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Diagnosed with High Cholesterol....HELP

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SummerC Sat 25-Oct-08 09:19:34

Hi Ladies,

I have PCOS and my yearly blood test to check hormone levels, cholesterol and blood glucose levels came back yesterday. Hormone and blood glucose was fine but my cholesterol level was 7.8!! Apparently anything above 7.8 is classed as VERY high. So I need some help.

I am overweight (could do with shifting about 4 stone) and am going for my gym induction on wednesday afternoon but my diet needs changing too. Does anyone have a low cholesterol meal plan that they would be willing to share with me? I am desperate to shift this weight. I have a history of heart disease in my family and I can't risk leaving my dd (10 months) without a mummy.

My email is summer dot cashmore at ntlworld dot com

Thank you!!

SummerC Sat 25-Oct-08 11:54:18


Divvy Sat 25-Oct-08 11:58:04

were you given any meds for it? if its that high meds is the way to go. also with family history, maybe low dose aspirin?

alkar Sat 25-Oct-08 12:13:50

Was it a fasting sample? You need to fast overnight for an accurate cholesterol

SummerC Sat 25-Oct-08 12:42:41

It wasn't fasting. He told me it was a non-fasting sample. Although I hadn't eaten since about 7pm the night before so I guess, yes, it would have been fasting wouldn't it?

He hasn't suggested any meds (already on metformin for pcos) just diet and exercise.

Is this wrong?

Divvy Sat 25-Oct-08 12:57:38

It can be brought down much more effect with meds. I would go back and ask for meds. How old are you?

SummerC Sat 25-Oct-08 22:02:38

I will ask him about medication although maybe he didn't prescribe any because I am already on medication for pcos. I'm 30.

elsiepiddock Sat 25-Oct-08 22:05:22

As it's very high, I would think you need statins.

My sister's was slightly high (5.2) and she brought it down to 4.7 with the help of oat bran (sprinkled on cereal or in smoothies) -she already had a very healthy diet.

SummerC Sun 26-Oct-08 09:20:18

I've been reading online and have found that metformin has a similar effect on cholesterol as statins.

"Metform, combined with a balanced diet and exercise, can significantly reduce the level of a type of cholesterol called low-density lipoprotein or LDL" - British Heart Foundation

So possibly, this is the reason why he has not prescribed any further medication? I am still going to check with him though. Just to be sure.

Thanks for all your advice everyone.

alkar Sun 26-Oct-08 14:07:25

If you had a cup of tea with milk for 'breakfast' then this would still be classed as a non fasting sample. You need to do a proper overnight fast and also get tested for a full lipid profile: cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL

captainofthemummies Sun 26-Oct-08 14:32:22

My DH has high cholesterol (6.5) but they wont put him on statins cos they have a risk of heart attack. He eats a diet high in oats, pulses, soya, veg, friut and LOW in animal products.

SO - porridge, lentils/chickpeas/beans, soya milk, fish. Add oats to homemade cakes and biscuits. Olive oil.

NO - animal fats, red meat, cheese/cream/full fat milk, processed food (pies/sauasages etc) butter, lard, etc.

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