (this was one of my major worries)!!
I have also spent time taking to other patients at the Congleton clinic as I wanted to ensure that my money would be well spent and that it wasn't just another scam (like so many of the other MIRACLE diets you hear about!)

You have weekly Ultrasound and Skin tightening treatments along with monthly reviews by the doctor.

I have got over 3 stone to lose and have been told 14-16 weeks so I would imagine 12 weeks or less.

You can find lots of information on-line (I know, I spent ages searching before taking the final decision) but it is always best to hear it from actual patients as you never know if these things are legit or not!

Have a look at the Alizonne Cheshire website, it has some great before and after pictures and case studies (with weight loss charts), obviously I don't know where abouts in the country you live but if you are near Cheshire it would be good to have somebody to talk to about this.

If I can help in anyway please let me know, I have found the other people on this forum to be a great source of inspiration.

Good luck if you decide to go ahead and I hope the above helps in some way.

SmileyMylee Wed 04-Nov-09 00:33:22


I use the London clinic.

After the first few days I have rarely been hungry. At certain 'times of the month' I know I need a bit more. However there is so much that you can have that is unlimited, you never need to be hungry. I just make up a larger than usual salad for lunch and also a big aubergine curry for dinner.

The treatments are okay. I find the ultrasound a bit itchy but have no problems with the hoovering. Even after losing 6.5 stones, I have no loose skin.

Re how long it will take, I suggest you make an appointment. There they will take your metabollic rate and the doctors use their computers to work out how long it should take. I lost 3 stones in the first 8 weeks, but this was partly because I had so much to lose in the first place.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

plum2mum Wed 04-Nov-09 09:04:36

I am considering doing this diet. I have 5 stone I want to lose. With the Christmas period coming up, is there any way you can eat out at a restaurant, or if staying with family over Christmas, what can you eat? Is it totally anti social in that you must always have shakes?

SmileyMylee Wed 04-Nov-09 11:27:03

Hi plum2mum,

There is a much wider choice than just shakes. You have pizza, omelettes, cheese, soups, desserts, pancakes, pasta in sauce, hot drinks and salad and vegetables (although some are limited to 200g.) A typical 'day' may be oatmeal for breakfast, latte for mid morning snack (vanilla dessert made a bit runnier with some coffee added and heated up), lunch pizza with mushrooms, spring onions and tomatoes with salad, afternoon snack of pancake with chocolate sauce, dinner - potato cake with indian spices (a bit onion bhaji like) and a large aubergine curry followed by rhubarb with low fat yoghurt.

You can also make 'chips' out of swede which taste suprisingly good.

Once you get to phase 2 (once you have lost about 70% of the weight that you want to lose) it becomes much easier to eat out as you replace the evening sachet with 140g of white fish or 120g or lean meat (e.g. chicken) and you can have this with vegetables. If you wanted to stick to the diet over Christmas day on phase 2 you could have tomato soup followed by roast turkey,roasted aubergine or swede, brocolli, green beans, cauliflower etc.

I went on holiday during phase 1 and they put me on phase 2 during the holiday to make it easier to eat out.

You could always just forget the diet for the Christmas period and go back on afterwards! I did this for my last holiday as we were visiting lots of relatives who didn't really get the diet. I put on 0.4kg in a week but put myself back on phase 1 for a week when I got back and lost it within 2 days. If I'm not at target by Christmas I intend to break it for a few days. It may add an extra week onto the diet and I'm prepared for that.

The clinics are getting very full at the moment so it is possible that you may not be able to start until after Christmas anyway. If you can start straight away, you could easily lose about 2 - 2.5 stones by Christmas. It can be hard going back on the diet after breaking it but I managed and I know several people who have done it as well so it's not the end of the world.

Make an appointment to see the doctor. There's no hard sell, they give you a printout of how long it will take and how much it is likely to cost you.

Whereabouts are you based?

plum2mum Wed 04-Nov-09 11:59:43

Hello Smiley
Thank you for your message. Very helpful. The London clinic is the nearest and I have made an appointment and paid my deposit. quite excited about it all. I am seeing them in mid November, so Christmas might be a bit difficult but will do it !

