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I FINALLY got my appt with the actual consultant!! about my operation and...

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hecAteTheirBrains Fri 24-Oct-08 20:19:57

I'm going for it!

gastric sleeve.

I had asked them to hold on, but I am going for it and they have put me on the list again.

Wait is approx 4 months. (unlike the 4or5 weeks they told me before! angry but never mind eh?)

But I am going to have it done!!!!!

PeterCushi0n Fri 24-Oct-08 20:21:11

Oh wow, Hecate.
Good for you! smile

EachPeachPearMum Fri 24-Oct-08 21:39:24

Oh Hecate- that is such good news grin
I am really, really pleased for you!

pumpkinscantdancethetango Sat 25-Oct-08 12:35:19

pleased for you

EachPeachPearMum Sat 25-Oct-08 21:55:51

Hecate- maybe post this in chat too-- I think lots of other mners would like to know, and have followed your 'story' but would miss this announcement! smile

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