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I've lost some weight by doing this:

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RagingHormone Fri 31-Oct-08 19:19:52

I'm dieting for my wedding. Got about another 3 stone to lose. I'm having porridge and fruit for breakfast, fish(e.g sardines/anchovies/mackerel) on toast with reduced salt/sugar tomato sauce and pepper for dinner or a salad or jacket potato, snacking only on fruit, petit lu biscuits, snack a jacks, goodness bars, and for tea:

Something like fish cakes and veg, shepherds pie, chicken and rice etc.

And I'm losing weight! Hardly restricting myself am I? I never go hungry, I allow myself treats when I really want one, mostly at weekends, and it's going well!! What d'ya think?

RagingHormone Fri 31-Oct-08 19:20:32

Only and I only have brown bread with bits in.

luckylady74 Fri 31-Oct-08 19:23:54

Sounds good! I found I have to adjust depending on how much weight I have to lose. So by the time I've only got a stone to go it's significantly less than that.
Mind you cutting out beer and pizza lost me a stone before my wedding - I did have a serious pizza habit though.

stayinbed Fri 31-Oct-08 19:27:13

switch the petit lus, snack a jacks and definately the goodness bars for rice crackers with humus on top, apples and a slice of cheese, carrot and celery sticks and some raising etc etc
lots of hidden calories and unhealthy additives in those snacks

RagingHormone Fri 31-Oct-08 19:32:38

I did the rice cakes and humous and the veg sticks before and I lost 5 stone. But I lost the will and ended up fat again so I'm worried about how much to push myself IYSWIM. Plus I'm addicted to petit lus. I do like humus so I could replace the other two with humus.

I also want to drink more water and eat even more fish.

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