Good luck yourself.

SmileyMylee Wed 04-Nov-09 22:51:30

Good luck! I'll probably see you on the Alizonne patient forum on their website. Let me know how you get on. One piece of advice - for your first week buy more sachets than you need. You might find that you don't like some and you need some backups. You can always swap them after in the swap box at the clinic.

attley Thu 05-Nov-09 16:29:09

I am at the Leeds clinic. I am supposed to meet my target weight on Feb 14th wink but am a little ahead of that at the moment. I am so confident that I have bought myself a dress for when I get taken out for a valentines meal, no way can I fit into it yet! As for feeling hungry I sometimes get the odd pang but it is very manageable and normally just before I am allowed another sachet anyway. The hoovering treatment I found painful (ish...not like childbirth or waxing pain! lol) to begin with but it gets better and wow, no cellulite at all now. I think I will have 6 monthly hoovering sessions once I have reached target as my skin is so soft and smooth, also my apron of skin from my 2 caesarians is shrinking which I never expected. The big plus about the Alizonne forum is people who have reached their target still post comments a year or more on so you really do get a true picture of the highs and lows and just what it can achieve. Good luck to you all!

attley Thu 05-Nov-09 16:30:39

PS should explain what I call the hoovering sessions are the skin tightening treatments! blush

Lady07 Sun 08-Nov-09 13:15:11

Hi All,

Just joined this site and delighted to find this discussion.

I am starting the Alizonne diet on Monday. I had my consultation on Thursday 5th November - 2 days after my 52nd birthday. My periods stopped 3 1/2 years ago and since then I have found myself with fat in new places and unable to shift it! I have about 1 1/2 to 2 stone to lose. Just wondering if there is anyone else around my age who is also post-menopause who has tried this diet.

Woud love to hear if it worked for you.

MJN Mon 09-Nov-09 05:34:46

Hi Lady07

Good luck today, I am sure you are very excited about starting, I know I was!

It has been just a week since I started and I have lost 7 lbs already and feel FAB!

The sachets are very nice, I must admit I am very surprized about how easy it has all been, I have found that I am not hungry AT ALL! In fact I am actually having to make myself have another meal (as it has been 3-4 hrs since the last one).

Saturday was the hardest day so far, we had a firework party for my daughters and I was cooking burgers and hotdogs for all the children and after they all had cream cake, it was hard (also resisting the wine, which I must add WASN'T for the children but my Sister!!) The thing is though, the next day you feel so much better, I was really proud of myself on Sunday morning!

Which clinic are you attending?

Angel666 Mon 09-Nov-09 12:02:47

Hi MJN and Smiley,

Thanks for all your information it is greatly appeciated! I've phoned up the London Clinic today and I have my consultation with the Doctor on the 18th of November. I am very excited! I want to lose at least 1.5 stones in 6 weeks just in time for Christmas!

This is a really great forum for exchanging information about the treatment!

Keep up the hard work everyone that is on the diet!


Lady07 Mon 09-Nov-09 23:11:19


Good to hear from you and congratulations on losing 7lbs already!

I'm attending the Glasgow clinic and got started on the diet right away. They seem quite confident that I will lose about 21 lbs in about 6 weeks. Just in time for Christmas!!

Will get a better idea tomorrow of what the sachets are like.

It's good to know I'm not alone. Keep me posted on how you're doing. Good luck.

eye13 Thu 12-Nov-09 14:01:45

Hi everyone,
I have a date to start next thursday 19th of november, and i can't wait.The only problem is, i cannot stop eatting!I,m continually chewing ,likes theres no tomorrow ,. Also i am abit worried at starting soo near xmas.Any advise would be much appreciated.

MJN Thu 12-Nov-09 16:34:34

Good luck eye13.

I honestly cannot believe how easy it is! No hunger, no cravings (apart from wine last weekend!), I really am impressed, even the sachets taste nice (except the pizza which I messed up and it was like slop!).

