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oinker Tue 04-Nov-08 18:27:03

Just seen this advertised in National Press.

Has anyone ever tried it?

Is it pricey?

More to the point, Does it really work?

I'm intrigued..... I had never heard of this programme before...

jjmm Wed 05-Nov-08 15:46:55


yes, I am on the diet and have just completed my 6th week.

I see lots of people at the clinic (Leeds) and can honestly say I havent spoken to anyone who it isnt/hasnt worked for.

Personnally I have lost 2 stones so far with 3.5 stones to go (no exercise required). It is expensive (around £220 per week) but I think it is well worth it. If you are serious about losing weight and can afford it I would say go for it!

It has been going for about 2-3 years in this country but only really getting talked about for about 6 months according to the ladies at the clinic.

feel free to ask more questions


oinker Wed 05-Nov-08 18:07:00

What exactly do they do?

I have seen the website but it doesn't really explain much, it goes on about the final results.

All info welcome..............

AND................WELL DONE on the weight loss,
that's fantastic.......... smile

SheikYerbouti Wed 05-Nov-08 19:11:44

£220 per week shock

jjmm Wed 05-Nov-08 19:13:41

Ok - basically you have to have 5 sachets per day, breakfast, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon and dinner.

With Lunch and Dinner you have to have lots of salad and veg some of which are unlimited amounts some are restricted and some are banned completely.

The sachets are made up by mixing with water and come as cold drinks (a bit like squash) hot drinks (hot chocolate is everyones favourite as it tastes exactly like the real thing) soups, omellettes (yuk) pizza (not like the real thing!) and other dessert types (none of which I like but lots of people love them!) There are other things too but mostly they fit into the above categories

You cannot drink any alcohol whatsoever and must drink at least 2 litres of water every day.

You have 'fat melting' and 'fat hoovering' treatments every week (this is what makes it so expensive.

The doctor and you decide which parts of your body are holding the most fat and then on a weekly basis you have things attached to those areas which make the fat cells empty (its a lot more scientific than my explanation!). After this treatment you get to have your skin manipulated which tricks the skin into thinking it is damaged and therefore it produces collegin and elastin. This means that you dont get the droopy skin that other quick weight loss diets seem to leave (and then you end up having it removed surgically!)

The diet is by no means easy but believe me when I say that after the first couple of days you really are NOT hungry in the slightest.

They have amazing results which I have seen in the flesh - its not a rip off it really isnt.

This is a medical diet and as such you have to go through some medical tests before they accept you. They monitor you throughout with various tests including blood tests to make sure your body is coping. They will also only let you stay on the diet until you are in the healthy bmi range for your height/build.

I needed to lose 5.5 stone. They did all the calculations and said it would take 20 weeks (and they seem to be pretty accurate with their guides. It is hard but I figured I could cope with anything for such a relative short time for such a reward!

by the way, if you are interested I should look into it sooner rather than later. They are getting really booked up what with all the publicity. This will get even worse as there is an ITV program scheduled for the beginning of december which is about a girl who lost 5 stone in 5 months.

I would be glad to answer any other questions that you have


oinker Wed 05-Nov-08 21:13:56

Sounds interesting........

I will bear this one in mind. It is pricey shock
I am trying to sort recurrent m/c problems at moment and undergoing some final tests... I fI get the results I want I amy consider this one b 4 trying to conceive again...
Have they ever mentioned anything about wanting to conceive, periods etc... Does it mess them up?

jjmm Thu 06-Nov-08 08:29:44

it wasnt mentioned but I do remember in the initial consultation that the doctor asked about my menstral cycle (which was all over the place) and he did say that this should improve.
From talking to the nurses/therapists you would need to be very careful not to get pregnant whilst on the diet - more from the 'fat melting' treatments I think than the diet itself.
If you are interested give the clinic a call and ask them, they are all really lovely.
I know its pricey - we saved for quite a while and are really stretched doing it at the moment but to be honest I wanted to do it now whilst my 2 year old daughter was too young to realise whats going on so we are making the sacrifices now

good luck with everything whatever you decide

J x

rainynay Sat 10-Jan-09 21:09:26

Hi--I just came across this message board and thought I would say a thing or two. I came across Alizonne a few months ago and did a great deal of research. I have tried to diet for years and I keep putting weight on. My husband and I really want a baby, really very much, but I am at a very unhealthy weight to get pregnant. I went to the Alizonne clinic (lonond) for a consultation and discussed having a babe--my fear was that it would effect my body making me unable to get pregnant OR that I would just gain the weight back when pregnant. The doctor explained that doing this would actually probably help me and that I would still be able to keep the weight off. So,we started saving money for the programme and I started this week! Today is day 4 for me and so far so good! The food really isnt that bad, I like the hot chocolate, the peach ice tea, and chocolate and pear dessert, and the cheese omlete which I cook with tomatoes, mushrooms and green peppers. The poridge was truly disgusting and I had to go in a swap it for something else despite always eating poridge before this! I am still learning about this and I have no idea how my results will be yet, but I am so excited to see. I have to loose 5 stone and I really think it will happen on this diet. I know it is expensive, but if you think you can save to do it, go for it!

hopeitworks Mon 12-Jan-09 15:16:08

Well I am going on the Alizonne diet for the first time tomorrow 12 Jan 09.

