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I have breast cancer - had chemo already - can i do WW?

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huffpuff Wed 15-Oct-08 22:01:29

have put on a stone and a half since being diagnosed in April this year. Have already had my chemo and am having op next week and then radiotherapy. Would it be advisable to start weight watchers in a couple of weeks?

shhhh Wed 15-Oct-08 22:45:12

If I was you I would take time out to relax. You and your body have been through alot over the last few months and although I have never been (and never want to be ) in your situation I can understand that you want to loose weight and feel better iykiwm....BUT seriously I would hang back a little..

Maybe change the way you eat and make healthy changes and look at starting in a few months time..?

Speak to your surgeon/consultant and see what they suggest....

Good luck for the challenge ahead of you and for the future xx

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