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Would anyone like to join countessdracula and Peachy in a sponsored weight loss to raise money to buy something special for a special child?

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Peachy Wed 01-Oct-08 10:44:34


I'll happily start the ball rolling by saying yes- I have met both Riven and her daughter ad whilst I now here's no chance of paying the £5000 for the bike, I would like to help and think it would make a massive diference to them.

Anyone else?

1 stone target but I'm after more.

andyrobo237 Wed 01-Oct-08 11:41:20

I will join in with you - off to WW in an hour! I promise to pay £1 per every pound I lose via paypal! 1 stone will do me for now - will need the details of where to send paypal money.

Cheers and good luck all!

Carmenere Wed 01-Oct-08 11:44:10

I will join you too. I have started going to the gym. I will pay a pound per pound too. Well maybe a bit more per pound just incase I end up losing a pathetically small amount (muscle is heavier than fat you knowwink)

CountessDracula Wed 01-Oct-08 11:45:27

I will also pay £1 per lb and will hassle others to do the same (family etc)

I am joining a Rosemary Conley class thing at dd's school next weds so will start then as I will have a proper weigh in each week

medogsarebarking Wed 01-Oct-08 15:09:10

Yes please, I'm in - this will give me a good incentive as I've got a bit stuck with my weightloss.

I also think this ties in quite well with WannaBe's sponsored walk idea - walking and weightloss going hand in hand for a good cause kinda thing..

Are we all personally pledging to pay £1 for a pound then? Or should we look for sponsors?

ComeOVeneer Wed 01-Oct-08 15:20:43

Count me in. I could do with losing a stone, ideally before xmas. I will see if I can get dh on board to as he needs to loose some weight, having recently been diagnosed with diabetes.

Peachy Wed 01-Oct-08 15:30:16

OK brilliant

I will make sure Riven is OK with this and if yes then I am going to get sponsors as well as pay myself- and will do myself a form, if anyone wants one CAT me


andyrobo237 Wed 01-Oct-08 21:46:00

ComeOVeneer - your DH is the same as me - I was diagnosed with diabetes in May this year!

thesockmonsterofdoom Thu 02-Oct-08 14:23:01

I'm in, desperatley trying to lose about 2 stone before xmas, also 1pound per lb sounds good.
dont think I would get sponsors as I have been doing a lot of sponsored runs this year, although going to see if i can do my next run in dec for this. smile
Dp we need to share starting weight or just loss, shall we pay at the end of say 2 months?

Peachy Thu 02-Oct-08 15:51:31

CD any ideas? Disclose start weight or not?

In the light of yesterday and the Trol thing I understand if anyone is a bit hmm now but I have met Riven and her daughter and would vouch for their actual real-ness if that helps? (very old time Netter me, here in forst incarnation in 2001 blush- still not acquired that life!)

Can we all try and weigh in by next Thursday to start then?

CountessDracula Thu 02-Oct-08 18:06:16

I don't care really
rather not I spose blush

Peachy Thu 02-Oct-08 18:31:11

LOL- bet i'm heavier! (OK, know)

I suppose its up to the individual and how they're best motivated- a pound tho is a pound whether you're 10st or 20, no?

luckylady74 Thu 02-Oct-08 18:45:15

I'm in please I have paypal and have been on the special needs exercise thread - I will donate a £1 for a llb and I'm sure dh will double it, but I haven't confessed that I'm going to ww to anyone else yet so I'll have to think about that!
What do I do next?

medogsarebarking Fri 03-Oct-08 08:03:23

I need to lose about 2 1/2 stone but I'll also target 1 stone for now and match 1lb for £ on that. I'll try to get sponsors too, but as I'm hoping to do the sponsored walk as well I might just combine the two rather than ask for 2 lots of sponsorship money IYSWIM?

Are we starting officially next Thursday then? That suits me as I have a new exercise class thingy I'm starting next Wednesday too. I've no probs weighing in, I think in my case it'll help me stay on track.

Peachy Fri 03-Oct-08 10:40:09

I think to start then- if we all get ourselves weighed and ready to start Thursday? bit of leeway then for different days meetings or whatever we do.

my dh has agreed to match the lb a £1 thing if I do it- amazing hw that adds up!

mewerewolvesarehowling Thu 09-Oct-08 07:10:56

Ok, checking in with my start weight:

12st 8lb

Are we doing a weekly weigh-in?

CountessDracula Thu 09-Oct-08 10:02:57

well I didn't go to my class
spent yesterday on the loo with horrible bug!

However I have weighed myself this morning nd I'm ready to go...

CountessDracula Thu 09-Oct-08 10:03:17

oh dh will pay too btw!

SaintRiven Thu 09-Oct-08 10:06:40

are we al thinner yet? grin

CountessDracula Thu 09-Oct-08 10:09:02

Well I am
but only due to illness!

TotalChaos Thu 09-Oct-08 10:17:15

So - if I try (ha ha) and lose weight, and chip in a pound per pound - is that the idea?

I've met Riven too btw.

Am amazed you dare use the "special" word anywhere near Riven LOL.

CountessDracula Thu 09-Oct-08 10:27:36

So next weigh in next thurs
Oh god I have two parties this weekend I will have to be very good indeed

thesockmonsterofdoom Sun 12-Oct-08 15:32:35

Well I had a really bad week so i start higher than the week before, whioch is good from the money side. starting weight 12stone.
shock io cant believe I am actually telling anyone that. blush

andyrobo237 Thu 16-Oct-08 20:08:38

I have lost 3lbs in the last week!!! Woo Hoo - I was thinking of Paypalling my money on a weekly basis, so I dont forget, and it helps to build up the fund - but need the details of where to send it to - can someone CAT me the details, pleeeaaasssee! grin

thesockmonsterofdoom Fri 17-Oct-08 16:15:15

OPk first weigh in half a pound, sorry Riven, will try harder next week. blush

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