At the moment I am 11st and 5ft 1in, i want to loose 2.5 stone which the doctor has said will take me about 8/10wks so fingers crossed.

I have always been a size 8/10 until i had my son who is now 18months and i just cant find the willpower to lose weight, as 2lb a week although sensible is not quick enough for me and i lose heart.

This is an expensive and some will say an extreme way of dieting but it is medically supervised which makes me happy to give it a try. Anything is better than being depressed.

I will post a weekly progress report!!!

bluepied Thu 15-Jan-09 13:49:45

I have started the diet today.If anyone has any tips or recepies please let me know.
I made a dressing for my salad of white wine vinegar,lemon and garlic powder and it was ok.I had the oatmeal and hazelnut for breakfast but was very sweet but going to try making it a bit thicker to morrow.
I have about 2 stone to loose so here goes.
Good luck to everyone else is who is doing it will let you know how my first weight in goes and also interested how other people are getting on.

hopeitworks Wed 21-Jan-09 17:31:11

Well week one on the alizonne diet and i have lost a total of 5.5lbs.

It is a hard struggle however when you see the results it makes it worthwhile.

The packets are actually very nice except for the oatmeal (yuck) but you still feel a little tired with no energy will i do anyway.

The treatment maybe it just me but i find it very painful all that rolling and sucking not nice at all. I better end up with a Kyle butt for putting up with it.

I have big hopes for week 2 although i am missing my weekly wine.....

bluepied Mon 26-Jan-09 12:13:17

Well done hopeitworks.I also finished my first week and lost 6lbs.I don't know whether it would help you or not but a bought a milk battery frother and if I am going out i take it with me and just ask for hot water when I am out.I also struggled with the oatmeal.I am not sure if you are aware but they do have a swap box so you can swap your oatmeal.Yes I also for the treatment painful.Well good luck for next week.....

jugabug Mon 26-Jan-09 14:40:52


Congratulations to all those who are losing/lost with Alizonne, I am thinking of making a consultation myself,its great to read real feedback from people.I generally get the idea of the eating programme.I am wondering if anyone can tell me about the weekly sessions?...How long do they last?..are they painful?...any info greatly welcome!!!

Also at mealtimes ( as I have two bambinos ) is it hard making maels for the family knowing your having powder???

Keep up the good work ladies!!! ....

hopeitworks Tue 27-Jan-09 15:56:03

Hi All

Congratulation bluepied on the weight loss good luck on week 2. I was told about the swap box this week, better late than never.

Hi jugabug I too have an 18 month baby who thinks it his sole mission to destroy my kitchen when i am trying to cook lol. But just bung a few peppers mushroom and tomatoes in the pan add the sachet and 5 min later you have a really nice meal no stress no hassle.

As for the treatment yes it does make a difference specially on my baby bulge almost gone but it is painful and doesn't seem to get any easier, although my therapist thinks i am a wimp, maybe she is right. I would like to hear anyone else views on this. Thanks bluepied at least im not the only one on this.

This week weight loss 3.5 lbs which is good i would be happy with a steady 3lb per week as I thought i start weight was 11st but it seems my scales were wrong and was told that i was 10st 10lbs on my first weigh in, I should really listen.

So that's a total of 8lb 10 in two week, so down to 10st 2lb (ish) give or take and oz. So on target i hope.

Good luck to everyone else keep your results posted it adds encouragement.


cinders2872 Tue 27-Jan-09 20:35:28

Hi, I've been for my bloods done and start on the 9th of Feb. Is it worth it and are the foods ok? Congratulations to everyone.

jugabug Wed 28-Jan-09 09:57:53

Hi to all "Allizonner's"...

Thankyou for recent responses to my queries..Just another one! What happens when you finish the course do you still need the body treatments? & also has anyone put any weight back on who has finished the course?
(My friend has done lighter life & lost about 3 stone looked fab but now is putting it back on! as she is eating normal foods again!

I am nearer those steps to booking my consultaion!
Keep going ladies!!!

jugabug Wed 28-Jan-09 13:23:38

Hi all ( again!)..

well I have taken the plunge & made an appoitment for a consultation!!!

so fingers X ...