As Christmas approaches you will be feeling so much better with your figure you will not mind missing out, trust me it will be worth it.

Which clinic are you attending? All the other people on here seem to be at Glasgow, Leeds or London,I am at Congleton so it would be nice to know if anybody else is.

Anyway, good luck, don't eat too much prior to starting, just think of the extra money it will cost to lose that additional weight (I find that works really well when I get tempted)!

eye13 Thu 12-Nov-09 19:47:23

Thankyou so much for taking time to reply.
You are correct the more weight i gain ,the longer it will take to reach my goal,hopefully i will think about that for the next week.

You said that the food is nice,how about the treatment itself,have you noticed any change in your body shape and tone?
How many treatments have you had to date?

I going to a clinic in Brentwood ,Essex,i don't know if anyone else is attending that particular clinic.

MJN Thu 12-Nov-09 20:22:17


Only been going for 8 days so just had the 1 treatment so cannot honestly answer that but the treatment's are quite nice, the Ultrasound does produce a beeping noise which sounds like its coming from the back of your head but it doesn't hurt or anything (just feels slightly warm). The skin tightening is like being attacked by a dyson but again doesn't hurt.

Anyway good luck and keep us posted.

attley Sun 15-Nov-09 12:00:27

I have had 7 treatments now and I have noticed a difference. My husband noticed first, the comment was my bum felt like sponge cake! I think it was a compliment! That was after the 3rd week, now I have lost over 2 stone and have no baggy skin which on previous diets I would have by now. I didn't like the hoovering (think i've said that already!) but was told it gets better and actually this week I really enjoyed it, like a deep massage.

Lady07 Sun 22-Nov-09 16:05:28

Lost 4lbs in my first week. I am going to have to stop the ultrasound treatment as I have tinnitus and the two treatments have made it worse. Spoke to the doctor about it and he thinks it will quieten down again but not so far. Fingers crossed!

manda2915 Wed 02-Dec-09 17:16:08

On week 6 of my Alizonne Therapy at the Leeds clinic and I have lost 31 lbs! I have been overweight my whole life but at 16 stone 9lbs was getting very very dispondant. We had been trying for a baby and the hospital told me (very rudely) I was too fat for treatment and should go away and loose 10kg (21lbs). After a weekend in floods of tears I started Slimming world (again) and lost 9lbs, but then started to wane. Started Alizonne at 16 stone, very reluctantly, and here I am 6 weeks later over 2 stone lighter. I know its a cliche, but if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. I feel wonderful, and am positively evangelical about it as my pet topic. I have my next hospital appointment on 23 December and I cant WAIT to see her face when she sees I have lost the 21 lb twice over.

attley Fri 04-Dec-09 12:24:52

Go manda! grin

kurves Sat 19-Dec-09 18:21:12

I want to go on this diet but decided that i had to do the research first i must admit that this site has been the most helpful so far i will ring the London clinic and make a appointment on Monday i hope that they have dates i will come on here weekly to let u guys know my progress. I have done everything that i can to lose weight and lost allot of money in the process i know that this is going to work after all that i read i want to know more about the treatments and how effective they are. I have a trainer everything can u still go to the gym while u do this diet. and does the treatment firm u up and get rid of cullite. as much info would be possible as i look to get a new wardrobe as a treat. I would love a firmer butt.I am now 13 stones and would like to get to 10 stones 4lbs still trying to lose weight before i go as the more i lose less money.

Slimmy123456 Sat 19-Dec-09 22:48:46

I've done alot of research on this diet also Kurves. I had my consultation last week and it was very through.....Its made me more determined more than ever to start this programme and see it through. It maybe expensive but I think its worth every penny. I am sick and tried of looking the way i am and trying so many diets that just don't work for me! This is my final chance before I consider surgery! I would love some more information on thing that put me off my other diets is the lack of variety! Fingers crossed this doesnt happen to me....i'm ready for a new me in 2010! I'll defo keep everyone posted on my progress.

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