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oinker Tue 04-Nov-08 18:27:03

Just seen this advertised in National Press.

Has anyone ever tried it?

Is it pricey?

More to the point, Does it really work?

I'm intrigued..... I had never heard of this programme before...

Zanzan Sun 29-Mar-09 19:40:48

Hi Everybody!!!

First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your personal achievments...
I came across with an article in a magazine just today, and here I am researching the whole idea of it...
I tried so so many things, ie Slimsall, Befull, Slim Fast, Adios,Pink patch, Herbalife...God knows how much I spent on these already.
I was really excited when I was reading the story about the lady with 5 stones weightloss, and as some of you have done as well...I mean wow!
Personally I should lose 2.5stones to be safely in the normal zone of the bmi system. I tried the good old way, I had a personal trainer £60 per session plus the gym membership fee of £52 a month and I got heavier and heavier and all that money pretty much went into waste. So doing excercise is not really the case, and I do agree with the fact that medical advice should be seeked for a healthy succesful weightloss. I was not happy with the fact that my trainer said that it is good although I eigh more, as it is lean muscle, and as it shows my body mass is normal in equality of muscle/fat way, yet I managed to climb into the obese range of the bmy system with my work outs, I MEAN WHO WAS THAT "CLEVER" PERSON WHO CALCULATED THE BMI SYSTEM...anyway, at the moment I am 96Kg (15stones) for my 1.70 M (5.7) height...not good at all, although I don't really look it...
Anyway, I am looking at the whole therapy, it seems that we are well looked after, and there are different methods to this diet that can help us succeed.
The money...well yes in credit crunch that 3-4 thousand is the last thing you want to give away, but health comes first!
I am definitely going to sit down with my hubby and talk it through!
Keep up the good work and keep us not yet really convinced women updated!!!
I will let you know the outcome for my decession as I havent had a child yet, I dont want to lose weight than gain it with the child, and back to square one...I shoudl really talk to the clinic to...

kit1234 Sat 04-Apr-09 19:16:43

Hi All

I have been inspired to take the plunge and try this diet. I have my consultation on 9 Apr and feeling a bit nervous. Can anyone tell me what to expect.

Jessie1234 Wed 08-Apr-09 19:37:38

Hi Kit1234

Congratulations on taking the plunge!

Ive been on the diet for 4 weeks and Ive lost 1 and a half stone! Its the best thing I ever did and Im sure you won't regret it.

During my first week I was slightly shell shocked! The first week is the hardest because you have to adjust to the new regime and for the first few days you may feel a little headachey but thats just all the toxins leaving your body and after a few days you start to feel great! Its a very healthy diet and very closely supervised by medical professionals and that is really reassuring. In the first week you just have to find out what works for you, which foods you like and which food sachets you like but it quickly 'falls into place' and you get in a routine and then week by week the weight drops off! That is a real motivator...

I have another 2 and half stone to go and its estimated I will hit target at week 14, I don't know any other diet that offers this in a safe and controlled environment, but in addition you get loads of support.

Also, it really is true that you do not feel hungry!

Once you start you will be given access to a discussion group where fellow alizonners share recepies, tips and just offer loads of support and in the first few weeks its a lifeline so really take advantage!

I just want to wish you the best of luck, get through the first week and you will find it really easy to manage, I promise!!

Zanzan - I was the same height/weight as you and I had a baby 18 months ago, I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight very quickly after the birth, it just seemed to happen naturally. Please don't think that having a baby will make you put on more weight because its not necessarily so and actually, as soon as Ive lost all the weight I would like to have another baby myself!

Best of luck to both of you!

suzyq2001 Thu 09-Apr-09 20:21:10

Hi everyone

Just found this forum and have to join the discussion on Alizonne. I started the diet a week ago and agree with Jessie1234 completely. The first few days were really hard and I wondered if I could do it. Most of the sachets seemed to have a funny taste, I was very hungry and had a headache. However, after a few days everything did 'fall into place'. The food tastes ok now, in fact most of it is quite nice, I must have got used to the taste. The headache has gone and I feel fine, not hungry at all. It is 8 days today and I have lost 8lb. I am going to the Leeds clinic and the staff are fine, particularly the nurses who do the treatments. I've had 2 really good chats through the treatments although I find the fat melting treatment quite prickly and the skin stretching quite painful in certain areas. It's well worth it though, as is the cost as I'm feeling really positive and confident.