MadreInglese Wed 28-Jan-09 13:27:08

shock shock shock

Pay ME £220 a week and I'll help you lose weight!

rainynay Sun 01-Feb-09 11:00:10

Hi all,

It has been a while since I looked on this and it seems I have missed a lot! glad to see more people are doing the diet. I have 5 stone to lose and have so far lost 13.45 in 3 weeks. My week one loss was 8 pounds and all was going strong but last week I only lost 1.98 and was a bit disapointed. I was told this could be due to that time of the month and to give it two weeks so we shall see. I am now on week 4 and finding things a bit harder--I find the meals ok, just very jealous when my husbad makes his dinner! I find myself smelling peoples food to feed my other senses! Last weekend I was at an engagement party and there was champage flowing and I was helping cook beautiful canapes and then sat through a huge Chinese buffet--if I can get through that without being tempted I think I can go the length!

Anyway, food tips--I am eating the vanilla dessert for breakfast as it is more like a yogurt. For lunch I have salads with cooked runner beans and either the chicken currey soup or the vegetable soup. For dinner I either have the pizza or the cheese eggs or my new found favorite the potatoe pie. I also roast loads of aubergine at the begining of the week to have something a bit meaty to eat with my meals. My newest thing is the potatoe pie. Instead of baking I am shallowing frying in a nonstick pan with a drop of oil and it is really very good. For all of the dinner things I just think you have to make sure to season things!

I am trying an aubergine stew tonight, the cabonata recipe in the book we were given and I am planning on making the base of the pizza as a garlic bread for dipping. I will let you know how that goes!

Oh and as for treatments--I must admit I dont find it painful at all. There is one spot on my arm that is sensitive so the therapist just puts the human vacuum down from a 5 to a 4. Other than that, its good!

And for those that are week and tired--it gets better. It is now week 4 and I find mself much more able to do things and I think I might be able to start the gym this week.

good Luck everyone, and sorry my message has been so long!

jjmm Thu 05-Feb-09 13:50:25

Hi Everyone

I posted a while ago on this thread answering questions on this diet.

I am now almost finished (finish in 2 weeks) and have lost 5 stones in 20 weeks. I am absolutely thrilled to say the least!! I have gone from a size 22 (sometimes 24!) down to a very comfortable size 14 which at 5'8" looks great!

I am just about to start phase 6 and am eating lots of normal food (although different to what I would have eaten before) and I am STILL losing weight.

The difference between this diet and the 'lighter lifes' is that you are phased off it, thereby allowing your body to adjust as the normal food groups are added back one by one.

To answer all the cynics re putting the weight on - another unique factor in this diet is that your basal metabolic rate is checked when you finish - this gives you the calories that you can eat per day. If you chose to go over then you know you will put on weight it you stay on track then your weight will stay put. Its a lot more medical than that but its hardly rocket science! sorry for the rant but it bugs me when people make judgements on a medically controlled diet when they dont know the details.

Good luck to everyone who is on the diet - its hard but its soooooo worth the effort!

J x

rainynay Sun 08-Feb-09 11:29:43

Congratulations jjmm! That is fantastic and a true inspiration. I too am trying to lose 5 stone and I hope I have the success that you have had!

jugabug Thu 12-Feb-09 13:57:02

DONT DO IT!!!!..just to say that I have been for the consultaion & paid the money & the feeling I was left with was...lets get the money & cram full the diary!!!..just a money making scheme if you ask me..& I also found the staff not that great & to say the least a bit scatty!!!( with a few of them not been a very good advert for the therapy!)...NO THIS IS CERTIANLY NOT A PATH I WILL BE GOING DOWN ANY TIME SOON..OR EVER!!!!....

rainynay Fri 13-Feb-09 11:19:08

Hi Jugabug,

I am suprised to hear your reaction from the consulation. I am sorry you had such a negative expereince. Did you go in London or in Leeds? I go to the London clinic and they are always so very nice there. I have been on so many diets and nothing ever works, but with this one....I have lost 21 pounds in 6 weeks and had my first review yesterday and was told I was on path to be able to loose 5 stone in 4.5 months total. I am actually doing so well that I think I might stay on the diet longer and attempt to loose 6 stone as this would be my ideal weight.

Anway, my point is--you shouldnt do this diet unless you heart is in it because it is tough, so I am sorry this wasnt for you and I wish you so much luck in finding the thing that is....

lotusbud Wed 11-Mar-09 11:05:41

Hi ,

I need to loose 2 stones , and am thinking of making an appointment in ondon Clinic

But it sounds bit pricey ( 100 pounds for first consultation , 95 £s for blood test 385 pounds for first session and 22o after that every week)

Can somebody suggest if this all is worth it

rainynay Sun 15-Mar-09 16:28:04

Hi Lotusbud,

I have to say that this diet is 100% worth the expense. My husband and I are giving up a lot of things to be able to afford this but for my confidence, my health, and my looks, (not to mention the sex life boost!) it is more than worth the money. I thought about this for months on end but decided I HAD to give it a try, and now, after 10 weeks I have lost 2.5 stone! I have 5.9 stone to lose, so still a ways to go, but I feel much better and am looking great. The price is daunting, but if you only have 2 stone to lose it shouldnt be to bad. I know many people are putting it on card and paying it off slowly...and I am one of them.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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