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Slimming World diet - 3 days in and have horrid taste in my mouth...

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surprise Wed 22-Oct-08 15:54:07

Is this normal? It's not exactly a taste, more of a feeling, as if I need to eat lots of crunchy food to get rid of it (and no, it's not an excuse to eat biscuits!!) I feel as though my tongue and inside of my mouth are coated or furry. Has anyone else had this, or am I odd?

rach345 Wed 22-Oct-08 16:57:29

Are you doing the Green days or Red or original days, if you are doing the one where you eat more meat then you are probably in ketosis. that will make you have a horible taste in your mouth. Are you drinking enough water. you should have at least 2litres or more. not too excessive. brush your teeth and tongue that gets rid of the furry

surprise Wed 22-Oct-08 20:14:47

Thanks rach, but I've been doing green days. TBH I didn't think it was much different to what I normally eat, so not quite sure why. I do seem to have eaten more eggs than normal though, so maybe it's that!

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