I would be happy to answer any questions and will update everyone on my progress.

Well done fellow Alizonners!

(shame about the Easter eggs though bgrin)

kit1234 Thu 09-Apr-09 21:46:09

Thanks for the advice. I will check out the alizonne forum. Consulation went okay tody. Lot of infomaation to take in. I was a bit shocked when the doctor told me to strip down to my underwaer(thank god I was wearing decent underwear) I dont know what i expected but I thought I would of been brought into another room, given a gown ect. But hey i survied. i actual start my diet on the 14th April.

Good luck with your progress and to all alizonners

suzyq2001 Fri 10-Apr-09 19:15:25

Hi Kit1234

Are you going to the London clinic or Leeds, I had 2 wait 8 weeks for my consultation and then another 5 weeks to start the diet so you've done well. I didn't have to strip to my underwear thank the lord! Loads of luck with the diet, if you can survive til your first weekly weigh-in you've cracked it.

kit1234 Fri 10-Apr-09 21:56:50

Hi suzyq2001

I'm attending the London Clinic - where are you? My doctor was a woman so i didn't feel too uncomfortable when she asked me to strip to my underwear.
The reason I got in so quick was because they had a few cancellations. I have block booked my sessions up until the end of the month (April) and I see the doctor on 5th May.

Everything went so fast on Thursday 9/4 that I forgot to ask if they have appointments open for saturday. Fitting these sessions around woking hours is a bit difficult but i'm going to have make some sort of excuse to get out of work abit early.

Sorry to hear that you have to wait so long, just hang on in their the time will fly by.


To all alizonners do you know what winter endive is and where can you get it.

kit1234 Fri 10-Apr-09 22:02:01

Sorry Suzyq2001 reading your message to quickly. You have already started.

suzyq2001 Sat 11-Apr-09 16:35:33


Hi I'm going to the Leeds clinic. I know they have appointments in the evenings because I've got one and I'm pretty sure they have them on weekends too. I can't see why it would be any different in London so you should be ok.

kit1234 Wed 15-Apr-09 16:02:07

Hi suzyq2001 - Thanks - I am on the waiting list.
Jessie1234 - thanks for your useful blog. How are you both doing? I had my 1st treatment yesterday and I ache like hell. I have started my packs today - so far so good.

How are you both doing? I'm having trouble logging into the aiizonne discussion forum - which I have reported. Apparently it seems to let me login once a week, but hey! I this site for support,


rainysnows Sun 19-Apr-09 23:19:46

Hi all-I am a former Alizonner.Had to give it up due to the exhorbitant cost!!!

I loved the diet though.IF ONLY they sold the food sachets without you having to go for treatment I would have carried on buying them.But I didn't have the courage to ask!

I've even tried to buy up any shakes that people might have over but can't see any for sale.

best of luck to you who can afford it,it's worth it!

ozzismum Sun 26-Apr-09 18:19:02

Hi Alizonners, I am thinking about joining the program at Court House Clinic in Stockport. Apparently they dont have a waiting list! Before i spend my money is it really as good as previous posts say? hmm

FiMcG Thu 11-Jun-09 21:32:32

I know a couple of people that are doing this diet and it seems to have worked for them. I'm debating at the moment whether to go for a consultation having put on two and a half stone during my pregnancy, mainly due to the fact that I gave up smoking the moment i found out I was pregnant and consequently swapped nicotine for chocolate. I had my daughter six months ago and I'm still feeding her in the morning and at night so I'm not sure whether they'd accept me or not - anyone know the answer?

SmileyMylee Mon 15-Jun-09 19:57:47

I had a consultation last week. The stuff they gave me indicates that they wouldn't accept anyone who was breastfeeding.

How is everyone else getting on on the diet?

