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Ok.... I cannot even zip up my brand new boots....

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MUM23ASD Mon 13-Oct-08 10:56:49 calves are too fat

really shocked me as yhough i know i am OW, i had always had 'slim legs'....and always focussed all my hate of my body on my stomach.

now realsiing that ALL of me is fat.

I have OCD and anxiety - and have episodes of binge feel very overwhelmed.

due to my mental health ... publically exercising is difficult-as is simply going out of the house yet i know exercise is what i need. If i walk for @ 6km/ph on our treadmill for 15 minutes...i am dizzy and nauseus for about 20 mins i know i am so unfit.

I also get every cough/cold going...and know that if my body wre would fight of germs bettter

my BMI is 32.5

i would like to increase my activity level INSIDE the house- then as i get more confident- i may feel more able to go out more- it's a viscious circle.

i have a pedometre... and have worked out to walk from my kitchen to my bedroom and back to kitchen- is 100 feel that 'if only' i were to do that 10 times a day...then i'd soon tot up the steps!!

however- my joints ache- i get hot and flustered- and so it goes on.

i'm 41- and am conscious that the way i am going i will end up with diabetes, heart problems etc.


bella29 Mon 13-Oct-08 12:09:41


I put on a lot of weight with my pregnancies & fooled myself for ages that I wasn't really that fat....

Eventually saw the light and lost all the weight using Lighter Life & then Cambridge Diet. Very tough for the first 3 days, then easy peasy and the weight just fell off. Have now kept it off for almost 3 years and would never ever go back to being overweight - it sounds really superficial but the world is honestly a much better place if you are slim, and I can handle all the other problems life throws at me much more easily now.

You know the problems your weight causes you and if you really want to sort it out then do it as a priority.

Very best of luck!!!

Tyme Wed 15-Oct-08 16:45:44

Carry on with the treadmill - Do 10mins everyday and up it by 5mins a week.

Start a healthy eating program.

Eat healthy normal foods that will nourish your body and make you healthy. Cut out stuff that 'harms' your body especially all processed foods.

Cook all your meals and use wholegrains as much as possible and practice portion control.

As you lose weight, exercising will become easier.

Good luck.

MUM23ASD Wed 15-Oct-08 22:22:14

I've been shopping and stocked up on veg and am going to make my own 'ready meals'.... ie cook larger ammount and portion of ammounts to freeze- as part of my problem is portion size and snacking- so if i have 'portions' of healthy meals READY when i am hungry- i am less likely to snack.

thisisyesterday Wed 15-Oct-08 22:24:34

i think the key is to start small and work up.

do the treadmill, or walking up and down the stairs or whatever, but only for as long as you are comfortable doing it.
if you leave yourself utterly exhausted you just won't wnat to do it next time.

keep doing it and you will be able to gradually build it up.

good lukc

snowleopard Wed 15-Oct-08 22:27:34

On a more immediate note, lie on your back and stick your legs up in the air to do up your boots. The flesh on your calves falls "up" your leg and it's easier to get the boot on.

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