MaeMur Thu 18-Jun-09 22:59:02

I'm thinking of making an appointment for Alizonne in a couple of weeks. I really don't mind spending the money but I want to try and get some confidence that I will be able to complete it!
I feel like I have tried every diet (weight watchers, slimming world, atkins, cabbage soup etc) personal trainers, gyms etc wink
I read about this diet for the first time about 18 months ago so I have considered it for a long time.
What I am most concerned about is that I have tried LighterLife a number of times and struggled to stick to it for any longer then 3-4 weeks at a time.
I know it will ultimately be up to me to stick to it but I just wondered if there was anyone out there that had previously done a VLCD and found Alizonne a good alternative?
Thanks so much for your help

cinders2872 Sat 27-Jun-09 12:09:13

Hi, I'm on Alizonne and the difference between it and lighterlife is that you have 5-6 meal sachets a day. You also have salad or veg twice a day. I've lost over 6 stone in 18 weeks and have never felt better. It is expensive but well worth the money.

Larie Sun 20-Sep-09 23:23:42

Hi everyone. I've signed up to Alizonne and apart from the expense I would recommend it to anyone! Even after 2 weeks I feel fab and have lost nearly a stone!

derevkofan Thu 15-Oct-09 10:03:05

I have made an appointment today but they can't fit me in for my initial consultation at Stockport for over a month. I am concerned that the nearer to xmas we get, the less likely I am to want to start the programme and miss out on meals out! Also, I'm wanting to lose between 1.5 and 2 stone and all the stories that I've seen seem to be about people who were much larger than I am so I wondered how effective it is for people who are wanting to lose less weight.

rootoo Mon 19-Oct-09 17:34:51

I am on week 3 of Alizzone and will miss Christmas, sniff BUT decided I would rather be slim for summer. I have 5 stone to lose and am a size 18. Some people at the clinic were certainly a lot bigger however most of the staff have done it themselves and only had a couple of stone to lose, so I am sure 2 stone loss is not a problem to them. I lost 13 and half lbs in 2 weeks so you should only be on it for 2-3 months. Some of the food is yuk but they do have a recipe forum to help you liven it up. Yes is costs but my health is worth it, I was border line diabetic so we have put our house extension on hold to pay for this but it does work s I think it is worth it. wink

MJN Mon 26-Oct-09 15:29:35


I am looking to start the Alizonne Therapy and I have found a clinic near to me in Congleton, Cheshire. Have any of you used this clinic yet? The website is, obviously it looks very professional but any references would be greatly appreciated.


MJN Thu 29-Oct-09 11:40:50

Hi again.

Just to update you, I visited Alizonne Cheshire in Congleton on Wednesday and I cannot wait to get started. The office is VERY impressive and the staff all seem very friendly. I will keep you updated with my progress but I would also be interested to hear from anybody else who is having the treatment at the Congleton clinic as it would be nice to swap stories and use somebody else as support.

yoyo28 Sun 01-Nov-09 22:26:05


How much to you need to loose? i'm thinking about doing it, but worry about having gallbladder problems,but i guess there is also a chance being over weight is just going to cause you problems anyway. I didnt know there was a centre in cheshire, I might give them a ring, I need to do something!

MJN Mon 02-Nov-09 09:52:49

Hi yoyo28

Yes the clinic is in Congleton, you can contact them over the phone or via the website to arrange a consultation.

I want to lose about 3 stone which should be about 20 weeks, I cannot wait. I start the therapy this week, you have an initial consultation and blood tests etc and are monitored every step of the way by a 'proper' doctor with follow up test etc, they can probably advise you on the gallbladder probelms.

They are offering a very low cost finance option (which is what I am taking) and you can choose the repayment terms to fit your pocket.

Obviously I cannot comment on the therapy yet, but from my current exprience at Alizonne Cheshire I cannot recommend highly enough.

Let me know if you contact them, it would nice to have someone to swap stories with!

MJN Mon 02-Nov-09 12:13:38

Just to update, I have just had my initial consultation and the 3 stone weight loss is expected to be 12-14 weeks and NOT 20 weeks!!!!!!!!!

I will keep you posted, size 10 is on the way!!!!!!

attley Mon 02-Nov-09 16:29:32

I am on a 20 week plan as I need to lose 5 stone. Week 4 and I have lost a total of 23 lbs! Blood tests every 3 weeks and health checks every week. I am sure gallbladders problems will not stop you being able to go on the diet but it might change the monitoring you have. I feel so much better already, the car broke down today and I had to walk to school to collect the kids, got back and still feel full of energy despite the hours walk, half up hill, wouldn't have been like that a month ago. Some do have side effects and react to the food but I have found every thing very easy so have been lucky but you can feel sick, tired and headachey in the first week.

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